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For an overview of combat shotgun models in various games, see Combat Shotgun.
Combat Shotgun
Attack statistics
dmg/attack: 55
dmg/projectile: 6.111
DPS: 82.5
attacks/sec: 1.5
# of projectiles: 9
spread: 3
crit dmg: 27
crit chance: x 1
ammo type: Shotgun Shells
ammo per shot: 1
ammo capacity: 12
shots/reload: 12
skill: Small Guns
AP: 27
item HP: 240
repair: Drum-Magazine Combat Shotguns
weight: 7
value: 200
base id: 00004327
xx00c7c2(sim version)

The Combat Shotgun is a common Fallout 3 weapon.



The weapon appears to be functionally identical to its predecessors while its design has changed significantly.


  • The Terrible Shotgun - Carried by raider merchant Smiling Jack, The Terrible Shotgun deals an obscene amount of damage to targets, in exchange for a much wider spread.


Vastly superior to the Sawed-Off Shotgun, the Combat Shotgun combines a large magazine with devastating close-range damage. The only drawback is the weapon's poor reliability, as the Combat Shotgun deteriorates quickly. However, considering it is commonly used by human opponents, and its use in traps, you can usually find enough to keep at least one in fully working order.

Behind the scenes

  • Judging by its look, this shotgun's appearance was likely inspired by the Russian PPSh-41. The overall appearance, fire selector switch located inside the trigger guard, and the barrel's protruding muzzle-brake and the drum magazine are all similarities. The way the reloading procedure is operated also points to the real PPSh-41. The obvious difference (besides the location of the drum magazine, which is further down the barrel) is that the PPSh-41 was a submachine gun (loaded with 7.62x25mm Tokarev cartridges and a 71-round magazine).
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