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Clawdite language[1]

Average height

1.6 to 1.8 meters[1]

Eye color



shapeshifting abilities[1]

Average lifespan

Up to 70 standard years old[1]

Famous members
Wesell: "You know, a gentleman would turn his back while a lady changes."
Fett: "That's not the sort of changing most people have in mind. And you're no lady."
Wesell: "Sometimes I am. I'm a Clawdite, Jango. It's what we do."
Zam Wesell and Jango Fett

Clawdites were a humanoid species native to the planet of Zolan. They were one of the few shape-shifting species in the galaxy, and were sometimes referred to as Changelings. Due to their abilities, they were often mistaken for Shi'ido.


Biology and appearance

In their natural form Clawdites were reptillian humanoids with yellow eyes. With age and practice they could alter their appearance in more and more extreme ways.[1]


A Clawdite taking on a new form while running from a Jedi

The Clawdites were the genetic offspring of the Zolanders, the dominant species on Zolan. When Zolanders discovered that their sun had increased its radioactive emissions, they tried to unleash a gene in the Zolander skin cells to activate natural protection against radiation. The results created a new species, Clawdites, which were metamorphs.[1] Clawdites could change their appearance, if they kept body mass as a constant and didn't retain the same aspect for a long time. However, some Clawdites were able to change their mass, such as Zam Wesell and Nuri, although it was an extremely rare skill.

Zolanders ostricized Clawdites and placed them in wretched ghettos where they lived as second-class citizens. Some were able to flee, but most remained struggled on their homeworld. The head of CIS Count Dooku offered them freedom from Zolanders and many enlisted their support to his movement, but in the end those efforts were in vain. After the Galactic Empire came to power, the Clawdites were trapped on their planet by a forced blockade. After the fall of the Empire Clawdites finally rose against Zolanders and, after a brutal civil war, subjugated Zolanders and established themselves as the dominant species. The Clawdites later served the New Republic as infiltrators during the Yuuzhan Vong War.[1]

Clawdites in the galaxy

The assassin Zam Wesell, who operated during the last decades of the Galactic Republic, was a notable member of this race, and a good ally of Jango and Boba Fett(and a good friend though according to Jango "There are no friends or enemies just allies and adversaries"), she met an unfortunate end at the hands of her "friend" Jango on Coruscant, who killed her with a poison dart to keep her from giving the Jedi information that would compromise the mission, and lead back to himself.

The Clawdite Braxus Lyn worked for the CIS as a spy during the Clone Wars.[2]


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