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Clockwork Droid
Type: Android Robot
Created by: Likely Humans, possibly created by ship computer
Appearances: DW: The Girl in the Fireplace
TS: Tardisode 4
WC: Destiny's Door (flashback cameo)
"You are complete, you will come."
―Clockwork Droid to Madame De Pompadour

The Clockwork Repair Droids were androids who came to stalk and take Madame de Pompadour's brain in 18th century France, believing it could be used to repair their ship. They wore 18th century French uniform to blend in with the guests

The Clockwork Robots began as repair robots on board the spaceship SS Madame De Pompadour in the 51st century. Their only purpose was to fix the ship if it broke down. When the ship did break down in the Dagmar Cluster, they did not have the right parts and so they used the 50 crew members on board, using their body parts to repair the ship. The last part they needed was a brain and they believed that only a 37 year old brain (the same age of their ship) would work. They modified the ship's quantum drive to open multiple time windows to 18th century France and passed through it at various stages of Madame de Pompadour's life, attempting to find her in her 37th year.

They followed camouflage procedure to blend into the surroundings by dressing in 18th Century costumes. They are equipped with a short range teleporter, scanners, tranquilizers, and sharp saw-knifes for part removal. They can also heat themselves up if they get frozen and empty unwanted fluids out of their system. Whenever they are in the room, they make an unnerving 'tick tock' noise from their clockwork parts, which means they often break the clock in the room to avoid raising suspicion. The Doctor defeated them by disconnecting the time window that led back to the ship, which caused them to shut down from lack of purpose. (DW: The Girl in the Fireplace)

Other Clockwork droids

The Doctor encountered a different type of clockwork android during his ninth incarnation. Shade Vassily made an almost perfect human-looking clockwork droid (Repple) so that he can distract anyone who comes looking for him, but the Doctor figured out he was clockwork. Clockwork Cats which shot lasers from of their eyes protected Vassily, but the Doctor and Malisa Heart reprogrammed one. Malisa also used two clockwork knights to do her bidding, both of which were destroyed; one was used to repair the clockwork cat, and the other sacrificed itself to save London. (NSA: The Clockwise Man)

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