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This article is about the smuggler. For more uses of Serra, see the disambiguation page.
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Col Serra
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Alliance to Restore the Republic

Col Serra was a Human smuggler who was an old friend of Han Solo. After the Battle of Yavin he would join the Rebel Alliance and become the commander of their new fighting force called Renegade Squadron.



"I must say, Commander, you are a most difficult man to track down."
"I find I generally live longer that way."
―Tionne Solusar and Commander Col Serra upon meeting for the first time.
Retired Alliance commander, Col Serra

Serra lost his left eye sometime before the Battle of Yavin and wore an eye patch to cover the wound. Shortly after the Battle of Yavin IV, his old friend Han Solo asked Serra to recruit soldiers that did not need any additional training for the Rebel Alliance's new fighting unit, Renegade Squadron. As the Alliance was mostly made up of farm boys and dreamers, not unlike Luke Skywalker, Serra's task was not a simple one.

The rebels needed a strong fighting force. Serra understood the mission and started scouring the galaxy for the right mix of pirates, thugs, bounty hunters, misfits, and renegades. It was somewhat easy work, due to the abundance of individuals in the galaxy who hated the Empire and would fight against them. He then became the commander of Renegade Squadron and started to prepare them to fight the tyranny of the Galactic Empire. He commanded Renegade Squadron during the Evacuation of Yavin where he was assisted by Clone trooper X2 in destroying a Star Destroyer by sabotaging its reactor from the inside.

In addition to that battle, Serra participated in the First Battle of The Graveyard, Skirmish on Ord Mantell, Second Battle of Kessel, Skirmish on Tatooine, Battle of Boz Pity, Battle of Hoth, Battle of Korriban and the Second Battle of Sullust. During the Battle of Endor, Col Serra and Renegade Squadron were aiding Rebel forces on Endor's surface and were later assisted by X2 once more.

After the Battle of Endor, Renegade Squadron was disbanded, and Serra returned to a life of crime. Many years later, he was contacted by the archivist of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, Jedi Knight Tionne Solusar, via hololink. She had found old, encrypted data about Renegade Squadron, but it didn't tell much. With much effort, she located the old Rebel and asked him about Renegade Squadron. He then went on to tell her about the Squadron's different exploits.

Behind the scenes

During the planning stages for Renegade Squadron, the first designs of Serra depicted him as a burly Zabrak smuggler. The design was dropped because the producers thought people would relate better to a human, rather than a Zabrak.[1]

Col was at first intended to be questioned by a brand new Jedi named Hes Jor-Sharu, not Tionne Solusar.[1]

Renegade Squadron was originally going to be called Phantom Squadron, but the name was dropped for an unknown reason.[1]

If the player does not pick a username, the name "Col Serra" will be assigned. This alludes that Col is the player character in the story mode of Star Wars: Battlefront: Renegade Squadron.

Col Serra is played by Gideon Emery in Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron. and Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron



Notes and references

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