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"Beware the wrath of the Fetts!"
Boba Fett

The Fett clan (Aliit in Mando'a) was a Human bloodline that was linked to the world of Concord Dawn.[1] In the Mandalorian language of Mando'a, it was pronounced as Vhett, which meant "farmer."

Jango Fett was the youngest child of a Journeyman Protector of Concord Dawn. Jango's own "son" (actually an unaltered clone) Boba Fett continued the name into the days of the Galactic Empire. The Clone Army of the Galactic Republic.

It should however be noted that many of the clones, such as RC-1136, from both the Grand Army of the Republic and the Imperial army are said to have had offspring. This, if true, would leave numerous beings who are most likely unaware of their indirect connection to the Fett clan, and the Fett clan themselves unaware of their indirect connections of others, even aliens. However, the Kiffar Sintas Vel, the former wife of Boba Fett, was technically a member of the clan.

Also, to be noted, the first known member of this clan is Cassus Fett, though whether or not he is a member of the bloodline or a person who simply joined the Clan is unknown. He also had a son.


Family tree

                                     Cassus Fett--+--Cassus Fett's wife
                                    Cassus Fett's son
eventually Fett (Elder Journeyman Protector)--+--Jango Fett's mother
                         |                 |
                     Arla Fett        Jango Fett
                          |                |
                  Clone Army         Boba Fett--+--Sintas Vel  
                              Makin Marec--+---Ailyn Vel                   
                                       Mirta Gev--+--Ghes Orade

Behind the scenes was a domain name purchased by Lucasfilm before the release of Attack of the Clones. It is possible that Ambu Fett may have been considered as the original name of Jango, or another Fett family member.[2] Another name proposed for the character was J'mee Fett.[3]

In Mando'a Vhett (pronounced Fet) means "Farmer"


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