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Civilians run past a Marine while they attempt to escape the Covenant.

A Civilian, according to international humanitarian law, is a person who is not a member of his or her country's armed forces. The term is also often used colloquially to refer to people who are not members of a particular profession or occupation, especially by law enforcement agencies, which often use rank structures similar to those of military units. Often, the military's main purpose and occupation is to defend the civilians from invaders. However, many civilians, such as Dr. Halsey are involved with the military. So far, extremely few have been seen in any of the Halo games. Except for the factory workers, the garb, appearance, or personality of any civilian, alien or human, has never been completely divulged.[1][2][3][4]


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Release date Unknown edit
Race Human
Members NPC? Yes
Quest NPC? No
Location West Ardougne
Sells items? No
Skill requirement? No
Quest requirement? Plague City
Gender male/female
Examine A civilian.
Notable features Will buy cats for 100 death runes

The Civilian is a non-player character near the ruin of a building in West Ardougne. Unlike other citizens in the city, they cannot be attacked.

Players who have raised their kitten into a regular, overgrown, wily, lazy, or hell cat can sell their furry friend to the civilian for 100 death runes. Note that you can sell the cat to any of the civilians in the open area in North-West West Ardougne where there are a lot of rats running around. It does not have to be just the one of the ones pictured. You may also, instead of going through the dialogue with the civilians, use your cat on one of them to immediately sell it. Note that you may want to be careful as you cannot get the cat back, so it is recommended you sell a cat which has no particular use to you anymore (eg. Overgrown cat).

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City of Heroes

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When you click on one of the wandering civilians in the game, if you're close enough, they'll talk back to you. Often, it is a random phrase, a compliment, or an insult, though sometimes it is a bit of information about a zone or the enemies you'll face. Certain civilians, though will give you very specific pieces of information. Here is a list of what information a civilian who's name begins with the given letter will tell you.

Letter Information
E Current time on the server. This will vary by the server's physical location.
F Paragon City Time
G Total number of heroes in the current zone or "There you are! There's never a hero around when you need one!"
H Civilian says "Isn't (Name of hero in current zone) just the best?"
M Your total hours in game on your current character.
N Civilian says "You've gone on patrol XXX times."
O Civilian says "You've been on patrol for xx minutes today." The time resets with every mission.

At one time, civilians that started with the letter J would inform you how many times you have used a power that day and civilians that started with the letter K would inform you how much damage you have done with a power that day, but this no longer seems to be the case.

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