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Colin Moriarty
race: Human, Caucasian
affiliation: Himself
role: Saloon owner
location: Megaton
appearances: Fallout 3
quests: Following in His Footsteps
300 Pieces of Silver
SPECIAL: 5ST, 5PE, 4EN, 7CH, 5IN, 5AG, 5LK
actor: Mike Rosson
base id: 00000A61
ref id: 00003B3C

Colin Moriarty is Megaton's crime boss and the owner of Moriarty's Saloon, and speaks with a pronounced Irish accent, in the year 2277.



Colin Moriarty was born in 2227 and has lived in Megaton almost his entire life. Moriarty's father came to the former United States from Ireland with his young son, and amassed his wealth using the nearby trade routes, which helped secure Megaton as a trading hub in the area. Colin's father died during a raider attack in 2241 and his son inherited his wealth, including the saloon[1].

Daily schedule

He spends most his time in the saloon, and goes out for a smoke break every day leaning on the rail out front.

Interactions with the player character

He tells you where your dad is and tries to get you to do a job for him, and tells about how he saw you when you were a kid.

Colin Moriarty outside his saloon in Megaton watching "his town"

Moriarty has a computer which contains valuable information on the game's main quest. To access the information, you can either pay/speech Moriarty for it, get the info from Nova, the local prostitute working for Moriarty, or convince Gob, the ghoul bartender, to tell you how to access his boss' computer. The player can also go into sneak mode, pickpocket Moriarty's key from him, use it to open a cabinet in the back that contains his computer's password and gain the information that way. If you pay Jericho 20 caps for information, he will tell you that Moriarty keeps the payroll for Nova and Gob locked by his bed. Moriarty's bed is located upstairs in his saloon. Jericho informs you that Moriarty keeps the key around his neck.

If you are planning on blowing up Megaton and thus are not worried about bad Karma and can catch Moriarty in the back room at his computer, you can close the door and kill him (after talking to him about your father) and loot him and everything back there.

Main article: 300 Pieces of Silver

If you tell Moriarty you don't have 100 caps to buy information on your father, he will give you a cap raising task. He wants you to find a woman called Silver and get his money back. You can find Silver north-west of Megaton at Springvale, inside a ranch house.

You can keep all 400 caps Silver drops, assuming you didn't tell Moriarty that Silver is gone, if you acquire the information an alternative way; otherwise, she drops only 100 caps (which you can still keep).

  • He can't be mezzed.


Apparel Weapon Other item On death
Merc Cruiser Outfit N99 10mm Pistol Moriarty's Office Key
Moriarty's Password


  • Once Moriarty is killed, Nova will also no longer "sleep" with you if you rent a room.
  • If Moriarty is killed, the name of the saloon will change to Gob's.
  • If he is killed, Gob does not change his dialog.


Colin Moriarty appears only in Fallout 3.


Behind the scenes

  • His name may be a reference to IGN editor Colin Moriarty.


  1. Fallout 3 Official Game Guide

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