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Cletienne Duroi
Sprite(s) Image:FFT-Kletian.gif
Japanese クレティアン・ドロワ
Romaji Kuretian Dorowa
Age 29
Gender Male
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Voice actor(s)
Job Class Sorcerer
Affiliation Knights Templar
Final Fantasy Tactics Character

Cletienne Duroi, also known as Kletian Drowa, is a minor character from Final Fantasy Tactics. He is one of two Knights Templar that accompany the leader Folmarv Tengille during the later phases of the game.



Aiding the Lucavi

Cletienne accompanied fellow knights Folmarv Tengille and Loffrey Wodring to Mullonde Cathedral, where the three knights betrayed High Confessor Marcel Funebris. All three were under the power of the Lucavi, who no longer needed Funebris. They forced Funebris to divulge the location of the portal to the Necrohol of Mullonde and then Loffrey mortally wounded him. On their way out, they were confronted by Ramza Beoulve, and after gaining the Scriptures of Germonique, they fled from Ramza by teleporting.

They next journeyed to Orbonne Monastery, where the portal was located. After posting a contingent of knights on the fourth basement of the Underground Book Storage, the three continued down to the fifth level and Loffrey opened the portal, allowing Cletienne and Folmarv to cross over to Mullonde. Knowing that Ramza would likely pursue, Folmarv ordered Cletienne to remain behind to guard the entrance. Folmarv then continued to the Airship Graveyard.

Ramza did indeed attempt to cross the portal, and when he did, he encountered Cletienne on the other side. A battle ensued, and Cletienne, backed up by several allies, including a Time Mage and a Ninja, tried to destroy Ramza, but Ramza prevailed and Cletienne was killed.

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