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Coal Trucks
File:Coal Trucks Map.png
Location North of the Fishing Guild, west of McGrubor's wood
Members only? Yes
Rocks 18 Coal rocks
Monsters Giant Bats (level 27)

Dwarven Guard (level 10)

Requirements None

The Coal Trucks are located north of the Fishing Guild and west of McGrubor's Wood. At the coal truck mining area, there are 18 coal rocks and 3 carts. This is considered one of the most efficient ways to mine coal. Several loads of coal ores can be stored in any of the carts. Once the carts are full of coal, they then can be removed from any of the carts, but the most convenient location is a building with a mining symbol over it which is in the north-western part of Seers' Village. Note that the coal trucks are members-only. There is also a log balance (shortcut) just east of the coal trucks which can be used at level 20 Agility to cross over towards McGrubor's Wood. (Otherwise, you have to go around the Fishing Guild. You could also use a Camelot Teleport.)

With the release of the living rock caverns, a much more efficient method of coal mining entered the game, due to the ability of attaining multiple coal from the same rock without having to walk from rock to rock.

Originally, up to 120 coal ores could be stored at one time; however, the 10 February 2009 news article told of improvements to the rewards for the Seers' headband obtained as a reward from the Seers' Village Diary. The original article showed that greater coal storage was now possible when the headband is worn, as shown below:

Headband worn Coal Truck Size Profit from full truck Full truck + inventory
None 120 coal 32,280 coins 39,812 coins
Seers' headband 1 140 coal 37,660 coins 45,192 coins
Seers' headband 2 168 coal 45,192 coins 52,724 coins
Seers' headband 3 196 coal 52,724 coins 60,256 coins



The mine contains the following ores:

A player mining in the Coal Trucks area



  • Giant batsGiant bats (level 27) - Warning: Players with a combat level of less than 55 can be attacked
  • Dwarven Guard (level 10)


The Coal Trucks area also contains the starting point of the Dwarf Cannon quest.

(Note: There is a glitch that makes the coal rocks look like adamant rocks.)


  • There's a glitch caused when storing coal in the carts with the Seer's headband worn. If the carts are filled beyond the normal 120 limit when using the headband (e.g. 140 with Seer's headband 1), and the headband is taken off, when searching the carts, there will be only 120 coal in the cart. This has been fixed.

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