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Claire's diary


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Claire keeps a diary, which she writes in frequently. She writes down her dreams in it, including the one in which her baby was stolen. ("Raised by Another") Charlie secretly took her diary at one point and read it. As he recounts during the time she was kidnapped, he saw that she wrote down her recurring dreams of a black rock (though it appeared to be of an actual black rock, not the ship). After she was returned, she tried to use it to recover her memories by writing them down, but ultimately gets help from Libby ("Maternity Leave") to remember what happened to her in the Staff.

The official website, has an Easter egg, where a screencapture of this diary is seen when clicking on Charlie's seat (since he was the one who would later recover it). In it, the picture of her ex-boyfriend Thomas is scratched out. An excerpt:

So, waiting at the airport is always such fun, not. Toilets are really really gross too & I have to pee like every 10 seconds. Stupid baby, I shouldn't say that... Hope to sleep as much as I can on the plane, so nervous last night. I didn't sleep, couldn't. [drawing of a tic-tac-toe game] I hate the steward dude at the desk thingy before you get on the plane — "no you may certainly not move to a 'higher' class — we are too full." & such an ass about it, bet he's full of it too.

From this, we know that Claire kept a diary before the plane crash, and is just continuing updating the same one.

Another Easter Egg can be seen in the Episode "Special" during the first season when Charlie finally decides to read the Diary. He is seen looking at a page with a list of items Claire packed with her on her trip. To the right of the list is a heart with the text "Hawaii" underlined next to it. The Text has been blurred by the shows editors as to not reveal the location in which the show is shot.


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