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This is an overview article which contains background information and cross-game comparisons. For game-specific information and stats, see the articles linked on the right.
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Fallout Combat Shotgun
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Pancor Jackhammer
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Pancor Jackhammer
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A 'combat shotgun is a shotgun that is intended for use in an offensive role, typically by a military force. The earliest shotguns specifically designed for combat were the trench guns or trench shotguns issued in World War I. While limited in range, the multiple projectiles typically used in a shotgun shell provide increased hit probability unmatched by other small arms.



Winchester City-Killer

Gameplay articles: Fallout, Fallout 2

A Winchester City-Killer 12 gauge combat shotgun, bullpup variant. In excellent condition, it has the optional DesertWarfare environmental sealant modification for extra reliability.

Unnamed drum-magazine model

Gameplay article: Fallout 3

This model has a large drum magazine, a fire selector switch located inside the trigger guard, and a protruding muzzle-brake of the barrel and is found mostly on the East Coast.


Gameplay articles: Fallout 2, Fallout Tactics

The Heckler & Koch HK CAWS (H&K CAWS) is a prototype automatic shotgun—designed as a combat shotgun—co-produced by Heckler & Koch and Winchester/Olin during the 1980s. It was Heckler & Koch's entry in to the U.S military's Close Assault Weapon System program.

Pancor Jackhammer

Gameplay articles: Fallout 2, Fallout Tactics

The Jackhammer, despite its name, is an easy to control shotgun even when fired on full automatic. The popular bullpup design, which places the magazine behind the trigger, makes the weapon well balanced and easy to control.


Gameplay article: Fallout Tactics
The following is based on Fallout Tactics and some details might contradict canon.

An automatic, 12 gauge military shotgun. The best weapon for close quarters, except for a flamethrower.


Gameplay article: Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel
The following is based on Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

The SPAS-12 was designed in the late 1970s by the Italian company Luigi Franchi Spa as a special purpose, military and police close combat weapon (actually, SPAS stands for Sporting Purpose Automatic Shotgun, or Special Purpose Automatic Shotgun, depending on the source). This two-handed shotgun rapidly fires a thick, deadly blast of pellets.

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The icon in GTA: Vice City
:This weapon is spelled as "Spaz 12" in the original PS2 version of GTA Vice City and in GTA Vice City Stories and as 'S.P.A.S. 12' in later versions of GTA Vice City.

The SPAS 12 (also known as the Combat Shotgun) is an automatic shotgun that can be obtained in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.



The weapon's gas-powered repeater system generally holds seven shells in the undertube of the gun. The gun shoots in a fully automatic mode in the GTA Vice City rendition, however this feature was removed in later installments, presumably to curb the gun's power. The shotgun is not commonly found throughout the games; in GTA Vice City, only one Ammu-Nation sells the gun, at the extreme price of $4000, with a similar situation in GTA San Andreas. In GTA Liberty City Stories, the gun can only be obtained through one spawn location.

In Grand Theft Auto IV, the Combat Shotgun takes the form of a Remington 11-87 semiautomatic shotgun, with a thumbhole stock, 24-inch barrel with a full ventilated rib, and full-length magazine tube with sling swivels. The Combat Shotgun holds 10 shells in the magazine, with 70 in reserve. When the player enters any LCPD or NOOSE vehicle, the player is given this shotgun with five shells, if the slot is not already occupied.


GTA Vice City

GTA San Andreas

GTA Liberty City Stories

GTA Vice City Stories

Grand Theft Auto IV

The Combat Shotgun can be purchased at the back-alley gun shops for $2500, and each additional magazine is $200. The player can also purchase them from Little Jacob for $1500, with each additional magazine costing $100. The shotgun can also be retrieved from any law enforcement vehicle and comes with five shells.



  • Northern Gardens - Can be found in the staff room of the Triangle Club, next to the CCTV camera monitors. This gun may be useful in the mission Undress to Kill.

Colony Island

  • Colony Island - Can be found next to the front door of the old hospital building south of the big parking lot. This gun may be useful in the mission The Snow Storm.


  • Lancaster - Can be found atop the roof of the RON gas station across the street from the LCPD precinct on Topaz St.
  • Castle Gardens - Can be found in a vacant room in the Castle Gardens construction site. This gun may be useful in the mission Deconstruction for Beginners. The room is difficult to find: it is to the northeast of where the helicopter lands during the mission, down a ladder. The last contractor is usually killed on the ladder opposite.


  • Alderney City - Can be found by the West River between the western support beam of the Hickey Bridge and the wall of Alderney. This shotgun can be reached by a ladder at the rear of the electrical substation on Applewhite St.
  • Alderney City - Can be found atop an air conditioning tower on top of a building, behind a Science of Crime billboard off Applewhite St.
  • Acter Industrial Park - Can be found underneath the flight of stairs in the old, decrepit warehouse featured in the mission Pegorino's Pride.


  • In GTA IV and TLAD, blind-firing the shotgun from behind cover results in the character pumping the shotgun after each shot, as if he was using a pump shotgun. It is unknown whether this is a glitch or done for balancing purposes. This also happens with the Sawed-off Shotgun, although this stretches far from reality.
  • The actual SPAS 12 shotgun is seen in GTA IV's loading sequences; artwork shows two NOOSE officers holding SPAS 12s, with one firing an MP10.
  • In GTA IV, entering a LCPD or NOOSE vehicle gets the player a combat shotgun; despite this, the LCPD and NOOSE officers use pump shotguns.

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