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Clear Wanamingo Mine
location: Redding
given by: Ascorti
reward: 3500xp, $1500 (deed)
related: Find the excavator chip

While at Redding, Mayor Ascorti may coerce you into buying a deed to the Great Wanamingo Mine, billing it as a great investment, 1000$ for the richest mine in the town. One catch - its infested with the alien-like Wanamingos. In order to make any profit from the deed, some eradication is required.

The best access point to the tunnels (albeit the most dangerous) is through the cargo elevator in the ruined Wanamingo Mine Camp. It is advised to bring as many Stimpaks, ammunition and guns as possible, as the inhabitants of the mine are tough customers. When using the elevator, the drop off point is right in the Queen's chamber and she is the first hostile on the level. By far the toughest, targeted shots to the eyes and legs should be enough to dispatch her.

Afterwards, its just a long and arduous trek through dark corridors, shooting Wanamingos to death. In order to complete this quest, all Wanamingos must be killed, no exceptions. This includes the ones in tunnels below the mine camp and dowtown, so it might take a while. You get 3500 xp for clearing the mine out and Ascorti offers to buy the deed back for 2500$, that's 1500$ profit.

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