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The Conclave on Ossus was the first full Jedi convocation of the New Jedi Order, taking place on Ossus.

During the convocation, Luke Skywalker declared himself the Grand Master of the New Jedi Order, and declared that the Jedi would serve the Galactic Alliance. He also commanded that the Jedi had to put the good of the Order above everything else, or they should resign. Danni Quee resigned, citing that her life was on Zonama Sekot now, as did Tenel Ka, as she was Queen Mother of Hapes, and she needed to continue to be Queen mother for the foreseeable future to prevent a civil war. Corran Horn attempted to resign over his role in the schisms the Order had been experiencing, but Skywalker refused it, saying that Horn should stop shouldering the blame for the disagreements and for the Destruction of Ithor.


  • Dark Nest III: The Swarm War (First appearance)

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Conclave on Ossus

Alsakan Crisis


13,000 BBY




Death of Edo Tesu and the revelation of a traitor within the Jedi Order who went on to create a group of Dark Jedi.


The Conclave on Ossus was an event held by the Jedi Order on Ossus one week after the assassination of Lharra, the Vicar of the Alsakan Union, and the brief Alsakan attack on the Jedi Enclave that claimed the lives of thirty-one Jedi. Called by Jedi Grandmaster Banik Kelrada, the Conclave quickly spiraled into ineffectiveness once arguments broke out over what course of action to take regarding the Alsakans. Kelrada argued that the Jedi Order should have considered itself at war with the Alsakans in order to mount a proper defense if the Union decided to attack again, while most others believed that no confrontational action should have been taken.

Hindering the success of the Conclave was a mysterious being making their way through the Conclave undetected named Foreshadow. This person manipulated Kelrada’s mind so he became increasingly frustrated at the unfolding discussions, eventually pushing him to the point of anger. Jedi Master Edo Tesu, who a few weeks earlier had taken it upon himself to conduct a covert mission on Alsakan, spoke out against Kelrada’s angered state, which eventually caused Kelrada to label Tesu a traitor and place him under arrest for conspiracy to commit murder and treason.

Kelrada and Tesu attacked one another, a duel that resulted in Tesu’s arrest after he lost his hand. All of the Jedi in attendance were taken aback by what had happened and many of them believed that Banik was the true traitor, though he did not answer any of the questions he posted. During the night, Tesu disappeared from the medical bay, as Foreshadow had taken him and murdered him, breaking Tesu’s sword blade from the hilt and plunging the blade into Tesu’s heart. The guards that had been assigned to watch Tesu were also murdered and had one of their hands cut off by Foreshadow. Shortly thereafter, Foreshadow hung Tesu’s lifeless and bloodied corpse from a tree in the courtyard where the Conclave had been held, and then had Tesu’s hand and hilt delivered to Kelrada’s office.

Once Kelrada received the package, he ordered an immediate lockdown of the entire Jedi Enclave, though by then it was too late. Dozens of Jedi, including Tesu’s wife Jedi Master Sarina Lightell, had already found Tesu’s dead body. When Kelrada arrived with his lightsaber ignited, many began to suspect that he had killed Tesu.


This article uses material from the "Conclave on Ossus" article on the Star Wars Fanon wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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