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Cold Water

map marker: Cold Water
leaders: unknown
The following is based on Fallout Tactics and some details might contradict canon.

Cold Water is a town built among the ruins of the pre-war city of Coldwater, Kansas. Cold Water is mainly famous in the region for its casino.

Around 2198, a group of criminals from Quincy led by an individual called Guldo Sciavo poisoned a group of Midwestern Brotherhood of Steel paladins and stole their power armors and vehicle and left to Coldwater, when, armed with Brotherhood equipment, it easily took over the control of the town. During this time, the town was inhabited by many citizens and traders, with Guldo's gang being the rulers of it. Among the citizens are Simon Dudley, his sister Adele Dudley, as well as Father Donald, ghouls Jacob and Brad, and Rainman. The local criminal and businessman is Don Vinchenzo.

Eventually a Brotherhood squad led by the warrior defeated the bandits and freed the town, retrieving the three stolen power armors from Guldo and his men. While fighting bandits, the warrior saved Adele Dudley from Jeff Dougal, a member of Guldo's gang, and was asked by Don Vinchenzo to assassinate Ma Baker. However, he probably refused, as Ma Baker was in fact a nickname of a Brotherhood's own paladin, sent into town to find out about raider activity in the region. The three power armors were returned to Auditor General, who awaited the squad near insertion point.

Mission walkthrough

Cold Water
chapter: 4
location: Cold Water
given by: General Dekker
main objectives: Retrieve three units of power armor
Kill Guldo Sciavo and his bandits
optional objectives: Kill Ma Baker (Paladin Klotz)
Rescue Adele Dudley
previous: Great Bend
next: Newton
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Appearances in games

Cold Water appears only in Fallout Tactics.

Walktrough: Quote:"Fallout Tactics was the first game I finished on normal difficulty, hell the first one who I finished." Ignore the citizens untill you reach the radroach runs, they are drunked tramps and will only try to gamble with you, with mostly useless items. Follow the map route untill you reach the stairs who lead you to a betrayed soldier who carryes the broken power armour and a flamer. Go upstairs. This is the tricky part be'cause he is heavily protected by other 2 soldiers with machine guns and you will need a good tactic. Kill them and then pick his armour. Give it to your packing mule be'cause it is really heavy and slows you down (I was lucky I had the deathclaw Matriarch who was pretty empty here). Next, go outside (Carefull, 1 soldier has a grenade and one an energy weapon) and kill the remaining soldiers. The next field you see is mined, so sacrifice somebody of your team, try to walk randomly trough(as I did and all my soldiers were "almost dead" barrely walking with 5 hp) or use some area-effect weapons in the field. Then in the first section of the buildins has around 6 heavy armed soldiers. Stick with the sandbags (If I remember well one of them has a ripper,that gaved me a hard pain in the ass those times) and try to stay as far as possible of each. Use all of your man on all soldiers, be'cause if you shoot just 1 at a time the others will just cover him. Simplest way to get rid of those is to use some acid grenades (found in a chest before if I remember good) or a missile launcher. The main of them has the second broken power armour. Pick it up and give it to your mule. The next chamber is the easy part, even if it seems it isn't. Guldo Sciavo will try to have a little speech here... And there are about 8 men in the room armed with energy weapons and long range weapons. But fortunely you don't need to worry about them, they are so many sandbags there if you crawl, you can slay each one of them without warning the others (needs high sneak trough) and with only a single man. After you kill them all take the broken armour from Guldo . Then go back to the Auditor General and give him the armours. Hope this helped you.


The town is called both "Coldwater" and "Cold Water" in various places.

Fallout Tactics missions

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