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Final Fantasy III Enemy
Cloud of Darkness
Japanese 暗闇の雲
Romaji Kurayami no Kumo
NES Name DarkCloud
DS Name Cloud of Darkness

Cloud of Darkness is encountered twice: first in a battle the party cannot win, and second at the very end of the game, where it's beatable. She is still unbeatable if you have yet to free all the Warriors of the Dark.



NES Strategy

The Cloud of Darkness will usually only use a single attack, Flare Wave, which does 1200-1500 HP of damage to the entire party. On some rare occasions it uses a physical attack that ignores your character's defense stat and will very likely result in an instant kill. Realistically you need at least two high-level White Magic users in order to prevent your party being overwhelmed and destroyed by the damage that Flare Wave causes, so once you are able to bring the damage sustained by your party under control the battle becomes mostly an endurance test.

Use all your Shurikens (make sure you reequip every round). Have the Sages cast Haste on the Ninjas the first round (if you have 14 or more Shurikens, you won't have to do that). After that, you'll probably have to have them cast Cure4 every round. If it seems like you have a round of respite, cast Bahamut. If you run out of magic, use Elixirs. Keep this strategy up and the Cloud of Darkness will eventually fall.

DS Strategy

One way of battling this enemy is just attacking the Cloud of Darkness' main body. But an easier way is attacking the right tentacle to rid the nuisance of using its Lightning attack. The right tentacles is completely immune to physical attacks, but not magic. The left tentacle is immune to magic other than Bahamut's Megaflare and Leviathan's Tidal Wave, and must be taken down with physical attacks. The tentacles seem to be weak to water; Tidal Wave is preferable to Megaflare in this case. The Cloud of Darkness can use Bad Breath to hamper the party unless the characters are equipped with Ribbons or Aegis Shields. Otherwise, only its physical attacks pose an actual threat (although they do not ignore defense stats in this version) until it starts to use Particle Beam (the same as Flare Wave from the NES version).

A Devout is highly recommended for this battle due to their ability to use high level White Magic, including Curaja and Arise, more often and more powerfully than the Sage. Also, they can support the entire party with Protect or cast Holy on the Cloud of Darkness. However, Protect can only be cast on one person per turn so that strategy is optional. Warriors can use their Advance ability to deal heavy damage to either the right tentacle or the Cloud of Darkness; Ninjas are useful for their Throw ability and they can also inflict massive physical damage to the Cloud of Darkness while dual-wielding the Masamune and Muramasa.

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