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One coin. More coins.
Also called? Gp, gold pieces, gold, gold coins, money, cash, coins.
Members only? No
Tradable? Yes
Approximate value 1 coins
Examine Lovely money!
A detailed view of some coins
Coin piles get larger as the number of coins increases.

Coins (also known as gold, gold pieces, or gp) are the most common form of currency in RuneScape. They can be used to represent the value of virtually every single item in the game, as well as various services offered throughout. They are the most often traded item; players prefer to trade their services or items in exchange for coins more than any other item. When the number of coins in a single stack exceeds 99 999, then the examine text reads "____ x Coins", where the blank is the exact number of coins in the stack.While if there is less than that the examine text reads "Lovely Money!".  

In RuneScape, coins appear as small gold coins, also noted by some people that they look like nuggets, roughly cylindrical, and are stackable. In Grim Tales, it was revealed that coins have more intricate designs imprinted on their faces, although they usually appear small, making it difficult for players to notice it.

According to Saradomin, coins are minted by the Fief. He doesn't give more detail as to who or what the Fief is, but judging from the meaning of "Fief" it is likely to be one of the human kingdoms (i.e. Misthalin).

Not surprisingly, alchemy spells cannot be cast on coins. If a player attempts it, a message will inform the player that Coins are already made of gold.... You can, however, turn other gold items (such as gold ore and gold bars) into coins using alchemy spells.

When you kill an NPC that drops coins and you kill another one in the same spot and it too drops coins, the coins stack.



The coins on the post-login screen are more realistic than those seen in-game

Beside coins, players commonly refer to the RuneScape currency as gold, gold pieces, gp, cash, or money.


Larger amounts

One thousand coins (1,000) is usually called 1k. Similar to the metric system, the "k" stands for "kilo," which is Greek for "thousand." On German-language servers, the symbol for "k" is changed to "T", since "Tausend" is German for thousand.

One million (1,000,000) coins is usually called 1M or 1mil. Both can be made into larger numbers, such as 300k meaning 300,000 coins.

One billion coins is referred to as 1bil or 1B. No player can hold more than 2,147,483,647 coins.

A stack of gold has a small, coloured text on the upper-left hand corner of the stack. With larger stacks of money—as with all stackable items—both the colour of the text and the stack's examine text change depending on the amount of gold in the stack.

Range Text Colour Suffix Multiplier Example
from to
1 99,999 Yellow None 1 99,999 displayed as "99999"
100,000 9,999,999 White K 1,000 9,999,999 displayed as "9999K"
10,000,000 2,147,483,647 Green M 1,000,000 999,999,999 displayed as "999M"

Why 2,147,483,647 is the limit

2,147,483,647 (or 231-1) is the highest number that it is possible to store in a 32-bit signed integer in the Java programming language. If a player attempts to withdraw or pick up coins while carrying the maximum amount of coins, it is stated that there is not enough inventory space. If a player reaches the maximum amount of coins, he or she can store extra money either in items or within the Grand Exchange by placing an offer, canceling the offer, and leaving the coins in the collection box. Each Grand Exchange slot can also hold 2,147,483,647 coins. To avoid using up Grand Exchange slots, extra money can also be spent in the purchase of items that are expected to not go down in price (such as items that are held up by a high alchemy value). A perfect item to buy to store extra money are Spirit Shards - they can be easily mass bought and sold for a flat rate of 25 gp. Considering the same limit applies to Spirit Shards, you can store 53,687,091,175 coins, and if you buy Spirit shards packs, you can store up to 268,435,455,875,000 coins!

Uses of alternative terms in RuneScape

Bert's work rota refers to coins as "GPs".
A postage stamp showing Postie Pete refers to coins as "gp".

Alternate terms for coins are occasionally used by NPCs in mainstream RuneScape. Examples of these include the following:

  • Bert's work rota quotes his wages as 50 GP for a 16-hour day - that's 3.125 GP an hour.
  • The brewer dwarf in Keldagrim says "GP" - the reason given is that (being a dwarf) he prefers to associate with gold at the expense of proper terminology
  • When the glassblower was added to Entrana, he always referred to coins as "gold pieces"
  • During The Giant Dwarf quest, Vermundi asks you for 200 credits.
  • The descriptions of Low Level Alchemy and High Level Alchemy read "converts an item into gold" and "converts an item into more gold" respectively - the word "gold" here refers to coins, which are added to those already in the inventory when the player casts the spell
  • There is a portrait of Postie Pete on a stamp whose value is quoted as "59gp".
  • When attempting to pass through the gates to Al-Kharid, right-clicking upon the gate in the past, gave the player the option to spend "10 gp" to go through
  • Luthas at the banana plantation on Karamja says "I'll pay you 30 gold"
  • When a player uses the Grand Exchange to buy or sell item(s), the price per item is listed as an amount in gp
  • The silk trader in Al Kharid prices silk at "3gp" instead of "3 coins"
  • The official RuneScape manual refers to coins as "gold pieces" many times (for example, the Leather crafting guide quotes tanning costs in "gold pieces")
  • The construction guide gives information on adding new rooms to a player-owned house, and includes the sentence: "Different rooms cost different amounts of gold, and have different Construction level requirements." Gold refers to coins here.
  • Mistag in the Dorgeshuun Mines will pay "x gold pieces"... for the iron and silver ores that you are carrying.
  • The bank guard in Draynor village will refer to coins as "gp" after you view the Wise Old Man's video taping. "...I want you to pay me 50gp first."
  • Before an update that removed a number of random events, Bob of Bob's Brilliant Axes used to quote axe repair prices in gp. For example, when he was handed a broken rune axe, he would say "This axe is quite badly damaged, but easy to repair. Would you like me to fix it for you for 427gp?"
  • When using the ring of charos (a) to reduce the magic carpet fare, both the player and the Rug Merchant refer to the reduced fare as being in "GP".
  • Gardener Gunnhild on Miscellania will sell rakes and iron sickles for "15 gp each".
  • All RuneScape Classic stores refer to coins as "gp."
  • When used on the Wise Old Man, he refers to them as "money".
  • On the Jagex corporate website under the parents guide, it refers to the currency in game as "gp".

Coin spawns

Buying RuneScape gold

Main article: Real world trading

Some players used to purchase RuneScape coins in exchange for real-world money using sites such as eBay. Although players could potentially gain monetary value within RuneScape by such means, this method is forbidden by Jagex: Rule 12 of the RuneScape website forbids the trading of RuneScape items for items or services outside of RuneScape. Doing so can result in a permanent ban with no second chances.

Within RuneScape, there is a safe trading system that ensures both sides fulfil their end of the deal. Trading outside of RuneScape, however, increases the likelihood of another party stealing your real-world money and not fulfilling the terms of the trade. Players who fall victim to this have no remorse from Jagex, and indeed will probably be banned if they admit to having participated in such practices.

With the trade limits imposed with the Unbalanced trade update and other game changes like the restriction of player killing to a small area in a few worlds, Jagex made it extremely hard, if not impossible, to trade RuneScape gold for real-world money and has made it very difficult for gold sellers to function.


  • When you click the "Examine" button on a stack of coins that is bigger than 99,999 coins, it will tell you the exact amount you have in your inventory or in your bank. But, while in any type of shop, examining the coins in one's inventory will always give the "Lovely money!" examine text; it is unknown whether this is deliberate.
  • The name for the item is "coins", not "coin". Thus, a single coin in a players bank, inventory, or on the ground will still be called "coins" by the game.
  • Along with the drop sounds update on 11 January 2010, dropping gold coins makes a coins dropping sound.
  • If you have about 30 coins dropped on the ground, they have a lighter colour than if there were about 100 coins on the ground.

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