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A Phase I clone sniper on Geonosis.
"One shot, one kill."
―Anonymous clone sniper

Clone snipers, also known as clone sharpshooters, were a specialized variant of clone troopers who served in the Grand Army of the Republic.



Unlike the snipers in the traditional army, culled from the best shooters, all clone troopers of the Grand Army of the Republic possessed the same eyesight, accuracy, steadiness and patience. However, the sharpshooters received special flash training teaching them the intricacies of being good snipers.[1]

A Phase II clone sniper of the 501st Legion during the Raid on the Jedi Temple.

Their main mission designation was to eliminate Separatist battle droid infantry from a distance to provide cover fire for other infantry units, while also using their recon droids to carry out short-range reconnaissance. Specialized gear with distinctive color-markings showed the sharpshooters' ranks. Phase I clone snipers are recognizable by maroon armor markings.


Clone sharpshooters were equipped with specialized DC-15x sniper rifles, DC-15s side arm blasters, autoturrets, thermal detonators, and R-1 recon droids designed to call down orbital strikes to specific targets. Their armor was lightweight and suited the sharpshooter perfectly in heavy combat especially since the trooper often had to take his shot and then find new cover.


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