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The Palamecian Coliseum halls
The Coliseum on the world map

The Coliseum (闘技場 Tougijou), also known as the Arena is a location from Final Fantasy II. It is located at the base of the mountains in which Palamecia is located.



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Firion meets the Emperor at the colosseum.

After the destruction of the Dreadnought, the Emperor has Princess Hilda held here, and offers her to the winner of a competition. When Firion arrives, the Emperor unleashes a Behemoth upon him, but Firion defeats the creature. As Firion approaches the Emperor to claim his prize, however, the Emperor reveals that he has recognized him and disappears as the Dark Knight and several guards show up and arrest Firion.

Firion and his allies are thrown in a cell, but are then broken out in a rescue attempt by Paul. They then find Princess Hilda's cell and save her as well before escaping.


Item Location
Antidote B2
Elixir B2
Ether B2
Cottage B2


The Coliseum's battle background
Behemoth's battle Battle Background




The Background Music that plays inside the Coliseum is the "Imperial Army Theme".


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