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Claws of Guthix
File:Claws of Guthix icon.png
Members only? Yes
Level 60
Runes 1 Fire
4 Air
2 Bloods
Spellbook Normal
Experience 35+
Quest Mage Arena
Lectern None
A player casts Claws of Guthix

Claws of Guthix requires 60 Magic and can do a maximum of 20 damage per spell with a Guthix staff, or 30 when the Charge spell is in effect. If using a Void knight mace, this increases to 33 damage with Charge or 22 without. As of the 17 of November if using an extreme magic potion (+21%) this increases to 39 with the Void Knight Mace damage with Charge or 26 without.With regular magic potion (+15%) it hits 37. Using charge can be very effective when fighting monsters or other players. The Mage Arena must be completed and a player must be wielding a Guthix staff or Void Knight mace before they are able to use this spell. The Void Knight mace costs 250 Pest Control points from the Void Knight Outpost, and the Guthix staff may be bought from the Chamber guardian after stepping into the sparkling pool in the Mage arena for 80,000gp.

Claws of Guthix lowers the target's Defence level by 5% upon a successful cast. Previously, if the target's Defence level were reduced or boosted above the normal level as would be the case after using a Defence potion or something similar, the Defence level would remain unaffected by the spell; this was corrected on 10 January, 2007.

This is the highest hitting spell in the regular spellbook when used with Charge along with a Void knight mace and it ties with the maximum damage that the spell Ice Barrage can do. Due to the fact that this is a God spell and requires a God staff or Void knight mace to cast, an Elemental staff cannot be used to satisfy any of the rune requirements for each cast.

This spell resembles Iban's attack spell which is encountered at the end of the Underground Pass quest.

Note that 'Mage Arena minigame 'MUST be completed BEFORE casting Claws of Guthix outside of the Mage Arena. You must have cast the spell 100 times in the Mage Arena, before you can use it outside the Arena.

Claws of Guthix costs 669 coins for each cast, not counting the cost of a Void Knight Mace or Guthix staff.

Remember, neither Ancient Magicks nor Lunar Spells can be used whilst using regular Magic.


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