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The entrance to Conde Petie.

Conde Petie (コンデヤ・パタ, Kondeya Pata) is the city of the dwarven race in Final Fantasy IX, located on the Outer Continent. The city also doubles as a border gate to a mountain path that leads to the Iifa Tree and Madain Sari, the ancient city of the Summoner race.



A single flat building shaped like a bridge, Conde Petie was built astride two Iifa roots. This location was chosen, according to Darcy Skywatcher, for its proximity to both the mountains and the forests and for its ample sunlight, which are considered sacred to the Dwarves.

Conde Petie receives few visitors, save for "Pyntie-het" traders from the Black Mage Village. In order to gain entry, visitors must say the Dwarves' sacred greeting, "Rally-ho!", preferably with a wide mouth and raised hand. Nuts and berries, some of which are brought by Black Mage traders, are a staple food source, though attract thieves. Boiled owl, seasoned oglop, fried rootbeans, and pumpkin bombs are also popular delicacies.

The symbol of Conde Petie is a Kirkboat, where Father David Heavenguard blesses marriages. Prior to the events of Final Fantasy IX, 99 couples had undergone the ceremony.

As with Esto Gaza, neither the town of Conde Petie nor the mountain path is accessible after the party has visited Terra, due to the presence of Iifa roots blocking all entrances.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)
Zidane is "married" to Garnet.

Zidane must pass through here to get to the Iifa Tree, but passage is only allowed for those who have just gotten married. Zidane and Garnet have a pretend-marriage and are allowed through; Quina and Vivi may do likewise or sneak past during a ruckus caused by Eiko, depending on the player's choice.


  • Phoenix Pinion x2
  • Diamond



Grocery Shop Medicine

Item Price (gil)
Potion 50
Phoenix Down 150
Echo Screen 50
Soft 100
Antidote 50
Eye Drops 50
Annoytment 150
Tent 800

Goldpiler's Weapons Shop

Item Price (gil)
Poison Knuckles 5,000
Multina Racket 750
Stardust Rod 760
Flame Staff 1,100
Ice Staff 980
Lightning Staff 1,200
Oak Staff 2,400
Mythril Fork 4,700
Mythril Armlet 500
Lamia's Tiar 800
Ritual Hat 1,000
Adaman Vest 1,600
Magician Cloak 1,850

Residents and Associates

Dwarves seated in Conde Petie's inn.
  • Helen Birdkeeper
  • Eiko Carol, steals food with Mog.
  • Robert Dogherder, child who plans on traveling the world with his dog.
  • Jinkus Emptybottle
  • Kelley Fingerwaver
  • John Fruitbringer
  • Shamis Gatekeeper, town guard, watches the gate to the Mountain Path.
  • Barbara Gibgab
  • Thomas Goldpiler, shopkeeper.
  • Jenny Greeter
  • Wendy Grocer, shopkeeper.
  • David Heavenguard, priest.
  • Betsy Lightcatcher, youth, sweetheart of Geoffrey Treefeller.
  • Granin Miller, lazy husband of Margaret Miller.
  • Margaret Miller, innkeeper, wife of Granin Miller.
  • Mog, steals food with Eiko Carol.
  • Harold Pathknower
  • "Mr. Pyntie-Het", a trader from Black Mage Village.
  • Bryan Rootrunner, gourmand, brother of Darcy Skywatcher.
  • Darcy Skywatcher, sister of Bryan Rootrunner.
  • Derek Stonehammer
  • Walter Teamaker, father of William.
  • Geoffrey Treefeller, youth, sweetheart of Betsy Lightcatcher.
  • Matthew Watchman, suspicious town guard.
  • Richard Watchman, exasperated town guard.


  • The Dwarves here go "Rally-Ho", which is an obvious reference to the Dwarves seen in Final Fantasy IV, who go "Lali-ho" instead.

Musical Themes

"Conde Petie"
Trouble with the audio sample?

The theme of Conde Petie is "Conde Petie".

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