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CoinShare is an optional LootShare ability that converts high level drops into gold by sending high-value items to the Grand Exchange and selling them. The list of high-value drops is found here.The players who received the drop will immediately get a share of the coins that the item would have sold for at the lowest market price.
An example of a coinshare split. 3 players all receive an amount of coins from a high level drop.

Players receive the minimum Grand Exchange price for the item, while the item is placed on the Grand Exchange for medium price. This acts as a money sink, as the difference in price is removed from the game. Jagex claim the cost is worth the convenience. Players may disagree, as 5% (the standard difference between the midpoint and the minimum on the Grand Exchange) can be a large amount of coins for these valuable items.

Players do receive more "convenience" than just carrying the item to the Grand Exchange and trading it. In addition to immediate proceeds of the sale, they receive the ability to split the value of the item amongst the group. Prior to the Trade and Drop Changes update, on 10 December 2007, a team could sell the item and trade the coins to generate a fair split of the wealth. Currently, this action would be prevented as an "unbalanced" trade.

CoinShare allows teams to be formed on a temporary basis. LootShare will only generate a fair split of large drops, if the team remains together long enough to receive several such drops (at least 1 per member). CoinShare's immediate split lets each member take their share, and walk away after even a single large drop.

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