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A transcript is a retrospective written record of dialogue, and like a script (a prospective record) may include other scene information such as props or actions. In the case of a transcript of a film or television episode, ideally it is a verbatim record. Because closed-captioning is usually written separately, its text may have errors and does not necessarily reflect the true Canonical transcript.

Transcripts for Lost episodes up to and including "Enter 77" are based on the transcriptions by Lost-TV member Spooky with aid of DVR, and at times, closed captions for clarification. She and Lost-TV have generously granted us permission to share/host these transcripts at Lostpedia. Later transcripts were created by the Lostpedia community, unless stated otherwise below.

Disclaimer: This transcript is intended for educational and promotional purposes only, and may not be reproduced commercially without permission from ABC. The description contained herein represents viewers' secondhand experience of ABC's Lost.

Enhanced version of Season 4, Episode 2: Confirmed Dead-Enhanced
Produced by: Met|Hodder


Act One

(ROV images)
These images come from a salvage ship
from the Christiane I
off the coast of Bali in the Indian Ocean.
For more info check out:

This is the first news of Oceanic 815
the outside world has seen
since the plane disappeared.

This is Daniel Faraday, a physicist
some time before he landed on the island.
This woman is not his wife, but his caretaker.

Naomi crashed first... now it's Faraday.
The island is proving to be a hard place to reach.

Incidentally, Daniel shares a last name
with another physicist, Michael Faraday
a 19th century pioneer of electro-magnetism.

Act Two

(Locke: "Storm is about to pass Hugo")
Locke has a special connection to the island
and has previously predicted the weather.

Hurley recently found Jacob's cabin.
But Ben claims one does not visit Jacob
instead, Jacob "summons you"
so perhaps Hurley is "special" as well.

Locke is leading this group
to the Others' barracks for safety.
The LOST writers refer to the barracks
as "New Otherton."

Juliet wants off this island in a big way
she misses her sister, a cancer survivor
whom Juliet miraculously helped
get pregnant after chemotherapy.

(Sawyer, to Locke: "What the hell do you mean you saw Walt?")
Walt's appearance is puzzling to Sawyer
because Walt left the island some time ago
with his father, Michael.

Locke's father was a con man
who tricked Locke into giving him his kidney.

Act Three

(Miles pulls up to a house)
This looks like LA, but it's not
all but 15 scenes
in 77 episodes of LOST
have been shot on the island
of Oahu, Hawaii.

Miles's last name is Straume
as in "maelstrom."
He claims to be a "ghostbuster"
or is he just ripping off an old woman?

Karl would love to take revenge on Ben
he was once Ben's "guest" in Room 23
where Ben tried to brainwash him.

(Daniel: "The light... it doesn't scatter quite right.")
Faraday's remark about the scattering light
is a clue to the unique properties of the island.

Act Four

(excavation site)
This scene was shot
at a rock quarry in Hawaii.

(Tunisian newspaper: "815: RETROUVÉ!")
Translation: "815 is found!"

This is Charlotte Staples Lewis
she is an anthropologist.
Her name is inspired by C.S. Lewis
author of The Chronicles of Narnia
a story about an unlikely passage
to a most unusual place.

(Charlotte examines a polar bear skeleton)
We've seen polar bears on the island
now here's evidence of the furry creatures
in another unlikely location.

(Charlotte discovers a collar next to the polar bear with the DHARMA logo)
A DHARMA logo from the Hydra station
this discovery is very important to Charlotte.

Act Five

This is Frank Lapidus
he is a pilot
formerly of Oceanic Air.

(TV: Oceanic Hotline - 888-548-0034)
To learn more about the crash of 815
call the number on the TV screen.

Jack, Kate and Charlie met Seth Norris
in the cockpit wreckage
just before Seth became
the first victim of the smoke monster.

(Frank sees a cow)
This cow might be a survivor
of the now defunct Flame station
which Locke blew up with C4 explosives.
Animal sightings are not unusual on the island
Kate once saw a black horse in the jungle.

Act Six

Naomi is getting her orders
from Matthew Abaddon
Abaddon is a biblical reference
meaning "guardian of the abyss."

As was revealed in a flash forward
Abaddon is the man
who will visit Hurley and ask
"Are they still alive?"

George Minkowski is the man
who answered Jack's first call for help.
He shares a name with Hermann Minkowski
a German mathematician
who introduced the concept of "spacetime."

(Miles shows Juliet a picture of Ben)
The snapshot would indicate
Ben has lied about never having left the island.


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