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Conclave on Katarr

First Jedi Purge


3,952 BBY[1]




Darth Nihilus kills almost all life on Katarr, including all Jedi

Affiliations involved

Jedi Order


The Conclave on Katarr was a Jedi convocation after the Jedi Civil War, called to discuss the future of the Order in 3,952 BBY.

After the civil war, many Jedi lay dead, and even more left the Order, disillusioned by Revan's actions during the war. Even after the war, Jedi were still being killed by a mysterious enemy. Down to under one hundred members, the Order practically disbanded and its members went into hiding, scattered across the galaxy. Jedi Master Atris summoned the Jedi she had kept contact with to a secret meeting on the planet Katarr, seemingly to discuss the future of the Jedi Order. Her real intention, however, was to use the Jedi as bait, hoping their shadowy adversaries would reveal themselves. She leaked information about the conclave, which Sith Lord Darth Nihilus received. Before the meeting could begin, he arrived on Katarr and killed all life on the planet, both the Jedi visitors—who comprised most of the Order's roster—and the Miraluka inhabitants. The only survivor of this attack was the Miraluka Visas Marr, who was then taken as an apprentice by Nihilus.

4,000 years later, the Jedi who survived Order 66 attempted to draw the Sith into a trap, with the similarly disastrous Conclave on Kessel.


  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords (Mentioned only)
  • Unseen, Unheard (Mentioned only)


Notes and references

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