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Rinoa giving Angelo a treat after performing a Combine Limit Break

Combine is Rinoa's primary Limit, in which Rinoa teams up with Angelo to perform a variety of attacks, as well as certain effects, as well. To gain access to Combine moves, player has to read about them in Pet Pal magazines, then pick the move to learn next in the status screen, and then learn it simply by walking. Progress in each skill is marked in steps, so keep walking, and the skill will be learned eventually. However several of Angelo's abilities are not triggered by the actual Limit command, and are, rather, triggered by events throughout the battle.

Combine Skills

Note that the first four in the list are used automatically even when Rinoa is not in critical status. The rest of it will only be used when Rinoa is in critical status by manually choosing the Combine command from the Limit menu. After Angelo performs her trick, Rinoa reappears and rewards her pet with a dog biscuit. Rinoa learns additional Combine commands from finding Pet Pals magazines, then earning experience for them via walking anywhere in the field or on the world map (a tone will sound once a skill is completely learned). Which of the four skills that appears when executing the Combine command can be exploited to significantly increase a particular skill's appearance simply by refusing to learn specific commands from magazines. For example, a player can greatly increase the appearance of Invincible Moon by simply not learning any other commands, giving it an exponentially greater opportunity to appear against the default Angelo Cannon.

Skill Effect Image
Angelo Rush A random counterattack, usually occured when Rinoa is attacked. Not triggered by Limit. Learned by default.
Angelo Search Angelo finds an item in the battlefield. Note that the item found sometimes may be rare item. Not triggered by Limit.
Angelo Recover Angelo will heal an ally's HP, randomly. Not triggered by Limit.
Angelo Reverse Angelo will revive a fallen Ally to 1/4 their full HP, leaving them in critical status. Not triggered by Limit.
Angelo Strike Angelo jumps into the air with an enemy, rotates 360 degrees and slams them down causing medium physical damage to one enemy. This attack will often register as "miss" when used against heavy Bosses, airborne enemies, or Boss fights where victory is determined by elapsed time or means other than normal HP depletion, much like Zell's Meteor Strike.
Angelo Cannon Rinoa launches Angelo off her wrist, creating an explosion and causing minor physical damage to all enemies. Learned by default.
Invincible Moon Rinoa throws a bone for Angelo and she jumps up in front of the moon, causing its rays to shine on the party, making them temporarily invincible, for a duration seemingly longer than the Holy War item.
Wishing Star Rinoa jumps on Angelo's back, knocking enemies into space and attacking them 8 times, doing heavy physical damage to one enemy. This Limit is exceedingly rare in occurrence, but under ideal circumstances can inflict 79,992 points of damage.

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Team Template Team Template

Official Name
Team Aliases
Peace Corpse

Team Identity


Current Members
Illyick Prokvitch (leader), Strokov (second in command), Commander Allanson (British Commander of the Waterwind), Voroshilove, Kuryestan, Mendev

Political terrorist cell

First appearance
Last appearance

Avengers #319
(July, 1990)
Avengers #324
(October, 1990)



The Peace Corpse was a group of Russian terrorists who, in order to promote financial growth through war, over-took the British nuclear submarine the Waterwind.

The Avengers were called in to diffuse the situation which was made more difficult by confrontations with the People's Protectorate and the Atlanteans. The sub was damaged and surfaced off the coast of Newfoundland. The situation now being in Canadian territory, jurisdiction passed on to Alpha Flight. While the combined heroes did almost stop the Peace Corpse, the leaders, Illyich Prokvitch and Strokov wired themselves into the nuclear payload. When the Vision and Vostok cut the connection, a failsafe was activated and a nuclear explosion ensued.

Shaman was able to shunt the affected area into his pouch. Once there, Prokvitch and Strokov became a being known as the Combine and threatened to destroy everyone. It was only when the other Peace Corpse members joined the Combine that they were able to sway that opinion and save the entire group of people by absorbing their irradiated energy.


Equipment: The Peace Corpse had access to a variety of military weapons.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.


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To mix two or more ingredients together until they do not separate.

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