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Combinations are special effects in Dissidia Final Fantasy. By equipping specific armor and weapons together, special properties are bestowed. These properties will only be applied when the entire combination of three or four items are used.


Mystic Mythril (3/3)

EX Mode Duration +30%
  • Weapons: Mythril Sword, Mythril Sword+, Mythril Spear, Mythril Spear+, Mythril Axe, Mythril Axe+, Mythril Rod, Mythril Rod+, Mythril Claw, Mythril Claw+
  • Hand Armor: Mythril Shield, Mythril Shield+, Mythril Bangle, Mythril Bangle+
  • Head Armor: Mythril Helm, Mythril Helm+
  • Body Armor: Mythril Vest, Mythril Vest+, Mythril Armor, Mythril Armor+

Glorious Gold (3/3)

Gil +50%
  • Weapons: Gold Sword, Gold Sword+, Golden Staff, Golden Staff+
  • Hand Armor: Golden Shield, Golden Shield+, Gold Bangle, Gold Bangle+, Gold Armlet, Gold Armlet+
  • Head Armor: Gold Hairpin, Gold Hairpin+, Golden Helm, Golden Helm+
  • Body Armor: Golden Vest, Golden Vest+, Golden Armor, Golden Armor+

Dazzling Diamond (3/3)

AP +100%
  • Weapons: Diamond Sword, Diamond Sword+
  • Hand Armor: Diamond Shield, Diamond Shield+, Diamond Cuff, Diamond Cuff+
  • Head Armor: Diamond Hairpin, Diamond Helm, Diamond Helm+
  • Body Armor: Diamond Vest, Diamond Armor, Diamond Armor+

Blessed Crystal (3/3)

EX Force Absorption +20%
EX Core Absorption +20%
  • Weapons: Crystal Sword, Crystal Lance
  • Hand Armor: Crystal Shield, Crystal Bangle
  • Head Armor: Crystal Hairpin, Crystal Helm
  • Body Armor: Crystal Vest, Crystal Armor

Whisper of the Wyrm (3/3)

Physical Defense +10%
Magic Defense +10%
  • Weapons: Dragon Slayer, Wyvern Lance
  • Hand Armor: Dragon Shield, Dragon Armlet, Dragon Gloves
  • Head Armor: Dragon's Crest
  • Body Armor: Dragon Mail

Wisdom of Lufenia (3/3)

EX Gauge Depletion +15%
  • Weapons: Lufenian Saber, Lufenian Dagger, Lufenia's Edge, Lufenian Katana, Lufenian Lance, Lufenian Axe, Lufenian Rod, Lufenian Staff, Star of Lufenia, Lufenian Claw, Lufenian Lute
  • Hand Armor: Lufenian Dirk, Lufenian Shield, Lufenian Bangle, Lufenian Gauntlets
  • Head Armor: Lufenian Cap, Lufenian Hairpin, Lufenian Helm
  • Body Armor: Lufenian Jacket, Lufenian Robes, Lufenian Vest, Lufenian Armor

Soul of Yamato (3/3)

LUK +3
Regen +20%
EX Core Appearance Boost
  • Weapons: Genji Blade
  • Hand Armor: Genji Shield
  • Head Armor: Genji Helm
  • Body Armor: Genji Armor

Pride of the Titans (3/3)

HP +750
BRV +100
  • Weapons: Giant's Axe
  • Hand Armor: Giant's Gloves
  • Head Armor: Giant's Helm
  • Body Armor: Giant's Harness

Uniter (4/4)

BRV Recovery +200%
  • Weapons: Warblade
  • Hand Armor: Warlord's Gauntlets
  • Head Armor: Warlord's Soul
  • Body Armor: Warlord's Corselet

Flavor of Life (4/4)

Regen +100%
  • Weapons: Frying Pan
  • Hand Armor: Kitchen Timer
  • Head Armor: Toque Blanche
  • Body Armor: Iron Apron

Elemental Archfiend (4/4)

BRV up on Evasion/Block/Quickmove/Stage Destruction
  • Weapons: Scarmiglione's Fang
  • Hand Armor: Barbariccia's Wristlet
  • Head Armor: Rubicante's Cowl
  • Body Armor: Cagnazzo's Carapace

Allure of Honey (4/4)

Battlegen Rate x 1.5
Drop Rate x 1.5
  • Weapons: Sexy Cologne
  • Hand Armor: Member's Card
  • Head Armor: Blonde Wig
  • Body Armor: Silk Dress

Imp's Blessing (4/4)

EX Force Absorption Range +15m
  • Weapons: Impartisan
  • Hand Armor: Tortoise Shield
  • Head Armor: Saucer
  • Body Armor: Reed Cloak

Force of the Resolute (4/4)

EX Core & EX Force to BRV
EX Force Absorption +30%
  • Weapons: Nail Bat
  • Hand Armor: Skull Wristlet
  • Head Armor: Spirit Band
  • Body Armor: Bomber Jacket

All Glories Must Fade (4/4)

Initial EX Force +100%
EX Mode Duration -50%
  • Weapons: Heike's Blade
  • Hand Armor: Heike's Shield
  • Head Armor: Heike's Helm
  • Body Armor: Heike's Armor

Snowpetal (3/3)

Magic Counter Strength +300%
BRV Boost on Block +30%
  • Hand Armor: Blue Moon, Lunate Armlet
  • Head Armor: Chaplet
  • Body Armor: Snowflake Sweater

Adamant Chains (3/3)

BRV Boost on Dodge +30%
Midair Evasion Boost
  • Weapons: Adamant Knife
  • Hand Armor: Adamant Shield
  • Head Armor: Adamant Helm
  • Body Armor: Adamant Vest

Power of Darkness (3/3)

Wall Rush BRV Damage +20%
Wall Rush HP Damage +20%
Exclusive to Cecil
  • Weapons: Dark Sword
  • Hand Armor: Dark Shield
  • Head Armor: Dark Helm
  • Body Armor: Dark Armor

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