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The abilities that can be mastered in Final Fantasy X are learned by navigating the Sphere Grid and activating nodes for each party member.



  • Sleep Attack - Inflict Sleep Status for Three Rounds
  • Silence Attack - Inflict Silence Status for Three Rounds
  • Dark Attack - Inflict Dark Status for Three Rounds
  • Sleep Buster - Inflict Sleep Status for One Round (Higher effectiveness)
  • Silence Buster - Inflict Silence Status for One Round (Higher effectiveness)
  • Dark Buster - Inflict Dark Status for One Round (Higher effectiveness)
  • Zombie Attack - Chance of inflicting Zombie Status
  • Triple Foul - Chance of inflicting Sleep, Silence and Dark
  • Delay Attack - Halt Enemy's next turn slightly
  • Delay Buster - Halt Enemy's next turn greatly
  • Power Break - Lower Enemy Strength
  • Magic Break - Lower Enemy Magic
  • Armor Break - Lower Enemy Defense and nullify Armoured
  • Mental Break - Lower Enemy Magic Defense
  • Mug - Steal Item and inflict damage
  • Quick Hit - Attack quickly with short recovery period

International and PAL Only

The following abilities are available only in the International and PAL/European versions of FFX.

  • Extract Power - as with the Distiller items, fiends drop the relevant spheres after the battle.
  • Extract Mana
  • Extract Speed
  • Extract Ability
  • Nab Gil - Steal Gil and inflict damage
  • Full Break - Inflict all Break Status Effects


  • Steal - Steal item
  • Use - Use special items
  • Flee - Escape from battle
  • Pray - Restore small amount of HP to active party
  • Cheer - Raises Strength and Defense (can be stacked 5 times)
  • Aim - Raises Accuracy (can be stacked 5 times)
  • Focus - Raises Magic and Magic Defense (can be stacked 5 times)
  • Reflex - Raises Evasion (can be stacked 5 times)
  • Luck - Raises Luck (can be stacked 5 times)
  • Jinx - Lowers Enemy Luck (can be stacked 5 times)
  • Lancet - Draw HP and MP from enemy
  • Guard - Take physical damage in place of teammates
  • Sentinel - Take physical damage in place of teammates while in defensive stance
  • Spare Change - Throw gil at enemy for damage
  • Threaten - Inflict Threaten (Stop) status on enemy
  • Provoke - Entice enemy to attack specific party member only
  • Entrust - Transfer overdrive gauge to teammate
  • Copycat - Imitate last action taken except Overdrive or Summon
  • Doublecast - Cast two consecutive Black Magic Spells
  • Bribe - Offer Gil to an enemy to leave the battle

International and PAL Only

  • Pilfer Gil - Steal Gil
  • Quick Pockets - Use an item with short recovery period

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