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Final Fantasy VIII Enemy
HP (Level 1) HP (Level 100)
1,008 5,200
Elemental affinities
- Immune - -
Weak - Immune -
Japanese コカトリス
Romaji Kokatorisu
Location Timber - Vaunly Canyon, Shenard Hill,
Esthar - Grandidi Forest, Nortes Mountains, Sollet Mountains,
Galbadia - Lallapahooza Canyon
Scan Petrifies enemies with its stare. Uses thunder by flapping its wings. Uses Electrocute when fully grown.
HP Formula 0.35(Lv)2 + 7(Lv) + 1000
Card Cockatrice, Oilboyle

The Cockatrice is an enemy is Final Fantasy VIII. It uses Electric Discharge as a final, desperate move to kill the characters. However, he is more known for his ability to Petrify, which makes him one of the few one-hit KO mobs for any solo characters. Though the sucess rate can be low, try to draw and cast Break. This can prevent any further action from being taken by the target.

Cockatrice drops Dynamo Stones, that raise compatibility with Quetzalcoatl, and Coral Fragments, that teach Quistis the Electrocute Blue Magic spell.

Triple Triad

Image:TTCockatrice.png Level 1 (Monster Card) Element Thunder
Refine 1 refines into 1 Cockatrice Pinion
Drop Cockatrice
Card Cockatrice
Win N/A


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