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Composite Recon Armor
Composite Recon Armor
DR: 28
item HP: 600
weight: 20
value: 180
effects: Sneak +5
repair: Recon Armor
base id: 000CB5FA
Composite Recon Helmet
DR: 4
item HP: 70
weight: 3
value: 40
effects: PE +1
repair: Recon Armor Helmet
base id: 000CB5FB
xx0088b5 (Broken Steel)
The following is based on Fallout 3 cut content and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Composite Recon Armor and Composite Recon Helmet are pieces of armor in Fallout 3.

The armor is identical with Recon Armor in terms of stats and looks except for an increased durability (item health of 600 compared to 400 for the standard armor). The helmet is a Recon Armor Helmet with increased durability (item health of 70 compared to 40 for the standard helmet) and an additional bonus of +1 to Perception.



In base Fallout 3, both armor and helmet can only be obtained by using console commands. In Broken Steel, the helmet can be obtained from the Armory Master who is located inside of the Mobile Base Crawler at Adams Air Force Base.


Composite Recon Armor and Composite Recon Helmet can be found in the game files of Fallout 3 but are not used anywhere. They can only be obtained by using console commands. The add-on Broken Steel adds another (identical) version of the helmet to the game which is worn by the Armory Master.



Scribe Rothchild and Elder Lyons mention a variant of recon armor in passing after Who Dares Wins. One of them will strike up a conversation with the other about "mark 2 Recon Armor," to which the other will reply that it is not yet operational.


Broken Steel (add-on)
Armor of Fallout 3

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