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Series: Early Voyages, No. 5 & 6
Writer(s): Dan Abnett & Ian Edgington
Penciler(s): Patrick Zircher
Inker(s): Greg Adams
Colorist(s): Marie Javins
Letterer(s): Janice Chiang
Publication information
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Published: Part 1: June 1997
Part 2: July 1997
Pages: 40, 22 of which are story
(each issue)
Date: 2254
Stardate: 2396.6

They're armed, they're savage... They're Vulcan!

Vulcan logic vs Vulcan passion... Spock must choose!




Part One

The crashed Apollo

On the storm-wracked world of Darien 224 a landing party from the USS Enterprise discovers the wreckage of the Apollo, the first clue to the fate of the missing starship Cortez. Captain Pike hails the Enterprise to inform the ship of the team’s findings but barely gets through; background radiation in the system is playing havoc with the Enterprise's sensors and communications.

On the planetoid the landing party continues it's investigations, Doctor Boyce gives yeoman Colt a boost to access the hatch on the top side of the over turned shuttle. Pike finds Spock concerned, he senses something.

Meanwhile Shinobi finds something in the sand and calls for the Captain, Pike turns to witness the crewman take an energy blast to the chest. The unknown assailants kill Kingcome and then makes a charge for Pike, but is blasted by the beam of a phaser rifle liberated from the shuttle's locker by yeoman Colt.

Above, a sensor ghost becomes a little too real as the USS Cortez fires on the Enterprise. On the planet the survivors of the landing party are cornered and unable to see their attackers through the sandstorms. Adjusting their laser pistols to wide beam they try and drive the attackers into sight. The tactic works to some extent bringing the attackers out, but they plant their staff energy weapons into the ground and arm themselves with lirpas, as they move towards the party for the final attack they are blaster by energy weapons from a group of hoverboats. The leader of the ships introduces himself, in Vulcan, and instructs the landing party that they will be going with him.

The Last-of-all-Cities colony

As the hoverboats fly to the Last-of-all-Cities settlement, Spock speculates the Vulcans are a lost colony, predating the logic enlightenment of Vulcan. The team are brought to meet the Vulcan's leader; matriarch T'Kell, at her side is Captain John Stone of the Cortez. Whilst Colt breaks the ice with the Vulcans Pike gets a report from Stone. The Vulcans crash landed two thousand years prior and have been isolated ever since, the main colony is eager to rejoin the galactic community but there is a splinter group of warriors which butchered most of Stone's crew and wish to remain in isolation. They also have hyper-weapons outlawed on Vulcan during the enlightenment. Spock is concerned these emotional Vulcans returning to their homeworld could destabilise Vulcan.

Sutek, the Vulcan who saved the landing party, interrupts, infuriated by Spock and the state of the contemporary Vulcan people. Colt disrupts the argument before it can escalate too far informing the Captain she has made contact with the Enterprise, which is under attack!

The Cortez fires the Toj par-doj on the Enterprise

Above, Number One tries to shake off the attackers, but on board the Cortez the renegade Vulcan Tagok is informed by his crew the Tol par-doj is installed and ready, the ancient Vulcan weapon lashes it's powerful energies at the Enterprise.

Part Two

As the Enterprise drifts crippled in space the Vulcans start to beam in. On Darien 224 Pike is concerned, out of contact with his ship. On the bridge the crew put up a valiant fight. In engineering Wright desperately calls the bride for assistance as a Vulcan approaches, he is saved by Moves-With-Burning-Grace, armed with his battle lance. Driven off, the Vulcan's retreat back to the Cortez.

Number One has Mister Tyler call up the frequency modulation of the Cortez's shields and takes them offline, leaving the ship vulnerable to a volley of photon torpedoes. The attack takes out the Cortez's artificial gravity, Number One has repair teams get to work on the Enterprise.

On Darien 244 Sutek reports long range ground sensors have monitored the battle and that the Enterprise survives. Though continues in verbal attacks against the pacifist ideals of modern Vulcans and the Federation. Pike is eager to contact his ship but T'Kell reminds him of the difficulty in communicating through Darien's atmosphere, he has to wait content he has the Vulcans hospitality.

First Officer's Log, supplemental: Repairs are well underway, although we are still unable to contact the Captain or the landing party. Given our current circumstances, the welfare of the ship and crew are my highest priority now.

At a senior staff meeting Nurse Carlotti reports five are dead and twenty-nine injured. Grace reports the ships circuits have been reduced to slag by the Vulcan weapon, the shields were spared the worst but probably won't survive another attack. Number One has Mr Tyler reroute all power to shields and sensors, wanting not be caught out the next time the Cortez attacks.

In their accommodations on Darien the Starfleet personnel discuss the situation, Spock believes T'Kell's people to be no more trustworthy than the renegades, he suspects she plans to return to Vulcan with their telepathic weapons as conquerors. Sutek enters, the group has been summoned by T'Kell.

T'Kell welcomes the group to the Tabernacle of sharp conflict and informs them of her plans. Pike is to return to the Enterprise on the shuttlecraft the landing party came down in and make arrangements for the relocation of the Vulcans. En route he will act as bait for the Cortez, drawing it into the sights of the vorl-tak, a massive psionic weapon which harnesses the planet’s gravitational field as a psionic amplifier. And as Spock warns could potentially destroy the planetoid.

Spock points out that the weapon could be used to construct an impulse engine, they need not resort to genocide. For this Sutek strikes him down. Pike agrees to do as T'Kell demands if T'Kell calls Sutek off of Spock.

On the Enterprise, Pike hails, he is on his way but under attack by the Cortez. The Enterprise moves to intercept whilst on the Cortez the Vulcans have there weapon charged to fire. Below Spock makes one more futile attempt to persuade T'Kell her actions are unnecessary, but his logic cannot sway her passion, the Vorl-tak is fired, the Cortez is blown to pieces.

The Enterprise flys into Darien's atmosphere

On the Enterprise Pike gets to the bridge to Number One's report that Darien is disintegrating, still not able to communicate with the landing party and not willing to leave them to die he orders Mister Tyler to take the Enterprise into the planetoid's atmosphere.

Below Spock does his best to pull T'Kell out of danger, as she utters her dying words, instructing Spock to remember these Vulcans, the landing party is beamed to safety. The Enterprise pulls away and safe from the planetoids destruction.

Captain's Log, supplemental: The Enterprise has taken a serious pounding, nothing an overhaul and some R&R won't put right. However not all out problems can be so easily solved. I deeply regret the fate of the Vulcans of Darien 224. I sincerely wish it could have been otherwise, and I know I'm not the only one.

Pike goes to check on Spock, he is performing a ritual to purge what emotions he had, allowing his intellect and logic to take their "proper place". The incident has lead Spock to an understanding of the Vulcan people "Passion kills Captain. Logic does not".



The Vulcans of Darien 224
Phillip BoyceMia ColtGabrielle CarlottiMoves-With-Burning-GraceKingcomeSita MohindasNanoNumber OneChristopher PikeShinobiSpockJohn StoneSutekTagokT'KellT'SilJosé TylerWright
Referenced only 
Adolf HitlerKhan Noonien Singh
The USS Cortez

Starships and vehicles

USS Enterprise (Constitution-class) • USS Cortez (Miranda-class) • Apollo (Class F shuttlecraft) • Columbus (Class F shuttlecraft) • Vulcan hoverboat


Referenced only 

Races and cutures

Referenced only 

States and organisations

Federation StarfleetUnited Federation of Planets
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Artificial gravity generatorAtmosphereBattle lanceBifurcationBloodBody armorBridgeCarbonEmotionEugenicsFirst contactGeneral quartersGenocideGravitational fieldIonospheric bounceImpulse engineLaser pistolLightningLirpaLogicMagmaMantleMatriarchPhaser riflePhoton torpedoPsionic amplifierSensor ghostSehlatStarbaseStellar radiationTargeting arrayTime of AwakeningTol par-dojTopsoilTransporterVorl-takVulcan languageVulcan staff weapon



  • Issue five is titled "Cloak & Dagger", while issue six is titled "Cloak and Dagger part two of two".
  • In the last scene of the part 2 Pike is depicted wearing a wrap around tunic, similar, but not identical to the one James T. Kirk sometimes wears in Star Trek: The Original Series.
  • The uniform of the Cortez captain is shown with a distinctive assignment patch which appears only in this storyline.
  • Both issues include 16 pages of adverts and editorial content and both issues contain the same one page advertisement for subscriptions to Marvel's comics, highlighting Star Trek comics with an image of the USS Voyager.
  • Both issues also feature letters pages, the first ones in the Early Voyages series.
  • One of the issues raised in the letters page of part one is the appearance of Dr Boyce, a little different from his TV appearance, featuring two-toned hair. The editorial response explains that Dr Boyce is one of the characters for whom Paramount did not have the likeness rights from the actor, so Boyce's appearance could not be an exact likeness.


Mia Colt brandishes a Phaser rifle

"What in the name of...?"
"Phase rifle, sir! I liberated it from the shuttle's locker when I heard the shooting."

- Pike and Colt after she shot an attacking Vulcan.

"Anyone so much as raises an eyebrow we'll drop you where..."

- An Enterprise security officer greeting the Vulcan boarding party.

"Your Federation is weak... an empire built on sand... ours is built on rock!"

- Sutek to Captain Pike.

Related stories

  • The Cage (TOS episode) - This comic offers an explanation for Spock's atypically emotional state in the pilot episode, smiling and such. At the end of the comic, having concluded the emotions of the Vulcans were their undoing, Spock performs a purification ritual to rid himself of what emotions he did have to become a being of pure logic.
  • The Flat, Gold Forever (EV comic) - The next Early Voyages issue sees the Enterprise at Deep Space Station K-12 having spent a week there undergoing repairs following this events of this comic.
  • Immortal Wounds (EV comic) - T'Kell warns Sutek to "Watch them. The Physician especially. He is more than he appears", presumably telepathically detecting the multiple personalities Doctor Boyce harbours as revealed in this comic.
  • Space Seeds (TOS episode) - Spock foreshadows the events of this episode comparing the risk of the Darien Vulcans to Vulcan to Pike discovering "a colony of Khan's eugenics warriors".
  • Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (TOS movie) - The conflict between the Enterprise and the Cortez mirrors the events of this film a great deal. Most obviously the Enterprise is faced with a Miranda class starship and once again the ship has been commandeered by fanatics. As in the film, Number One uses the Cortez's command codes to take down the shields to make it vulnerable to attack after its initial brutal attack. And finally, like the Reliant the Cortez is destroyed by a powerful technology, though in this case a planet is destroyed in the process rather than created.
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