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Outside the mountain path.

The Conde Petie Mountain Path (コンデヤ・パタ山道, Kondeya Pata-yamamachi) is a location in Final Fantasy IX. It goes from Conde Petie to the areas beyond such as the Iifa Tree and Madain Sari.


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When Zidane and the others pass through here, after Zidane's "marriage" to Princess Garnet, they chase after thieves who have stolen from Conde Petie. These thieves turn out to be Eiko Carol and her moogle, Mog. Eiko gets stuck on a branch and is originally shocked by the parties appearance, it is apparent she has never seen hornless humans before. Mog flees from Zidane's party and is promptly followed by Quina who intends to eat the Moogle. Eiko then joins the party as they decide to escort her to her home, Madain Sari. As the party proceeds, the ground begins to shake and they fight the boss Hilgigars.

There are several statues along the path that hold stones. If all of these stones are obtained and placed in another statue, the party will receive a moonstone.


The boss fight which occurs on the mountain path.


  • Blue Stone
  • Red Stone
  • Yellow Stone
  • Green Stone
  • Moonstone
  • Ether
  • Remedy
  • Tent

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