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This article is about the in-game feature in general. For information on the official channel for users of this wiki (R S Wikia), see RuneScape:Clan Chat.
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Clan Chat icon
Messages sent through Clan Chat appear in red text in the chat window.

The Clan Chat feature allows any player to create their own chat channel and assign ranks to other players in their channel. Similarly to public chat, any messages sent in a chat channel are seen by all players in that channel, except if the sender is on any player's ignore list or vice versa.

Clan Chat is available to members and non-members, and was released in the Clan Chat update on the 6 August 2007[1]. Players do not need to set up their own channel in order to use someone else's.

Players in a Clan Chat channel send messages in the same way as with public chat, except using a slash (/) at the beginning of every line. The slash does not appear when the message is displayed. As with private chat, the other players can be logged into any server.


Creating a channel

Any player can set up their own Clan Chat channel.

Any player can create their own channel, using the "Clan Setup" button in the Clan Chat interface:

The player will then be presented with an interface that allows them to set ranks for people on their Friends List and control who can enter, talk, and kick other players from the channel. They can also set a channel name of up to twelve characters, which will appear on the side of the chat box to indicate something said on that channel. Censorship still applies to the channel name, and Jagex has made it so the word "mod" cannot be included in the name either (e.g. "I Am A Mod" or even "Gamemode").

Players that have the rank required to kick others in the channel can only kick those with rank lower than theirs, for example, a general with kick power cannot kick other generals. They are free to kick those at captain rank or below, however, the channel owner may not approve (and can lower their rank). Players kicked from a channel cannot re-enter for an hour; in addition, those on the channel owner's ignore list cannot enter a channel at any time.

If a channel reaches the player limit (100) and any ranked player tries to join, another player with a lower rank than the one entering will be kicked to make room. Otherwise, any other person will be told "This chat is currently full", and will have to wait until someone leaves to rejoin.

A Jagex moderator can always join a chat, will always be able to chat on it, and can kick any player off the chat. The owner of the Clan Chat is free to give them any rank he/she wishes, however.

While Paul Gower's RuneScape account has his own Clan Chat channel, players cannot join it because they don't have a high enough rank. Players can access Paul's Clan Chat by being one of his friends. Paul usually has his private chat on friends.

In addition, while some Jagex moderators such as Mod Alistair, Mod Peter, Mod Mark H, Mod Nexus, and Mod Emilee have Clan Chat channels, many moderators do not have channels at all.

Using a channel

Any player in the Clan Chat channel can see the other players' names and servers.

To enter a chat channel, players simply click on the "Join Chat" button in the Clan Chat interface. The name of the player hosting the channel must be entered in the message box. Once this is done, the player is able to send messages to other players in the channel by writing messages in the public chat box with a slash before them.

The Clan Chat interface shows the name and creator of the channel the player is currently chatting on. In addition, each player in the channel (up to 100) is shown on a list, along with their channel rank and current world.

Players not on the channel owner's friends list do not have a rank icon; players on the owner's friends list but not assigned any other rank have a friend icon; and each of the other ranks (except channel owner) are assigned by the owner to other players on his/her friends list.

When performing Friends List cleanups, a strategy often used to determine who should be deleted is to attempt to enter the person's Clan Chat. If the joiner's name does not have at least "Friend" symbol next to it, then the channel owner should be removed since the Clan Owner does not have them on their list.

If a player is kicked from the chat, the player will be able to rejoin after one hour. If everyone has left the Clan Chat, it will reset as anyone who has accidentally or intentionally been kicked will be able to rejoin the chat.

On 15 October 2008, Jagex released an update that shows all players in the same chat channel as purple dots on the minimap.

As a update on 13 October 2009, if you log out while joined to a Clan Chat and log back in, you will still be in that Clan Chat.

Note that some of these icons do not show up properly on a white background

Clan Chat Ranks
Sym Rank
File:Friend icon.gif Friend
File:Recruit icon.gif Recruit
File:Corporal icon.gif Corporal
File:Sergeant icon.gif Sergeant
File:Lieutenant icon.gif Lieutenant
File:Captain icon.png Captain
File:General icon.gif General
File:Channelowner icon.gif Channel owner
File:Jagexmod icon.png Jagex moderator
Mod Poppy and Mod Sallyd making an appearance at a forum event.

The interface also contains a button for players to enter or leave a channel. Note that Jagex moderators have powers equivalent to a channel owner if they join a channel.

Players who are breaking rules in chat channels can be reported using the report abuse button as normal.


Main article: LootShare

LootShare is another feature that Jagex added to the Clan Chat in the LootShare update of the 16 October 2007[2]. When LootShare is active, all players within a 16-square radius of a fallen monster have a chance to get the drop. There is an additional message in the chat box that informs the clan who received the drop, and what the drop was. Furthermore, receiving substandard drops or none at all increases the chances that a player will get a more valuable drop the next time.

To activate LootShare, the owner of the clan must enable it through the Clan Setup menu, then each member of the clan must activate it as well. It should be noted that the minimum clan rank needed to engage in LootShare is "Friend." In addition, when LootShare is activated it requires 2 minutes to begin working.

LootShare is only available in certain worlds, noted by the world select screen. LootShare does not work for player-killing.

The Chat Directory sticky

If players are looking for a Clan Chat channel to join, they may try looking in the Chat Directory sticky in the RuneScape Forums. Sometimes a player may not come across an unoccupied channel, but a few of them are popular.

Members may also advertise their Clan Chat there. Players are only allowed to advertise the chat channel relating to the username who posted it.


Codyr122 appears in the Clan Chat more than once.
  • A glitch occasionally causes players to appear multiple times in a Clan Chat channel.
  • On 8 July when the interface was updated, players were temporarily able to add themselves to their ignore list. Consequently, anyone with their own name on their ignore list was rendered unable to enter his or her own Clan Chat for as long as the name remained on their ignore list. Furthermore, if players added themselves to their friends lists, they could give themselves a different rank in their own Clan Chat channels. This did not affect any in-clan functions, however, and the person retained the "owner" rank.
  • There is a rare glitch where a Clan Chat window displays that a certain player is in the Clan Chat channel; however, they are not actually in the channel, and are unremovable/unkickable even by the channel owner. This can be fixed by disabling then enabling your Clan Chat channel.
  • When clan chats were first added to the game, some players could not talk, even if they had the proper rank to do so.

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  • "Controls - Clan Chat", the RuneScape manual


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