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A player wearing a Penguin suit.
A player getting into a Penguin Suit.

The Clockwork suit is made during, and after, the Cold War quest. With the suit, one can become a penguin after talking to Larry. Larry can be found at the Ardougne Zoo, the pier south of the Hunter snow area, the penguin iceberg, or Lumbridge sheep farm.

Wearing the suit opens up a possibility of performing 8 unique penguin emotes. The emotes are used during Cold War as 3 of the emotes have to be performed to get some information. The suit is also needed to use the Agility course on the Penguin outpost.

Level 30 Crafting is needed to construct the Penguin suit at a Crafting table 3 in the Workshop of a Player-owned House. This requires a Clockwork, a piece of silk, and a regular Plank, and gives 15 Crafting experience points.

The Clockwork Suit can be wound and released, much like the Toy Mouse can. Also, catching it gives 12 Agility exp and 9 crafting exp.

The item is non-tradeable, but when the quest was first released a bug allowed another player to take it when it was wound up and released. It was reported on the forums, and was soon fixed.

For now, this device can only be worn with the assistance of Larry. It is also used for the Cold War sequel Hunt for Red Raktuber. After that quest, the suit can be worn with the help of either Chuck or Jim

(the polar bears).
A player abusing the "Penguin Glitch".


The difference between a Clockwork Suit and a real Penguin.
  • If you use the Commorb to scan while wearing a clockwork suit, it will be a floating Commorb.
  • It is possible to have a follower out while you are in the suit.
  • If you try to pick up a penguin suit that is not yours, it will say "This is not the penguin you are looking for". This is a reference to the Star wars quote, "These are not the droids you are looking for".
  • If you try to get out of the suit manually, (by either removing it from the cape slot or attempting to wear a cape) a message says "You appear to be stuck and need to speak to Larry/a polar bear to get out of the suit". However, if you get out of range of either Larry or a polar bear, a message appears saying "The spell wears off as you climb out of the suit, growing back to normal size". Your character manages to get out of the suit unassisted.
  • At the end of the quest Cold War, you lose the suit.
  • Players can not Rest while in the suit and on the penguin agility course.
  • A more recent "Penguin Glitch" allowed a player to become completely immune to NPC Attacks, making even the Chaos Elemental seem like a joke. However, this glitch was fixed on 27th October 2009. 

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