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This article is about the CIS fleet. You may be looking for the Confederation Fleet.
Confederate Navy
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Count Dooku

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22 BBY


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See Separatist holdouts

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The Confederate Navy was a large collection of warships and other starships provided for the armed forces by the contributing members of the Confederacy of Independent Systems.



The Malevolence served as a flagship for General Grievous, destroying many Republic warships.

The navy was organized around flotillas of destroyers and frigates built by hundreds of aggressively-independent star systems, who often donated them to the various commercial organizations frontlining the war. The main battleships were donated by the Trade Federation.[1]

At the beginning of the war, the heavy battleship Malevolence terrorized Republic supply lines and destroyed multiple naval task forces.[2]

The early Clone Wars set the stage for such massive battles as the Battle of Ryloth. Neimodian Captain Mar Tuuk conducted the battle in space from his flagship. Despite assurances to Emir Wat Tambor, the captain's blockade of the planet was dismantled and a Republic invasion force was prepared.[3]

One of General Grievous's flagships, the Invisible Hand, led the navy on a hit-and-fade campaign that disrupted travel, communication, and commerce in the Rim regions, as well as mass invasions on vulnerable Outer Rim worlds.

Separatist warships battle above Coruscant.

Towards the end of the war, millions of Separatist warships battled the Republic in vast Outer Rim campaigns, while a task force of several thousand ships made a fast snatch at Coruscant in an attempt to capture Supreme Chancellor Palpatine.[1] This task force was defeated in the Battle of Coruscant and its remnants retreated.


However, the Confederacy still had many more armadas of ships in its holdings in the Outer Rim Territories, but these were made redundant after the deactivation of the droid armies.[1]

Years later, some remaining ships appeared in Gizor Dellso's Remnant Navy, a starfleet Gizor Dellso created for the Separatist holdouts. This fleet was destroyed in the 501st's conquest of Mustafar.[4]

Capital ship classes


Space stations



The Confederate flagship Invisible Hand.




A Separatist cruiser.



Vulture droid.
Side-view of the Nantex-class.



Landing craft

The C-9979 landing craft.

Boarding craft



Known ships

Known units

The Confederate fleet departing from hyperspace.



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