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In the Homelands, the first of the pig brothers constructed a home for himself made out of straw. One day, the Big Bad Wolf came and knocked on the first little pig's door and said, "Little pig, little pig, let me come in." And the little pig answered, "No, no, I won't let you come in, not by the hair on my chinny chin chin." "Well," said the wolf, "then I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house in." So he huffed and he puffed and he blew the house down. Some sources cite that the wolf ate the pig, but this was not truly the case. The first pig survived and was taken to the Farm along with his cousins. The three pigs grew discontent with being remanded to the Farm, so they conspired to stage a revolt. Colin's cousins sent him on a mission to Fabletown, working under the guise of a malcontent "pig in the city". His mission was to seek out others sympathetic to the animals' cause and recruit them. Having long ago made amends with the Big Bad Wolf (now known as Bigby Wolf), he took up residence inside of Bigby's studio apartment at the Woodlands. [1] Bigby didn't relish the idea of Colin leaving the Farm, but he was heavily involved with a murder investigation and couldn't be bothered to bring him back. Colin was one of the few non-human Fables who were in attendance at the 2002 Remembrance Day festival at the Woodland Building. While many of the guests danced away in the ballroom, Colin sneaked into the kitchen to get a bite to eat. [2] Soon after, Snow White discovered his presence and arranged to personally bring him back to the Farm. Along with her sister Rose Red, Snow White drove Colin back and reunited him with his cousins. It was at this time that Snow White first learned about a secret conspiracy between the three pigs and many other occupants of the Farm. That evening, Colin was beheaded and his head was affixed to a fence post in the middle of the road as a warning to others. [3]

Powers and Abilities


  • Immortality: As a Fable, Colin is immortal and ceased to age beyond a certain point in his physical development.


  • In the original telling of the Three Little Pigs, the pigs were brothers. In Fables continuity, they are actually cousins.

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Final Fantasy

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Lyle: "Hey, no running away Mewt!"
Colin: "But that's what Mewt does best! Hah hah!"

— Lyle and Colin, bullying Mewt, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Colin (コリン Korin) is a character from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. A resident of St. Ivalice, Colin attends the same school where Marche Radiuju enrolled after moving into town, where he is the PE Head — a student, usually a boy, who cleans up the place after PE.


Colin is in cohorts with two other kids, Guinness and Lyle. The three kids are school bullies who enjoy taunting and bullying Mewt Randell and other kids at school. During the snowball "fight", the bullies ganged up upon Mewt, throwing snowballs and constantly berating him. Colin made the situation worse by throwing a rock at Mewt, causing the timid boy to bleed. Mr. Leslaie saw this and stopped the "fight" immediately, sending them off to his office.

It is unknown what happened to them when St. Ivalice was transformed by the Gran Grimoire, until Marche and Clan Nutsy accepted a quest to save the Nu Mou Professor Auggie in Lutia Pass. Here, they found out that the three bullies have been turned into Zombies and attacking passers-by. Marche and the clan defeated them with ease.

When St. Ivalice was reverted to its initial state, so did the three bullies, although Marche and Mewt have gathered much courage to go against them.

After the game, Lyle, Guinness, and himself will also be Vampires in the mission Mortal Snow, where the clan will recruit Ritz Malheur.


"Colin" is Irish, Scottish, and Gaelic for "young creature".

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Colin Darkmere
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New Republic era


New Republic

Colin Darkmere was a brigadier with New Republic Intelligence Operations Command during Operation Shadow Hand. At that time he was in charge of three field command teams, under Captain Kushone, Commander Daclo Koat-xi, and Colonel Keltric. After the First Battle of Mon Calamari, he warned the Provisional Council of the New Republic that a continued Imperial campaign, possibly including World Devastators, was likely despite the apparent death of Palpatine.


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Alternate names

Doruo Ai

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GX04 Deck(s)

Reason to Live

Colin, known as Doruo Ai in the Japanese version, is a Ra Yellow student in the Tag Force series.

He belittles the thought of including Card Crushes in a Deck, thinking every card in a Deck should serve a purpose. That purpose being winning.

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