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Star Trek: Conquest
Cover image (Wii)
Series: Star Trek
Production information
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Platform(s): Wii & Playstation 2
Published: 2007 (US) & 2008 (Europe)
Date: 2364
Stardate: 41153.2

The galaxy is embroiled in a conflict pitting all races against each other in fleet combat.



From the introduction screen 
Stardate: 41153.2. It is a time of conflict. The major races are at war. Diplomacy is dead, age-old alliances forgotten and galactic borders ignored as each race battles for supremacy. Powerful fleets prowl the galaxy, establishing outposts and vanquishing indigenous and enemy fleets alike in the pursuit of the ultimate prize—the capture of all homeworlds and galactic domination.


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Corat DamarSkrain Dukat • Turrel
Martok, son of Urthog • Nu'Daq • K'Temoc
Alidar JarokTomalakToreth

Starships and vehicles

Borg cube (dreadnought) • Borg sphere (scout) • Borg tactical cube (cruiser)
Breen warship (dreadnought) • Breen scout • Breen cruiser
Keldon-class (dreadnought) • Hideki-class (scout) • Cardassian cruiser
Jem'Hadar attack ship (scout) • Jem'Hadar battle cruiserJem'Hadar battleship (dreadnought)
Oberth-class (scout) • Sovereign-class (dreadnought) • Nebula-class (cruiser) • Galaxy-class (dreadnought) • Intrepid-class (cruiser) • Defiant-class (scout)
Klingon bird-of-prey (scout) • Negh'Var-class (dreadnought) • Vor'cha-class (cruiser)
D'Deridex-class warbird (dreadnought) • Raptor-class (cruiser) • Winged Defender-class (scout)
Xindi-Reptilian warship (dreadnought) • Xindi-Aquatic cruiser • Xindi-Insectoid ship (scout)


Outposts and stations

Argus Array • Borg Unicomplex • Deep Space 9

Station types

mining colony • research station

Breen advanced starbase • Breen starbase
Cardassian advanced starbase • Cardassian starbase • Nor-class
Dominion advanced starbase • Dominion starbase
Federation advanced starbase • Federation starbase (24th century) • subspace telescope
Klingon advanced starbase • Klingon starbase
Romulan advanced starbase • Romulan starbase

Planets and planetoids

AndoriaBajor • Breen homeworld • Cardassian Prime • EarthFerenginarQo'noSRomulus

Stars and systems

40 Eridani • Alpha Omicron • Andorian systemArchanisBajoran system • Breen system • Chaltok • Callinon • Dozaria • Ferenginar system • Idran • Kelvas • Khitomer systemNarendra • Nimbus • Omarion • Portas • Regulan systemRomulan systemSol system • Unefra • Vega

Races and cultures

BreenCardassianFerengiFederationKlingonRomulanJem'HadarBorgXindiOrionVorta • Changelings

States and organizations

Andorian EmpireBorg CollectiveBreen ConfederacyCardassian UnionDominionFerengi AllianceKlingon Empire • Nimbus Empire • Orion SyndicateRomulan Star EmpireUnited Federation of Planets

Technology and weapons

disruptorGenesis Device • healing device • subspace disruptor • phaserphoton torpedostarshipspace station • wormhole generator

Ranks and titles

admiralbrigadiercolonelcommandercommodorefleet admiralgeneralglinngullegaterear admiralthotvice admiral



It seems likely that Conquest takes place in an alternate reality, as it depicts characters and events (circa stardate 41153, in 2364) that differ from those established in canon Star Trek.

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Dofus Wiki

Up to date as of January 31, 2010

From Dofus

Conquest is a form of PvP. It is a war between Bontarians and Brakmarians over alignment villages or aligned territories. An aligned area provides members of that alignment with one or more of the following:

  • Additional bonuses if PvP mode is active.
  • Usage of Imp Carriers if your side masters the Imp Village
  • Usage of the Prisms as teleports
  • Access to unique resources, monsters or buffs only available in a certain area.

Therefore the ownership of areas by one's alignment can be highly sought after but it may be a challenging venture alone.


Prism of Conquest

Prism conquest is where aligned players fight for control of a conqurable area. Originally all areas start off neutral, however when an aligned player places a Prism of Conquest: the area (if it's connecting to another of that alignment's territories) now belongs to that alignment. This means that the area is now 'Aligned', this means that players of that alignment receive their 'wing' bonus in that area. If the prism is defeated the area returns to neutral state.


  • Unlike the defenders, the attackers do not know who or how many defenders, if any, there are till 5 seconds before the start of the battle.
  • Because the defenders join 5 seconds before the start of the battle, any equipment and healing before the battle should be done before joining as a defender.

Placing A Prism

If a conquerable territory is void of any prism, you can place one. To place a prism:

  • You must have had your wings on for at least five minutes.
  • You must be level 10 or more
  • Your rank must be 3 or more

Attacking A Prism

The goal of the attackers is to destroy the prism.

An opposing alignment may retake the area by attacking the prism. The player must head to the prism then click on the 'attack' option on the prism to initiate the fight. A message will then be displayed on alignment chat to both alignments, defenders in the area will be alerted by a different message and an alarm. Then the battle timer will go down as in a normal fight but slower. Once the timer runs down the battle begins.

Defending A Prism

The goal of the defenders is to defeat all the attackers with the prism still standing.

The defending alignment will be alerted by a message on the alignment chat and any players of the defending alignment by a different message and an alarm. Defenders do not actually need to get to the same map as the prism - rather simply the same territory. Once in the same territory, a player needs only to open their alignment tab on 'join' to see the numbers, lvl and names of the attackers and any other defenders that have already joined. To join, simply click on an open space. A total of 7 defenders can join from this window with a number available as reserves (they automaticly join the defenders if there is a space available before the battle). Defenders will join the battle 5 seconds before the start.

Villages / Heart Prism Conquest

There are 7 conquerable villages in Dofus:

A protected heart (a type of prism) belong to each of these areas where the battle is similar to that of a Prism of Conquest fight with the following differences:

  • The battle timer goes down at the normal rate.
  • Defenders must join the same time as attackers. They can not join from the alignment tab.
  • The heart, unlike Prism of Conquests, will attack & defend itself with spells.

However, before reaching the heart a number of defenses stand in the way of attackers. These includes aggressive guards / monsters to the opposing alignment. When a player defeats the first of these NPC defenders, it triggers a message on the alignment chat - visible to both alignments. This prompts defenders to arrive in the area as well as additional attackers.

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Final Fantasy

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From Final Fantasy Wiki

Conquest is a system that appears in Final Fantasy XI and it refers to the portion of the world each faction controls. There are four factions in the conquest system, one representing each of the three starting player cities (Bastok, San d'Oria, and Windurst) and one faction is for the beastmen, non-player races generally considered evil or unenlightened.

Players can speak with the gatekeepers of their cities to gain a Signet. Players who have a signet will gain points for themselves and for their nation when they kill a creature that grants them experience. For the players this means they can redeem, by spending these points, items from the same gate-keepers who grant the signet. For each of the three nations, the accumulated points will determine what nation will control the region the following week. The three nations are also ranked first, second, and third depending on how well they did the previous week.

This might not seem to have much effect on players, but there are vendors that sell particular things in each city depending on who controls a region. Some items can only be purchased, either from vendors or through conquest, when a city is in 1st or 2nd place. Many items also have specific effects that are active only when used inside a region that is in their home nation's control while others have a specific effect only in regions not under their home nation's control.

Players can also buy items from other nations with their own nation's conquest points so long as their nation is ahead of the nation they want to purchase the item from. The price, in conquest points, is doubled for non-residents.

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Marvel Database

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From Marvel Database

This is the Conquest disambiguation page.

A = Appearances · I = Images · G = Gallery · F = Fan Art · Q = Quotes

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From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.

This article is about the Star Destroyer. You may be looking for Edge of Victory I: Conquest.
Production information

Imperial I-class Star Destroyer


Rebellion era


Galactic Empire



The Conquest was an early model Imperial I-class Star Destroyer under the command of Captain Alima. It was part of Darth Vader's Death Squadron.


It was assigned to Ithor to hunt smugglers and was involved in the extortion of agricultural secrets from the Ithorian priest Momaw Nadon.

It was later reassigned to Tatooine in the wake of the Rebel theft of the Death Star plans and was one of three Star Destroyers that pursued the Millennium Falcon from that planet.


  • Star Wars: Empire At War
  • Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (First appearance)
  • The Sand Tender: The Hammerhead's Tale


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Star Wars Fanon

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The Star Wars wiki of fan invention.

Conquest was an Executor-class Imperial Star Destroyer that was hijacked by the Spectrum around 2 ABY. It was used as the Spectrum's flagship until its destruction in 11 ABY.




Conquest was originally constructed by the Galactic Empire immediately after Executor had begun on its own construction phases. It was created over the planet Fondor, the same planet that Executor was constructed at. It was originally believed that only Lusankya and Executor were constructed at the same time.

Like Lusankya, Conquest was not immediately sent into military action. It was hidden in Deep Space, away from most civilized star systems. It was supposed to be a last resort for the Empire if the Executor was ever destroyed.

Military Service

For a little over a year, Conquest was hidden away. But because of pirates and the Rebellion, it was sent into action around 1.5 ABY. It did not participate in any battles, and was not well-known.

A pirate group entitled Spectrum had known about Conquest's position for some time. They had assembled a strike force consisting of over two hundred small starfighters and around two dozen shuttles, carrying a few dozen troops each, to attack Conquest. The fleet assembled in a stretch of space between Munto Codru and Mon Calamari, and hyperspaced to their destination of Byss, preparing to attack Conquest.

The Battle

Conquest was orbiting Byss with three other Imperial Star Destroyers when it was attacked. The swarm of fighters coming in on it was massive, and continued flying. Conquest fired off several warning shots, but it could not destroy all of the targets. The ships flew in and took out several of its turbolaser batteries. Its shields followed, and then the shuttles came in and invaded the ship.

Conquest is attacked by the Spectrum

With around 2,000 heavily armed troops and several other droids, the invading forces of Spectrum were victorious. The other three Imperial battleships fired on their own ship, trying to damage its engines. They succeeded, but Conquest was still operational. Spectrum forces invaded the command deck and took over control, then hyperspaced out to Deep Space.

Service with the Spectrum

The Spectrum fixed Conquest up well, refueling it, replacing and fixing damaged turbolaser batteries, updating its hyperdrive systems, and fixing its engines. This entire job took around a quarter year, and then Conquest was officially the flagship of the Spectrum.

They raided Imperial outposts with Conquest, and also several other pirate outposts. The Spectrum had one main goal; to conquer the Galaxy.

Destruction of Conquest

"Commander, we're reading energy fluctuations from that star... It appears to be detonating!"
—An unknown Spectrum officer on board Conquest.

Hiding in the Cauldron Nebula, the Spectrum had been losing many battles, taking heavy casualties, and being destroyed piece by piece. With Conquest being one of their last ships, it was the most well hidden, right inside the Cauldron Nebula. They did not know of Admiral Daala's fleet - which was on the other side of the Nebula - because of energy fluctuations coming from the great mass of energy.

Kyp Durron, piloting the Sun Crusher, had fired seven resonance torpedoes straight into the Nebula and its stars, causing them to detonate. Conquest was unaware of Kyp's presence, and was obliterated by the supernova, along with the Spectrum itself.

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