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The Companion Chronicles is a series currently produced by Big Finish Productions. The plays are stories recounted by one of the Doctor's companions (or one of his other friends) with one other actor in a supporting role (exceptions being The Three Companions with four actors, The Mahogany Murderers which featured three actors, and The Stealers from Saiph which featured actress Mary Tamm performing all the roles).





Originally, the concept was to produce talking books featuring the companions of incarnations of the Doctor who were unavailable to take part in the main audio range (due either to death or refusal). However, the range is now expanding featuring characters who are not strictly companions and companions of doctors who are featured in the main range.


A few of the plays tie in to other plays in the Big Finish Doctor Who range. The Darkening Eye is a prequel to The Death Collectors, and in The Prisoner's Dilemma, Ace meets Zara, Amy's sister and a fellow tracer.

A number of the plays reveal the lives of the Doctor's companions after leaving him. It is revealed that Vicki remained with Troilus and had a large family, all the while still feeling like an outsider. According to the plays, Leela survived the Last Great Time War, but lost the anti-aging protection given to her by the Time Lords. Susan Foreman stayed with David Campbell, and Victoria settled down to raise a family.

Home Truths and The Drowned World, taking place between episodes of Sara Kingdom's first and only televised story, The Daleks' Master Plan, reveal for the first time in canon that she had other adventures as one of the Doctor's companions before her death at the end of that story. The latter story, however, begins after her death, and depicts her as a ghostly apparition.

List of Plays

# Title Author Doctor Featuring Released
1 Frostfire Marc Platt First Doctor January 2007
2 Fear of the Daleks Patrick Chapman Second Doctor January 2007
3 The Blue Tooth Nigel Fairs Third Doctor January 2007
4 The Beautiful People Jonathan Morris Fourth Doctor January 2007
5 Mother Russia Marc Platt First Doctor October 2007
6 Helicon Prime Jake Elliott Second Doctor November 2007
7 Old Soldiers James Swallow Third Doctor December 2007
8 The Catalyst Nigel Fairs Fourth Doctor January 2008
9 Here There Be Monsters Andy Lane First Doctor July 2008
10 The Great Space Elevator Jonathan Morris Second Doctor August 2008
11 The Doll of Death Marc Platt Third Doctor September 2008
12 Empathy Games Nigel Fairs Fourth Doctor October 2008
13 Home Truths Simon Guerrier First Doctor November 2008
14 The Darkening Eye Stewart Sheargold Fifth Doctor December 2008
15 The Transit of Venus Jacqueline Rayner First Doctor January 2009
16 The Prisoner's Dilemma Simon Guerrier Seventh Doctor January 2009
17 Resistance Steve Lyons Second Doctor March 2009
18 The Magician's Oath Scott Handcock Third Doctor April 2009
* The Three Companions Marc Platt Second, Third and Fifth Doctors Serialized over 12 chapters beginning with BFA: The Magic Mousetrap in April 2009
19 The Mahogany Murderers Andy Lane none Henry Gordon Jago and George Litefoot May 2009
20 The Stealers from Saiph Nigel Robinson Fourth Doctor June 2009
21 The Drowned World Simon Guerrier First Doctor July 2009
22 The Glorious Revolution Jonathan Morris Second Doctor August 2009
* The Mists of Time
(Exclusive download with Doctor Who Magazine #411)
Jonathan Morris Third Doctor 19th August 2009
23 The Prisoner of Peladon Cavan Scott & Mark Wright Third Doctor September 2009
24 The Pyralis Effect George Mann Fourth Doctor October 2009
25 Ringpullworld Paul Magrs Fifth Doctor November 2009
26 Bernice Summerfield and the Criminal Code[1] Eddie Robson Seventh Doctor January 2010
27 The Suffering Jacqueline Rayner First Doctor February 2010
28 The Emperor of Eternity Steve Lyons Second Doctor March 2010
29 Shadow of the Past Simon Guerrier Third Doctor April 2010
30 The Time Vampire Nigel Fairs Fourth Doctor May 2010
31 Night's Black Agents Marty Ross Sixth Doctor May 2010
32 Solitaire John Dorney Eighth Doctor June 2010
33 TBA TBA First Doctor
  • TBA
July 2010
34 TBA TBA Second Doctor
  • TBA
August 2010
35 TBA TBA Third Doctor
  • TBA
September 2010
36 TBA TBA Fourth Doctor
  • TBA
October 2010
37 TBA TBA Sixth Doctor November 2010
38 TBA TBA First Doctor
  • TBA
December 2010
  • The Three Companions is a 12-part serialized story being issued as a bonus with the regular monthly Big Finish episodes, beginning with BFA: The Magic Mousetrap in April 2009 and expected to conclude with BFA: Survival of the Fittest in February 2010.
  • The Mists of Time, released in August 2009, was a download-only release made available to readers of Doctor Who Magazine #411 for a limited time. It is not known if a physical release will occur later, or if the story is included in the overall numbering for the series.

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