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Dr Who

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From TARDIS Index File, the free Doctor Who reference.

A clock was an instrument for measuring time, sometimes utilising a clockwork mechanism.



Fob watches

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Memory Beta, the wiki for licensed Star Trek content.

A Saltah'na clock

A clock is a piece of equipment used to track the passage of time.

Clocks were used onboard starships in the form of chronometers. (TOS episode: "The Naked Time", et al.)

When the USS Archon visited Beta III, the computer Landru scanned the computer systems of the Archon, and incorporated much of what it found on human culture into its program. As a result, clocks with Arabic numerals soon began appearing in the Betan community, with the clocks sped up to account for the 22 hour rotational period of Beta III. (TOS novel: Ex Machina)

Under the influence of an ancient Saltah'na device Benjamin Sisko once built a complex bronze clock of Saltah'na design. (DS9 episode: Dramatis Personae; novel: Devil in the Sky)

In 2376 a clock killed the Bajoran Woros Keyth when it hit him after the artificial gravity shifted in his office on Deep Space 9 during a Jem'Hadar attack. The impact caused injuries leading to fatal brain damage. (DS9 novel: Avatar)


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Dofus Wiki

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From Dofus

Icon image:Xelor-Icon-Spell-Clock.jpg
Class Xelor
Level 80
Element Water image:Water.png
Type Attack
Official description This spell inflicts Water-type damage and steals AP from the enemy.

Spell Properties

Linear Line of Sight Free Squares Boost Range Fatal

Spell Characteristics

Caution: Monsters' elemental/neutral damage is modified by their statistics, which are in majority unknown.

Lvl Effect Crit AP Ra Critical Casts per Cd Caster
Hit Fail Tgt Trn
10% of cases: +1 AP 10% of cases: +1 AP
1 Damage: 21~25 Water
Steals 1 AP
Damage: 26~30 Water
Steals 1~2 AP
6 1-3 1/50* 1/100 - - - 80
2 Damage: 24~28 Water
Steals 1 AP
Damage: 29~33 Water
Steals 1~2 AP
6 1-3 1/50* 1/100 - - - 80
3 Damage: 27~31 Water
Steals 1 AP
Damage: 30~34 Water
Steals 1~2 AP
6 1-3 1/50* 1/100 - - - 80
4 Damage: 27~31 Water
Steals 1 AP
Damage: 36~34 Water
Steals 1~2 AP
5 1-3 1/50* 1/100 - - - 80
5 Damage: 31~35 Water
Steals 1 AP
Damage: 36~40 Water
Steals 1~2 AP
5 1-3 1/50* 1/100 - - - 80
6 Damage: 31~35 Water
Steals 1 AP
Damage: 36~40 Water
Steals 1~2 AP
4 1-4 1/45 1/100 - - - 180

* + 25 critical hits using Shal'Hal Boots.


Clock is the primary spell of the Chance Xelor. It steals 1 AP (1-2 on a critical hit) and grants it to the caster. It does also a huge amount of water damage. The AP loss can be dodged from the enemy. If the AP loss is dodged or the enemy dies from the damage, no AP is given to the caster.

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From Lostpedia

This is an article about the general theme pertaining to the show. For specific dates of events referenced on the show, see Timeline.

The passage of time is a recurring theme in Lost. Increasing evidence points towards the passage of time behaving differently on the Island compared to the outside world. In the episode "The Constant", it is revealed that a conscious mind can be transported through time.



Season 1

Season 2

Countdown timer in the Swan station

Season 3

  • Ben told Jack what happened off-the-island during the given timeline: "Your flight crashed on September 22nd, 2004. Today is November 29th. That means you've been on our island for 69 days. Yes, we do have contact with the outside world, Jack. That's how we know that during those 69 days your fellow Americans re-elected George W. Bush; Christopher Reeve has passed away; the Boston Red Sox won the World Series." ("The Glass Ballerina")
  • Jack looked for a clock to announce the time of death for Colleen, but he couldn't find one. ("Every Man for Himself")
  • Aldo was reading A Brief History of Time when he was guarding the building holding Karl. ("Not in Portland")
  • Ben asked Jack for "3 minutes" since he had only "27 minutes to live". ("Not in Portland")
  • Diana confirmed with Juliet that her appointment was at 2 o'clock. ("Not in Portland")
  • Dr. Alpert showed Juliet a scan that according to her seems to be the womb lining of a 70 year old but is in fact a 20 year old. ("Not in Portland")
  • Dr. Alpert asked Juliet to work for him for six months. ("Not in Portland")
  • Juliet gives the exact length of her stay on the Island: 3 years, 2 months and 28 days. ("Not in Portland")
  • The company name Mittelos is an anagram for "lost time". ("Not in Portland")
  • This was confirmed as being the plot-significant anagram to look out for in the 2/12/07 podcast.
  • The voice of a woman repeating "Only fools are enslaved by time and space" can be heard in the reversed version of the Room 23 brainwashing video. This hidden clue may be another Buddhist reference: "The wise know how to use time and space perfectly; they lead free and harmonious lives. Fools are enslaved by time and space; they are busy running around all day. Wise or foolish, the difference is obvious." ("Not in Portland")
  • Desmond relives events that have happened in his past in his "Déjà vu" after being knocked out, and has a number of issues with time continuity until he is knocked out again. ("Flashes Before Your Eyes")
"Future" paint

Season 4

Daniel compares the clocks
  • Daniel, a physicist, ordered Regina to fire a rocket from the freighter. A digital clock was planted inside the rocket as its payload. The payload arrived at Daniel's position 31 minutes after Regina said it reached the target. Daniel confirmed this by comparing the time on the clock inside the rocket with the time clock he had on the Island. ("The Economist")
  • The helicopter appears to take two days to reach the freighter according to observers on the Island and freighter, however when seen from the helicopter perspective off the Island, it only takes a matter of minutes. ("The Constant")
  • Desmond, Minkowski, Brandon and a lab rat all experience time-travel. ("The Constant")
  • Not only does time appear to move differently, but the actual sequence of events varies between the perspective of those on the island and those on the freighter suggesting that the time difference between the island and the freighter is changing. Example:
    • On the island, the Losties pull the body of the ship's doctor Ray with his throat slit out of the water one morning. Later that evening, Jack and Bernard convince Daniel to contact the ship by Morse code and determine he is lying to them about the message. The next afternoon Frank gathers up Keamy and his crew and hustles them back to the helicopter so he can fly back during daylight. That night, Jack has his appendectomy.
    • The helicopter arrives on the freighter at night. The next day, during daylight, Omar pulls the sat phone out of his pocket as he is receiving the Morse code message. That night he tells Keamy that the message asked what happened to the doctor as his dead body washed up on shore, but the doctor is still alive and on the boat. Shortly, Keamy slits the doctor's throat and throws him overboard.
      • The helicopter returns to the island on the third night after the doctor's body washed up on shore on the island, but just moments after his death on the freighter. Jack had his appendectomy the night before the helicopter flew overhead and dropped the sat phone in either perspective.
      • Order of events on the freighter: Jack's appendectomy, Morse code communication, Ray murdered.
      • Order of events on the island: Ray's body found, Morse code communication, Jack's appendectomy.
  • The wheel is frozen when Ben goes to move it and we learn in season 5 there is a correspondence between and the movement of Time on the Island - at least for the Losties. ("There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3")

Season 5

  • The people on the Island are skipping through time. According to Daniel time is like a street. People can move forward on that street, they can move in reverse, but they can not ever create a new street. If they try to do anything different, they will fail every time. Whatever happened, happened. ("Because You Left")
  • The wheel is off its axis and is skipping back and forth just like time is in Season 5.("This Place Is Death")
  • When Locke sets the wheel, the island is in 1974, and time begins progressing from that point forward. Sawyer, Juliet, Jin and Miles have been living as DHARMA members for three years in parallel to the amount of time it took Jack, Kate, and Hurley to return the island. When they arrive, it is 1977 on the island while time had moved from 2004 to 2007 off the island. ("LaFleur")
  • Hurley and Miles discuss the effects of time traveling and how to alter the future.("He's Our You")
    • Miles explains that because Ben turned the wheel, time isn't a straight line for them anymore. ("He's Our You")

Season 6

Lost: Missing Pieces

Recurring themes

Literary works

Main article: Literary works

  • A Brief History of Time - Non-fiction book about astrophysics and theories on how the universe began (seen in Lost)
  • Watchmen - Graphic novel/comic book series that features a character who experiences time in a non-linear fashion (confirmed influence on Lost)
  • A Wrinkle in Time - Fictional book on time travel through tessaracts (seen in Lost)
  • Slaughterhouse-Five - Fictional book with a protagonist 'unstuck' in time
  • The Chronicles of Narnia - Fictional book where there is a time difference between Narnia and the real world


Main article: Premonitions

There have been multiple instances of characters in Lost foreseeing future events.

Lost Time

Producers' commentary

At Comic Con in '06, the following fan question was asked and answered, somewhat obliquely:

Fan 4: Do you guys have any idea of how long, for the entire series, how many days it’ll take place in?

Carlton Cuse: You know, days? We never actually counted days. I mean, by the end of the show, hopefully we’ll have covered a lot of history, going back and forth… I mean, obviously, we saw that statue, that statue is kind of old?

Damon Lindelof: At least 50 years old. [Crowd laughs]

Carlton Cuse: At least… And probably, a little older?

Damon Lindelof: Maybe, maybe.

Carlton Cuse: And that was sort of… that, that was a signpost that the history of the Island may be a lot of um… more extensive than we’ve already dealt with on the show… so I think, by the time the show is done, we’ll have covered a lot of time. And um… in terms of how many days on the Island specifically, I dunno? 117?

Damon Lindelof: It’s interesting that you should ask about time because… you know… you’re making a basic assumption that they’ve been there, y’know, as long as they think they’ve been there. [Crowd murmurs, someone says “Oh, no.”] I would say by the end of Season 3… that very different idea…

Carlton Cuse: Stop right there, Damon, stop right there.

Damon Lindelof: Well, I was just…

Carlton Cuse: Stop right there. Nope, nope, no.

In an interview, Cuse also dropped additional hints about the significance of timelines (Entertainment Weekly):

Interviewer: What is the meaning or significance of the two skeletons that Jack and Kate found in the cave of season 1?

CUSE: The answer to that question goes to the nature of the timeline of the Island. We don't want to say too much about it, but there are a couple Easter eggs embedded in [ Not in Portland ], one of which is an anagram that actually sheds some light on the skeletons and hints at a larger mythological mystery that will start to unfold later in the season.

Life Extension

  • Joop, Alvar Hanso and Richard Alpert all seem to have to a longer life-span than might be expected. This could potentially be related to consequences of time travelling.

See also

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From the RuneScape Wiki, the wiki for all things RuneScape

The Clock is a piece of furniture that can be built in the Bedroom of a player-owned house with the Construction skill. There is currently no purpose for this clock, apart from aesthetics. When you examine a clock, it will say "No little mouse to be seen." Read it and it will give you a close time estimate, such as "Half past rune" or "Quarter to rune."

Clocks that are not in a POH have no use as of yet, although their guess of what time it is accurate as long as you know what hour it is. For instance, if it is 11:00, it will say "It is rune o' clock". But, it only changes in 15 minute incriments (quarter past, half past, quarter 'till).


  • The clock's examine information is a reference to the nursery rhyme "Hickory Dickory Dock".
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