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Final Fantasy Enemy
Cockatrice PSP
Japanese コカトリス
Romaji Kokatorisu
NES Name Coctrice
PS Name Cockatrice
GBA Name Cockatrice
PSP Name Cockatrice

The Cockatrice is an enemy in the original Final Fantasy. Its appearance in the original Final Fantasy marks the start of the enemies recurring appearance in several of the Final Fantasy games. They appear in a floor in the Cavern of Earth and the Mirage Tower, but also appear as guardians in the Sunken Shrine and the Ice Cave. Its attacks are not very strong, but they use a special attack that causes Petrify on one character, usually having to return to Melmond to heal. It is advised to buy Gold Needles in Elfland before going to the Cavern of Earth, because they attack in flocks of several flying enemies. A player may be caught off-guard in a battle versus eight Cockatrices at the same time. Once defeated, they may drop Gold Needles, curing the Petrify status if they managed to hit one of your characters.

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