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Ballista, also known as Conflict, is a ritualized form of combat in Final Fantasy XI. This is the first and currently the only form of Player versus Player (PvP) available in the game. Ballista occurs at regular intervals. Each time it occurs the game will pit two of the three major nations against each other, Bastok, San d'Oria, and Windurst. Players do not necessarily have to fight for their own country, since clearly that would mean only two out of three players could participate in any particular ballista. Up to 72 players can play ballista at any given match. Teams must be balanced to be within one player of each other for fairness consideration. There is also a minor monetary fee players have to pay to enter. The winning team then divides the pool of money between them after the match.



Not everyone can participate in ballista and it is not free. There is a fee to join any ballista game and there are prerequisites in order to do the quest to even participate.


You must be at least Rank 3 in your home nation to be able to participate in Ballista. After a player reaches rank 3, he would need to speak with his nation's ballista director who would grant 2 letters. At that point, the player would need to travel to the other two nations to speak with their ballista director, since this is a ritualized and cordial affair. After speaking with both of the other nation's directors, the player would return to his home nation to speak with the nation's leader.

Entry Fee

There are different level-caps for Ballista. The level cap determines the highest level you can be in order to participate. If you are a higher level, you will have your level temporarily lowered to that. Gear is restricted to that level as well.

  • Level 30 Cap - 500 gil
  • Level 40 Cap - 1,000 gil
  • Level 50 Cap - 1,500 gil
  • Level 60 Cap - 2,000 gil
  • No Level Cap/Level 75 Cap - 3,000 gil

Rules of Ballista

Ballista can be played in two different ways. The first being one giant match that generally lasts about forty-five minutes to one hour and the second being the best of three short matches. In either case, the objective is the same.


Players from both sides must use a ballista-only command called /quarry in order to try to find Petra. These petra are what ultimately determines the winner of the game. Quarry can also be used to find temporary items. These can be familiar items like hi-potions and ethers or they can be ballista specific, like a Jar of Carnal Essence. Each petra can be used to score one point. There is no limit to the number of petra that can be held by a player at any given time, but only ten temporary items can be carried at any given time.

Also see: Ballista Specific Items


A Ballista Rook for San d'Oria versus Bastok

Objects known as rooks, which actually look similar to chess rooks, will appear out of the ground at various places during the match. The number of rooks and their distance from one another is directly effected by the number of participants in Ballista at that time. Rooks are the "goals", if you will, through which petra can be tossed to score points.

Gate Breach

As mentioned before, this is a PvP event. This means that players can kill other players. These players have to be on the opposing team, obviously. Due to the nature of the game though, it is not wise to brashly run about trying to kill your opponent. Whenever a member of the other team is KOed, the team that killed the player gets a Gate Breach status. This means that the door on the rook's front opens and petra can now be put into the rook to score points.

If a player is KOed, he has a few options. He can try to wait for a raise or he can rejoin the battle. Raise takes a lot of MP and the player would remain in a weakened status for five minutes to this is not likely to happen unless the player has a particularly large cache of petra. If a player opts to join the battle rather than get a raise, he loses all of hits petra, though he will keep any temporary items he is carrying.

Note: Experience points are not lost due to deaths in Ballista.


There are many rewards for participating in Ballista. Some are more lasting than others.


The total pot from the entry fees is pooled together and distributed and then divided among the winners. Considering that there has to be close if not exactly equal combatants on both sides, this generally means you double your gil or you lose it. The amount of gil gained or lost is not considered significant by most standards.

Experience Points

Experience points are awarded to all participants so long as they truly participated. They also have to stay the entire time in order to get the reward so if a player were to log out before the end, he would get nothing. Experience is awarded by the actual level of the job you bring, not the level of the ballista match, meaning that if you are a level 75 player, even in a 30 capped ballista, you will still gain the experience listed below for level 70-75.

  • Level 30-39: 300 Exp
  • Level 40-49: 350 Exp
  • Level 50-59: 400 Exp
  • Level 60-69: 450 Exp
  • Level 70-75: 500 Exp

Ballista Ranking

Ballista ranking is tracked over the course of the last ten ballista matches for each zone. Points are awarded to determine how well a player performed in the ballista match. These points are not added together for the ballista ranking that is tracked by each herald, only the highest in the last 10 matches is considered.

Temporary Key Items

Every player in ballista is rewarded with a Ballista Instaport and a Ballista Instawarp. Instaport will take you to the same zone as the next ballista match, according to the schedule, and ballista instawarp will return the player to his home point.

Players can also gain chevrons which they can keep for one week. This allows them to tout their stuff around Vana'diel. When another player inspects the ballista member, he will notice the player's title. Chevrons are awarded after each match, if the player wants one, for best performance in each job and then best placement in the overall rankings for the match (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc).

Ballista Locations

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A key theme on Lost is that of conflict. While conflict can also define internal struggles, in this article it concerns the instances of fights, attacks and battles on the Island. In this way, it highlights the tensions and recurring rivalries that exist between characters.


Major confrontations

DHARMA vs. The Hostiles

Richard waits for the toxic gas to disperse. ("The Man Behind the Curtain")

The first major conflict we know of on the Island was between the Island's original inhabitants, the Hostiles (a.k.a. The Others), and the DHARMA Initiative. These two groups have fought many skirmishes and battles. In the end, the Hostiles, also known as the Others, conquered DHARMA with one swift stroke, known as the Purge. The Purge ended the conflict between the Others and the DHARMA Initiative. ("The Man Behind the Curtain")

  • The reason that these scientists and experimentalists were on the Island is a question that remains vague, but some hints have been given about why they were on the Island. The Numbers are the key part to the Valenzetti Equation, which is one of the main focuses of the Hanso Foundation. Hanso claims that humanity can be saved by changing these numbers through different environmental manipulations. He also reveals that the Island was used as a research station to attempt such a manipulation to change the Numbers. (Sri Lanka Video)
  • It was later on revealed that Station 5, the Pearl, was a psychological station. The two members inside of the station had to record everything that other DHARMA members did in the other stations by viewing them through nine surveillance monitors. (Pearl Orientation Film)
  • Although some information has been revealed about the purpose of these scientific research stations, they are still shrouded in mystery, which makes it more mysterious about the Initiative's true purpose for being on the Island.
  • The natives of the Island, known as the Hostiles, thought that DHARMA was impeding on their land. DHARMA, however, continued to build stations and bring new scientists and researchers to the Island. By now it became clear that one side had to side had to be 'purged'. The Hostiles used nerve gas to kill all of the DHARMA members who were at the Barracks. Ben led the Hostiles in this purge against DHARMA. It is still unknown whether any DHARMA members survived the Purge and are still living on the Island. ("The Man Behind the Curtain")

The Survivors vs. The Others

The dynamite explodes. ("Through the Looking Glass")

The next conflict on the Island was the battle between the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 and the Others. The Others first became known to the Tailies when, on the second day, they attacked the camp and kidnapped two of them. ("The Other 48 Days")

  • Later it became known that the Others had infiltrated the beach camp. Ethan Rom had pretended to be a survivor, even though he had been sent by Ben to infiltrate the camp ("A Tale of Two Cities") During Ethan's time at the beach camp, he established a trust with Jack by conversing with him about his worries for Claire and her pregnancy, since he claimed that his wife died during childbirth. ("Jack, Meet Ethan. Ethan? Jack") Charlie nevertheless killed Ethan, before they could extract any information from him. ("Homecoming")
  • Jack, Kate, and Sawyer are brought to a DHARMA station, known as the Hydra. Sawyer and Kate work tediously on a runway at the quarry, while Jack remains underwater, being manipulated by Ben and Juliet to convince him to do the spinal surgery for Ben. ("A Tale of Two Cities") Jack agrees to do the surgery, after seeing Kate together with Sawyer. Jack tells Ben that he'll only agree to perform the surgery if he gets him off this island. Ben replies, "done". ("I Do") Jack's agreement to do the surgery for the Others' leader is a ploy to get Kate and Sawyer to escape from Hydra Island. Jack makes an incision in Ben's kidney, which gives Kate and Sawyer one hour to escape. ("Not in Portland") Jack is taken back to the main island on a trawler along with Ben and the Others. They arrive at the Barracks, which is the home of the Others. ("Stranger in a Strange Land")
  • Later on, when Jack had been taken to the Barracks, Jack reminds Ben about their 'deal' that he would get a ticket off the Island. Ben tells Jack that there may be a day when he will want to return to the Island, but Jack doesn't think so. ("King of the Castle")
  • The Others continued to terrorize, kidnap, and kill the survivors. It wasn't until Day 90 when the survivors of Flight 815 made a final stand against the Others. Juliet was a mole sent by Ben, ("One of Us") but she told Jack what Ben wanted her to do. ("Operation: Sleeper") Jack and Juliet made a plan along with Rousseau. They got dynamite from the Black Rock, and told the rest of the survivors their plan. ("Greatest Hits")
  • On Day 90, the survivors prepared for their final stand against the Others. Ben sent a team of the ten best Others, lead by Ryan Pryce. Sayid, Bernard, and Jin were the three survivors who stayed behind to defend the camp. The survivors managed to kill seven Others with the dynamite, but Jason, Ryan, and Tom survived and took the survivors hostage. Hurley came to the rescue with his DHARMA van and killed Ryan. Sayid broke Jason’s neck, and Sawyer shot an unarmed Tom. Ten Others died as a result. ("Through the Looking Glass")

The Survivors vs. The Mercenaries

The freighties attack the Barracks. ("The Shape of Things to Come")

The names of the parachutists who were aboard the Kahana were revealed through clues and code names that were released via the internet in January 2008. The man who sent the group of people on the freighter, Matthew Abaddon, was also reavealed through clues on ABC's alternate reality game. (Find 815)

  • Miles revealed that he has his own agenda on the Island, and asks Ben specifically for 3.2 million dollars. Charlotte and Daniel remained at the beach camp with the survivors. ("Eggtown")
  • Charlotte and Daniel ran off into the jungle, and are pursued by Jack, Juliet, and Kate. Kate found them in a clearing, and is knocked unconscious by Charlotte. Jack and Juliet found her, and continued to pursue Dan and Charlotte. One of the Others, Harper, encountered them in the jungle, and told Juliet her orders from Ben. Juliet went to the Tempest to kill Charlotte and Daniel, but it turns out that they were trying to stop the toxic gas from contaminating the Island's atmosphere. ("The Other Woman")
  • On day 97, a group of freighter mercenaries, lead by Martin Keamy invaded the Barracks to apprehend Ben Linus. Before reaching the Barracks, the mercenaries fatally shot Karl and Danielle Rousseau and took hostage Alex as the three were hiking to the security of the Temple. The mercenaries commenced an assault on the Barracks, shooting and killing Doug, a blonde woman, and Jerome. They then destroyed Claire's house with a rocket-propelled grenade. (Claire survived the explosion and was rescued from the rubble by Sawyer.) The mercenaries then ceased fire as Sawyer brought Claire to Ben Linus's house, revealing Ben's hiding place. The mercenaries released Miles from his imprisonment in the boat house, giving him a walkie and sending him to Ben's house. Keamy used the walkie to negotiate with Ben, ordering him to come out and give himself up to the custody of the mercenaries. After Ben's refusal, a mercenary brought Ben's daughter Alex to Keamy, and he held her at gunpoint, threatening to kill her if Ben did not give himself up. When Ben again refused to comply, Keamy shot Alex in the head. Ben promptly summoned the Monster, and it indiscriminately attacked the mercenaries. ("The Shape of Things to Come")
  • Mayhew, one of the mercenaries, later died of his wounds shortly after the helicopter flight back to the Kahana. ("Something Nice Back Home")
  • The mercenaries return to the freighter, and Keamy goes to meet Kevin Johnson. He tries shooting Michael with his gun, but it won't fire. Keamy demands to be taken back to the Island by Frank, but Captain Gault holds him at gunpoint. Keamy then shoots and kills Gault, and Frank agrees to return the mercenaries to the Island. ("Cabin Fever")

The Others vs. The Mercenaries

Alpert and the Others after the battle ("There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3")

The Others, led by Jacob and Benjamin Linus were prepared to do whatever it takes to protect the Island from the people that came to destroy it. Since Jacob and Ben were not with the Others at the time the freighter people arrived, Richard Alpert took on the lead position of the Others. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 1")

  • Kate ran to Keamy and the other mercenaries, claiming to have been running away from the Others. The freighter mercenaries start searching for them, but one of the Others kills Kocol, and Lacour soon is killed as well, but not before firing shots in the air to warn the other mercenaries. Gunfire is exchanged from both sides. A grenade is thrown by the Others and lands at Keamy's feet, he kicks it away, and it explodes, killing Omar. Ben and Kate run away, but are chased fervently by Keamy. Sayid comes and tackles Keamy, and a vigorous fight ensues. Eventually, Keamy overcomes Sayid, coming close to killing him, but Richard comes from behind, shooting him twice in the back. The shots did not kill him since he was wearing a bullet-proof vest. Keamy made his way to the Orchid, in pursuit of Ben. He encountered Locke, but was killed by Ben to avenge the death of his daughter. ("There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3")

Survivors/Science team vs. The Hostiles

  • After the Oceanic Six left on the helicopter, the survivors (along with Juliet and three members of the Science team) are confronted by an a faction of the Hostiles who send a volley of flaming arrows down on them. The first to be killed by this volley was Neil "Frogurt", who was hit multiple times in the chest and back. The survivors made a mad dash for the creek, and there appeared to be at least three more deaths. ("The Lie") The Hostiles apparently did this because they believed the survivors were U.S Military personnel. ("Jughead")
  • As Sawyer and Juliet made their way to the creek, three armed men (Charles Widmore, Cunningham and Mattingly captured them and questioned them, threatening to cut off Juliet's hands. Locke finds them and rescues them, killing Mattingly. ("The Lie") Widmore later escapes after snapping Cunningham's neck to protect the location of the Other's camp. ("Jughead")
  • The Science team and two other survivors are later ambushed by the Hostiles at the creek. After an accidental detonation of two land mines, only the Science team was alive and taken into captivity. Thus a victory for the Hostiles. ("Jughead")

Survivors/Science team vs. D.H.A.R.M.A initiative

in a cell at the Barracks while the other three were aloud to join the initiative.(Lafleur)

Minor confrontations

Season 1

Jack holds Ethan down after their fight ("Homecoming")  (promotional still)

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

  • Naomi vs. Kate: Not so much as a fight, Naomi dives on top of Kate from her perch on a tree with a knife to her throat, demanding the satellite phone after she was stabbed in the back by Locke, thinking this violent act was from the survivors as a whole. ("The Beginning of the End")
  • Jack vs. Locke: Jack, when he meets Locke after he killed Naomi, assaults and pushes him to the ground. Jack grabs his gun before Locke does and aims it at his head and fires, but the gun is empty. Sayid and Sawyer pull Jack away from Locke. ("The Beginning of the End")
  • Sawyer vs. Ben: Sawyer attacks Ben when he aggravates him about his choice to leave Kate behind. ("Confirmed Dead")
  • Sawyer vs. Ben: Sawyer tackles Ben to the ground after he shoots Charlotte. Luckily, she was wearing a bulletproof vest. ("Confirmed Dead")
  • Charlotte vs. Juliet: Juliet believes that Daniel and Charlotte are trying to poison the whole island, so she points a gun at Faraday. Charlotte attacks Juliet from behind and a fight ensues. ("The Other Woman")
  • Keamy vs. Michael: Keamy confronts Michael after learning that he is the saboteur, and knocks a bed down onto Michael's leg. He then tries to shoot Michael, but his gun doesn't fire, so he simply pistol-whips him. ("Cabin Fever")
  • Ben vs. Keamy: Keamy arrives in The Orchid station and begins taunting Ben about his daughter's death. Ben attacks Keamy from behind, stunning him with his telescopic baton and stabbing him to death. ("There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3")

Season 5

  • Sayid vs. two unknown men: When Sayid takes Hurley from the mental institution they go to sayid's safehouse which had already been broken into by two men armed with tranquilizer gun's.Sayid easily threw the first man off the balcony of his safehouse while the other shot Sayid with a dart but Sayid tripped him onto a knive in the open dishwasher.(Because You Left)
  • Sayid vs. Tony Nagy: After the previous fight,hurley brought Sayid to St.Sebastian where a male nurse by the name of Tony Nagy pretended to get an injection into Sayids IV line but instead turn around with a tranquilizer gun expecting sayid to be suprised. But Sayid had expected this and snuck up on Tony and began to strangle him and once Tony revealed that he had something in his wallet Sayid got up and shot tony in the chest with two tranquilizer darts.(The Little Prince
  • Juliet vs. DHARMA Worker:When Sawyer Juliet and Kate are on the Sub Juliet knocks out a sailor with her feet.(The Incident parts 1 & 2)
  • Jack vs. Sawyer:When Jack refuses to Sawyer to stop his plan to blow up "Jughead" Sawyer begins to punch jack in the face.Jack punches Sawyer to the ground.He gets back up charges jack into a tree but Jack knees and punches Sawyer to the ground again.Jack begins to convince Sawyer to give up.But sawyer kicks jack in the groin and smashes his head with a large branch.Sawyer gets on Jack's chest and asks him one last time if he will stop once Jack says no Sawyer begins beating him sensless but eventually Juliet breaks up the fight.


Locke falls eight stories ("The Man from Tallahassee")

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This is a list of all military conflicts that have occurred from the distant past to the far future, organized by date.


Conflicts of the distant past

Conflicts of the 19th century

Conflicts of the 20th century

Conflicts of the 21st century

Conflicts of the 22nd century

Conflicts of the 23rd century

Conflicts of the 24th century

Conflicts of the possible future

26th century

28th century

31st century

Conflicts with indeterminate dates

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