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Princess Claidie R d'Orguille is the daughter of King Destin and youngest child in Final Fantasy XI. Sister to Prince Trion and Prince Pieuje, she is an important figure of the royal Elvaan.


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When she was young, Claidie would frequently visit her deceased mother's grave and often think about her coming of age ceremony. Howver, during her ceremony, a mysterious elvaan named Rochefogne appeared and told the king he knew what the king had planned for the "special sword", and for him as well. As quick as he had come, he left. Later, while at her mother's grave, an orc appeared and tried to hurt Claidie. However, one of the three assassins that the King had hired to kill Rochefogne saved her, according to plan. Claidie screamed at him for killing Rochefogne, but the king asked him to listen to her. In the church was where the Lightbringer, the "special" sword was being unsheathed. Trion had the sword and was about to unsheathe it when the assassin appeared and grabbed Claidie, held a sword to her throat and threatened to hurt her. The assassin wasn't the assassin though; it was Rochefogne, who had survived the assassin's attack. Claidie's oldest brother threw the sword to Rochefogne, but he found it to be fake. Trion unsheathed the real sword and the ground shook. Trion dropped the sword and Orcs burst in the cathedral and stole it. Claidie's brothers and a number of soldiers went to Fei'Yin to retrieve the sword from the Orcs. They succeeded and returned home. Claidie was overjoyed as the heroes laid the sword in the tomb of the Dragon King, King Ranperre. Now that the sword is away from her quarreling brothers, Claidie can finally relax.


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