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A clone SCUBA trooper.

Clone SCUBA troopers, also called clone subtroopers were aquatic assault clone troopers grown on Kamino for the Grand Army of the Republic.



As the Confederacy of Independent Systems equipped itself with Manta droid subfighters and other aquatic machines—and allied itself with aquatic races such as the Quarren and the Ishi Tib—it became apparent that the Republic needed aquatic soldiers and weapons to combat these new foes.These aquatic assault troopers were outfitted with modern gear that allowed them to effectively wage war against aquatic cultures that would otherwise enjoy the advantage of fighting in a difficult native environment.


Two clone SCUBA troopers in action.

A clone SCUBA trooper's armor was lighter in weight than the standard plastoid-alloy composite armor worn by the line infantry. The helmet featured lenses and sensors that helped to penetrate the ocean murk and to bring underwater enemies into crisp focus. Miniaturized scrubbers built into the breathing unit were able to extract oxygen from water environments, and allow for attachment of oxygen tanks. A clone SCUBA trooper wore an aquatic propulsion pack and has maneuverability jets incorporated into his shin guards to allow for impressive underwater agility.They also carried specialized blaster rifles with a modified collimator barrel array that retarded blaster bolt diffusion from the water environment. These troopers were typically outfitted with explosives that took advantage of an ocean's ability to transmit concussive shock


SCUBA trooper

The aquatic assault troopers first known mission was under the surface of the oceans of Mon Calamari. Jedi General Kit Fisto led a clone SCUBA squadron into battle against the members of the Quarren Isolation League and their Separatist allies.

The SCUBA troopers suffered large losses to the Quarren artillery defenses, but gained the upper-hand when they ambushed sub-carriers and hampered the launch of mini-sub fighters.

The clone SCUBA troopers were the predecessors of the aquatic assault stormtroopers.




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