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"A mining town where mechanical weapons are crafted using techniques passed down from antiquity."
"They say the ruins of a lost civilization lie buried beneath the streets of Goug, the Clockwork City. Relics from the age of Saint Ajora, when airships numerous beyond counting filled the skies, and men of iron walked city streets. But the art of crafting such things was lost --- if it ever truly existed at all."
—Agrias Oaks
Cloud and the dimensional portal

The Clockwork City of Goug, also known as Goug Machine City, is a location in Final Fantasy Tactics. This mining city produces mechanical weapons with generation-old technology and is the hometown of Mustadio Bunansa and his father Besrudio.

Ramza Beoulve accompanies Mustadio to Goug to locate his father who was in trouble with the Baert Trading Company over the Taurus Zodiac Stone. Mustadio was then captured and Ludovich Baert demanded the stone. Mustadio told Baert the stone was in a nearby chimney and Ramza was forced to fetch it for him. After Baert left, a battle ensued and Ramza and Mustadio were victorious. The stone Baert now possessed was revealed to, in fact, be a fake.

Later, Besrudio discovered two gadgets and Ramza helped retrieve the Zodiac Stones needed to activate them. The first was Construct 8, the second was a dimensional portal which brought Cloud Strife to Ivalice.

Battle Information

Battle Information
Battle No. 16
Condition(s) Defeat all enemies
Number of teams 1
Team capacity 4 + Ramza
Guest(s) Mustadio
Battle formation


Enemies 6 (2 Archers, 2 Thieves, 2 Summoners)
Enemy level 12 - 15
Recommended level 14 - 16
Items of interest None
Additional info Mustadio joins your party after this battle


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