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A city is a large inhabited area usually (but not always) located on a planet's surface, and usually a part of a larger state or nation, made up of both residential and commercial sectors.

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From The Vault

Overviews per game
Fallout places
Fallout 2 places
Fallout 3 places
Fallout: New Vegas places
Fallout Tactics places
Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel places
Van Buren places
Project V13 places

Various places in the post-nuclear United States of America form the scenery in which the events of the Fallout series occur.




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Capital Wasteland

In the Capital Wasteland, there are 22 setlements, ranging in size from Rivet City, population of 43 named characters and 7 Stores, to Girdershade: 2 people and no merchants. Apart from Rivet City, there are 4 other major settlements: Megaton, which would be probably the first settlement the Lone Wanderer encounters after escaping the vault; Underworld, the city inside downtown DC full of ghouls; Tenpenny Tower, a former luxury hotel that Allistair Tenpenny lets people in for the right price- ghouls not apply; and the Citadel, home of the Brotherhood of Steel. bar those, there is the Republic of Dave, Canterbury Commons, Oasis, Paradise Falls, Temple of the Union, Little Lamplight, Arefu, Andale, and the Reilly's Rangers Compound are all settlements of a medium size, and all have related quests. Vault 101 and 112 both are also populated: Vault 101 is where the story starts, yet is closed after you exit for the first time and after the Trouble on the Homefront quest. Vault 112, home of the Tranquility Lane simulator, is populated only by RoboBrains and, briefly, the Lone wanderer's father, James.


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Guild Wars

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From GuildWiki


A Town is a type of staging area that includes NPCs who offer a full set of services (e.g. Merchants and Henchmen).

Regions rarely have more than one town and some do not have any (e.g. Ring of Fire Islands). Towns tend to supply local color, such as NPCs who don't serve a specific game function but offer history, gossip, or trivia related to the area.

When the game specifies that something works while in town, it also works in outposts.

Typical town services

World map appearance

Towns are annotated on the World Map (default key "M") using different icons in different campaigns:

Image:CityIcon.png Image:FactionsTownIcon.png Image:NightfallTownIcon.png Image:TormentTownIcon.png
Battle Isles
Cantha Elona Realm of Torment


  • Sometime the game/manual, and some players use town to mean any staging area (outpost, mission location, etc), although technically they are not the same.
  • Some towns have road signs marking sections of the town where NPCs offering similar services gather together.
  • Doomlore Shrine in Eye of the North is currently the only town without the full set of NPCs. Rather, it has an NPC setup similar to that of a mission outpost.

See Also

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From Grand Theft Wiki

Comparison map of Liberty City in GTA III (upper right), Vice City (lower right), and San Andreas (left), all approximately to scale.

Cities in GTA games are large population centres. Many GTA games (or levels) contain only one city, but GTA San Andreas and GTA IV contain multiple.

GTA games are replete with fictional cities, many of which are based on real-life locations:

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From Lostpedia

"World locations" redirects here. For a list of recurrent and important on and off-Island locations, see: Portal:Locations.

For references by major country instead of city, see:

For a list of countries that air Lost, see fan locations.

See all these locations on a map here. Click markers for details for how each place pertains to Lost, and use the legend to zoom in and out or move around on the map.

Also, put yourself on our own real life world map!
Lostpedia Frappr Map



The city of Amsterdam in the Netherlands
Centennial Park in Atlanta


Albuquerque, NM, USA

Ambrose, QLD, Australia

Ames, IA, USA

Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • One of the locations Walt lived in, after Susan moved there for a job. ("Special")

Ann Arbor, MI, USA

Atlanta, GA, USA


Main article: Australia in Lost


Ayer's Rock, NT, Australia

See Uluru, Australia


Pura Tanah Lot temple in southern Bali

Bad Salzdetfurth, Germany

Bali, Indonesia

Main article: Indonesia in Lost

Barbers Point, HI, USA

Basra, Iraq

Berlin, Germany

  • Shown on a real life Oceanic-Billboard
  • Sayid is on an assignment from Ben to kill Elsa's unnamed boss here, resulting in Sayid shooting and killing Elsa. ("The Economist")

Baton Rouge, LA, USA


Modern day Cairo
Tivoli gardens in Copenhagen

Cairo, Egypt

Cambridge, MA, USA

  • Jae Lee went to college at Harvard, and met an unnamed American girl there who he was smitten with. ("What Kate Did")

Camden, England

See also London, U.K.


  • The only exception to this trend is in "Numbers" when Hurley's accountant informs him that his sneaker factory in Canada has burned down. There's no evidence to suggest that the accountant is lying.
  • Also, in "S.O.S." Bernard proposes to Rose in a restaurant overlooking Niagara Falls. The greater Horseshoe Falls can be seen out the window, which are part of Canada.

Canterbury, England

  • Location of the University of Kent where Charlotte attended university.

Cape Town, South Africa

Carlisle, England

Cedar Rapids, IA, USA

Chrismas Island

Conakry, Guinea

Copenhagen, Denmark

Danish: København, Danmark

  • According to the Hanso Phone Line, the address of The Hanso Foundation World Headquarters is 544 Orsund Klengvjel DK 1604 Copenhagen V. In Copenhagen Zip-codes belong to streets rather than areas and the Zip code DK-1604 KBH V belongs to a street named Kampmannsgade. So the Zip code exists, but there is no street called Orsund Klengvjel, the closest is Øresundsvej or Øresund Parkvej. So this is a fake address made up for The Lost Experience. (The Lost Experience)
  • According to Rachel Blake, Alvar Hanso traveled to this city on September 11, 2000 and Jan 1, 2001. (The Lost Experience)
  • Rachel traveled here herself between June 20 and June 27, 2006 to look for clues; she followed Mittelwerk and was in turn stalked by Malik here. It is the location of Allied Copenhagen Marine Merchants. (The Lost Experience)

Costa Rica


Diamond Bar, CA, USA

Dresden, Germany

  • Charlie and Liam were trying to get a fix in Dresden the night Liam's daughter was born. ("Fire + Water")


Eddington, Scotland, UK

Location of Moriah Vineyards and the monastery Desmond spent time at. ("Catch-22")

Eleuthera, Bahamas


Essex, MA, USA


Eureka, CA, USA


The warm climates of Fiji


Florence, Italy

Fort Lewis, WA, USA

Fresno, CA, USA

  • Sawyer reads a private message left in a bottle by crash survivor Tracy who misses her husband and children all the while sleeping next to Scott Jackson at night. Walt tells Sawyer that its Steve Jenkins and that Scott is dead. ("Exodus, Part 2")


The Flower Clock in Geneva


Geneva, Switzerland

Grand Canyon, AZ, USA



The Helsinki Cathedral

Harrison Valley, PA, USA

Helsinki, Finland

Honolulu, HI, USA



Main article: Indonesia in Lost

Inglewood, CA, USA

See also Los Angeles, CA, USA


Main article: Iraq in Lost

Irvine, CA, USA


Main article: the island


Jakarta, Indonesia

Main article: Indonesia in Lost

Joshua Tree National Park, CA, USA

Jasper, AL, USA

  • Sawyer, his mother, and father lived here, it is where Cooper conned the Fords out of $38,000 ("The Brig")


Harrods department store, a main attraction in Knightsbridge, London

Kalgoorlie, WA, Australia

Kiev, Ukraine

Knightsbridge, England

See also London, U.K.


Main article: South Korea in Lost

Knoxville, TN, USA


Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament in London
The skyline of Los Angeles

Las Vegas, NV, USA

Lizard Island, QLD, Australia

London, England

See also Knightsbridge and Camden, U.K.

Los Angeles, CA, USA

See also Inglewood, CA, USA, Malibu, CA, USA, and Diamond Bar, CA, USA


The famous Prado Museum of Madrid
The Melbourne skyline
Oceanic billboard in Miami, FL

Madrid, Spain

Malibu, CA, USA

See also Los Angeles, CA, USA

Manchester, England

Medenine, Tunisia

Melbourne, VIC, Australia


(also see Taxco)

Miami, FL, USA

Mogadishu, Somalia

Moscow, Russia



The Namhae Bridge in South Korea
Narvik town-hall in Norway as seen in The Swan Orientation film
Rockefeller Center in New York City

Namhae, South Korea

Narvik, Norway


Main article: Nigeria in Lost

New York, NY, USA

Newport Beach, CA, USA

Niagara Falls, NY, USA



Oxford, England


Pacific Ocean

  • Area where Naomi was searching for Desmond, and where Flight 815 was believed to have crashed and sank by the outside world. ("The Brig")
The Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

Papua New Guinea

  • The Black Rock, captained by Magnus Hanso, disappeared in 1881 on a return voyage from a gold mining operation in Papua New Guinea. According to local traders on the ship sailed away from port in an Easterly direction, rather than West to Africa, where it would exchange gold Papua New Guinea for more slaves. (The Lost Experience)

Paris, France


Phuket, Thailand

Portland, OR, USA

32 miles outside of Portland

Portsmouth, England


The Colosseum in Rome

Ramadi, Iraq

Rome, Italy

Ruidoso, NM, USA


Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA

  • Nikki's television character "Corvette," is described by the MC during her stage show as the "pride of St. Paul." ("Exposé")
San Remo, on the Italian Riviera
Ben Nevis, the tallest mountain in Scotland and the rest of the UK
The Nallur Kandaswamy Temple in Sri Lanka
The Sydney skyline

Saint-Tropez, France

Sahara Desert

San Francisco, CA, USA

San Remo, Italy

Santa Cruz, CA, USA

Santa Rosa, CA, USA

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Sardinia, Italy

Sawgrass, FL, USA

  • Sawyer tells Agent Freedman that Munson moved his stolen money to a Bronco parked on Route 441 in this city (could also refer to a highway in Broward county, FL--The Sawgrass Expressway--which does cross Route 441 in Coral Springs, FL). ("Every Man for Himself")


Seoul, South Korea

The Seychelles

Sioux City, IA, USA

Sri Lanka

Stowe, VT, USA

Sydney, NSW, Australia

  • The airport in this Australian city is where Flight 815 originated. ("Pilot, Part 1") (Note that this city is featured in several episodes throughout the series)
  • One of the locations Walt lived in, after Susan moved there for a job. ("Special")


The island of Tahiti
Tallahasee aerial view of downtown
The Tampa skyline
A school in Troisvierges, a town in Northern Luxembourg

Tahiti, French Polynesia

Tallahassee, FL, USA

  • Kate was buying a ticket to Tallahassee when apprehended by U.S. Marshal Edward Mars, who describes the city as nothing but "strip malls and Waffle Houses." ("What Kate Did")
  • Sawyer implied to Jack that he contracted a communicable disease in Tallahassee ("Let's say something was burnin' and it wasn't from the sunshine."). ("Lockdown")
  • Juliet's biography according to Mittelos Bioscience states that she received her B.S. in Biology from the Florida State University, which is located in Tallahassee. ("Not in Portland")
  • Ben refers to Locke's father as "the man from Tallahassee". ("The Man from Tallahassee")
  • Anthony Cooper was driving down I-10 when his car was pushed into a divider. Being put in an ambulance is the last thing he remembers before waking up on the Island. ("The Brig")
  • Florida State University, located in Tallahassee is home to the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory. The laboratory is home to the world's largest and most powerful magnet.
  • Mentioned briefly in DJ Dan 7/5 podcast as part of the "Where's Alvar" gag. ("The Lost Experience")

Tampa, FL, USA

Taxco, Guerrero, Mexico

Terre Haute, IN, USA

Tikrit, Iraq

Tozeur, Tunisia

Troisvierges, Luxembourg

Tustin, CA, USA

purchased. ("Walkabout")

  • Locke's home. Location of Tustin Ranch Florist where Locke's father is helping his fiancé plan their wedding. ("The Man from Tallahassee")



Uluru, NT, Australia

United States

Main article: United States in Lost


The Vladivostok harbor

Vik, Iceland

Vladivostok, Primorsky Krai, Russia


Wayzata, MN, USA


Zanzibar, Tanzania


  • One of the ongoing gags on the show and TLE is to make fun of Tallahassee. In the 10/09/06 podcast, a fan asked this as a question to Damon and Carlton: "Why does the city of Tallahassee hate you?". Carlton answers: "I don't know why they hate us. But they hate us, so, we deservedly are hating them back."

See also

External links

  • Jonah Adkins' A Geographical Study of Lost (Warning: Large 4.4mb file (7200x7200px))
  • SWLS Locations Map
  • Lost Virtual Tour

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From the RuneScape Wiki, the wiki for all things RuneScape

Locations are places that players may visit, such as cities and towns, but may also refer to places unreachable by players, such as the castle in A Tail of Two Cats.



The regions of RuneScape. (c) marks a capital. (m) marks a members only area.



A whirlpool leading to the Ancient Cavern in Kandarin.

Kandarin (m)

Fremennik Province (m)

Morytania (m)

A player riding a Magic Carpet through the Kharidian Desert.

Kharidian Desert

Tirannwn (m)


Feldip Hills (m)

Troll Country (m)



A player using a Sphere to teleport to Dorgesh-Kaan beneath Misthalin.


These particular sites are either underground or a different dimension.

Unknown locations

These are places that have been mentioned but never seen or accessed by the player.

External Links

  • Area Guides at the RuneScape Knowledge Base

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ST Expanded

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The Star Trek Expanded Universe Database is for fanon and related content. See for the canon Star Trek wiki.

A city is a relatively large and permanent settlement, particularly a large urban settlement. Historically, in Europe, a city was understood to be an urban settlement with a cathedral; in later usages, especially in the United Kingdom and parts of Commonwealth of Nations, a city was a settlement with a royal charter.

Cities generally have advanced systems for sanitation, utilities, land usage, housing, and transportation and more. This proximity greatly facilitates interaction between people and businesses, benefiting both parties in the process.

List of cities

External links

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From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.

A city was a major metropolitan area. Some examples of cities included Coruscant City, Cloud City, and Theed.

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  • Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace
  • Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones
  • Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
  • Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
  • Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi (special edition)

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SWG Wiki

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From SWG Wiki

Corellia City Hall

Player city is a type of city established and maintained by players. The mayor administers a player city through the city control panel in the archive room of the City Hall.

Table of contents

Establishing a player city

The steps to establishing a player city are:

  • Place a deed for a City Hall on a planet that has not reached:
    • 25 cities on Corellia, Naboo, or Tatooine
    • 50 cities on Dantooine, Lok, Rori, or Talus
  • The character with which you place the City Hall deed will automatically declare its residence as the City Hall. Four additional characters must place a house within 150 meters of City Hall and declare residence within 24 hours.

Player city rank

Player city rank is determined by citizenship and enables the following civic structures:

Rank Title Citizens Radius Enabled civic structures
1 Outpost 5 declared 150 m Small gardens
2 Village 10 declared 200 m Medium gardens, Bank, Garage, Cantina
3 Township 15 declared 300 m Large gardens, Cloning facility, Hospital
4 City 30 declared 400 m Shuttleport, Theater
5 Metropolis 40 declared 450 m


Player cities update once a week; the exact time for the city update can be determined from the City Maintenance Terminal located in City Hall. Prior to taxation and city maintenance, the city rank and citizenship is validated. If the city has enough citizens to advance, the city is promoted. If the city does not have enough citizens to maintain their current rank, they are demoted. The Mayor is notified of any changes in city rank.

Player city rank caps
Planets Total cities
Rank 3
or higher
Rank 4
or higher
Corellia, Naboo, Tatooine 20 15 10
Dantooine, Lok, Rori, Talus 50 30 20


A specialization gives the city a bonus in some area for an increased cost in city maintenance. Different city specializations are available provided the city is of sufficient rank (minimum of Rank 3). A city can have only one specialization at a time and may only be changed once a week (to take effect with the next city update). Once a specialization is put into effect, it remains until the Mayor changes or removes it.

Specialization Benefit Maintenance
Cloning Lab Reduces the cost of removing Cloning Sickness by 50%. 8,000 cr
DNA Laboratory 3 hour reduction per cycle 20,000 cr
Encore Performance Storyteller items last an extra 12 hours 20,000 cr
Entertainment District Increased entertainer buff duration and tick 8,000 cr
Improved Job Market 20% bonus payout for missions accepted from terminals. 8,000 cr
Manufacturing Center 10% bonus to crafting assembly phase 5,000 cr
Medical Center 10% medical buffs and healing in the Medical Center 8,000 cr
Research Center 15% bonus to crafting experimentation phase 12,500 cr
Sample Rich 20% resources gathered while sampling and a 10% chance of finding resources. 7,000 cr


Decorations can be placed in a city of any rank by the mayor. Placement and maintenance fees are paid from the city treasury.

Decoration Schematics Placement Maintenance
Fountains 100 cr 150 cr
Statues 100 cr 150 cr
Streetlamps 100 cr 150 cr
Terminals 100 cr 150 cr

Civic structures

Civic structures can be placed in a city that meet the required city rank by the mayor. Maintenance fees are paid from the city treasury.

Civic structure Schematics City rank Maintenance
Banks 2, Village 150 cr
City Halls
  • Corellia City Hall
  • Naboo City Hall
  • Tatooine City Hall

1, Outpost
2, Village
3, Township
4, City
5, Metropolis

3,500 cr
6,000 cr
8,500 cr
11,000 cr
13,500 cr

Cloning facilities
  • Corellia Cloning Facility (Schematic)
  • Naboo Cloning Facility (Schematic)
  • Tatooine Cloning Facility (Schematic)
3, Township 2,000 cr
Garages 2, Village 1,000 cr
Small Gardens 1, Outpost 2,000 cr
Medium gardens 2, Village 2,000 cr
Large Gardens 3, Township 3,000 cr
  • Corellia Shuttleport (Schematic)
  • Naboo Shuttleport (Schematic)
  • Tatooine Shuttleport (Schematic)
4, City 2,500 cr


The weekly maintenance on a city varies depending on your city's rank, what structures you have placed and what specializations you have in place. You can find a detailed read-out of your city's weekly maintenance on the city terminal in your city hall (not the structure terminal). City maintenance is taken from the city treasury once a week.

Once the city's rank has been validated, the city's weekly maintenance fee is subtracted from the treasury. City Hall maintenance is paid first, then the rest of the structures. If the city can't pay for a structure, it becomes damaged and the mayor is notified of the structure status; the status of a civic structure can be checked from the City Maintenance Terminal. If a civic structure is damaged and reaches 0 condition, it is destroyed. **If City Hall is destroyed, all civic structures and decorations are destroyed and the city is disbanded; a city should take four weeks to decay if no maintenance is paid. If a city can't pay for mission terminals, skill trainers, or decorations they are destroyed and the Mayor is notified.


Elections are held every 3 weeks. Changes to the voting register are only allowed during the first two weeks of each election cycle. Challengers and the incumbent Mayor may withdraw from the race. Citizens who do not cast a vote during an election automatically vote for the incumbent mayor.

  • Challenger: the incumbent mayor receives an in-game mail notifying them they are being challenged.
  • Challenger win: all mayor abilities, civic structures, and decorations are automatically transferred to the new mayor.
  • Challenger loss or election tie: the mayor retains their position.
  • No challenger: the incumbent mayor is automatically reelected.

GCW Allignment

With Game Update 15, Player Cities can now allign their city to either Imperial or Rebel faction, or choose to remain Neutral in the GCW.

When a player city is alligned, the following bonuses will apply:

Player Cities that are not alligned will still experience roaming factional spawns outside the confines of their city borders.

External links

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From TibiaWiki

Tibia has thirteen hometowns. A hometown is the town you respawn in after you have died. Your first hometown you have when you start play Tibia is Rookgaard. When you are level 8 or higher and leave Rookgaard you will be asked, by The Oracle, to go to Island of Destiny. There you'll choose a vocation and a hometown.
Your choice of hometown isn't permanent and can easily be changed whenever you want to. All you have to do is go to the town and find the Portal of Citizenship. If you enter it, the town you are in will become your new hometown.
To send parcels and letters you must know the hometown of the character who will receive the parcel/letter.
Your hometown is listed on your character page on



The first town you come to with every new character. After you have left Rookgaard and went to mainland there is no turning back unless you die or suicide down to level 5, which will reset your character's level to level 1. Here is a map of Rookgaard.

Free Account Towns

Towns reachable by any character from the Island of Destiny (with the exception of Kazordoon).


The land of elves and nature. This is where many elves live. Here is a map of Ab'Dendriel.


The most popular town in Tibia, ruled by women and Queen Eloise. Not many monsters invade this town and they are far away from it. Here is a map of Carlin.


The home land of all dwarves that was began and formed by the enormous giants and cyclopses millions of years ago. Here is a map of Kazordoon. You cannot reach this city straight from Island of Destiny.


The land of busy government where King Tibianus lives. They see themselves as the capital of whole Tibia. Here is a map of Thais. Thais and Carlin have been known to have a long-time rivalry on most game worlds.


A town built on a swamp. This town is based on economy and sells many items, making it an ideal choice of living in. Before the update this was the most dangerous town of all because of the monsters that live near it. Many monsters were lured near the way to Venore, for example Giant Spiders, Dragons and other evil creatures. Here is a map of Venore.

Premium Account Towns

Towns reachable only by premium accounts from the Island of Destiny (with the exception of Svargrond, and Yalahar).


Another desert town, famous for their ancient pyramids and located in southern Darama. Here is a map of Ankrahmun.


A big and peaceful island east of Tibia. Famous for their extraordinary magicians who work and experiment with spells in Noodles Academy of Modern Magic. Many unknown and dangerous creatures hide in the deep dungeons on this island! Here is a map of Edron.


Is a dwarfish base in a dwarven expedition from Kazordoon reached Zao when searching for new ore veins.. You cannot reach this city straight from Island of Destiny.


The first town that was discovered on the desert island Darama. Here is a map of Darashia. Ruled by the Caliph Kazzan.

Liberty Bay

A Venorian settlement in the southern seas. Surrounded by many islands such as Treasure Island, Laguna Islands and Forbidden Islands.

Port Hope

A town in the jungle, famous for their ancient ruins, and beautiful but dangerous fauna and flora, and located west from Ankrahmun. Here is a map of this beautiful town.


An ice settlement of the north. It is inhabited by Carliners and a few local Barbarians. You cannot reach this city straight from Island of Destiny.


A city in the northeastern area. It is inhabited by various different races. You cannot reach this city straight from Island of Destiny.

Villages and Monster Towns

See Villages article.

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From Teletraan I: The Transformers Wiki

It was built on rock and roll.

The Autobots split up to head for the inner layers of Gigantion, and Coby reveals his latest creation.


Detailed synopsis

Optimus Prime gathers the Autobots on the bridge of the Ogygia having discovered the Atlantis crashed on the newfound world of Gigantion. With Bud and the Mini-Cons trapped on the ancient warship, they plan to finally rescue their comrades.

Onboard the Atlantis, Sideways comes to, and is chewed out by Starscream. When the Autobots attack, Starscream declares he's still weakened, and sends Sideways out to handle the intruders. Sideways plays it up all loyal in front of Starscream ("Oui, mon capitan!"), but as soon as he's alone, he starts bitching. Elsewhere on the ship, Bud, Jolt and Reverb come to after the crash. They hear something coming towards them...

Outside, a very irked Sideways tackles Optimus and Wing Saber. The two Autobots combine to Sonic Wing Mode, but it's all basically a distraction while Override and the Cybertron Defense Team infiltrate the Atlantis by ground.

I can feel its eyes on me...

Back in the ship, whatever's coming towards Bud is in the vents, and busts through. The trio run, but are blocked off by a Scrapmetal. But it's not an ordinary Scrapmetal... it's one piloted by Bud's brother Coby!

Outside, Optimus fires a Cyber-Key-enhanced blast at Sideways, but Soundwave arrives and yanks him out of the way. Starscream mutters that once again, he's the only one he can trust. Outside, the Autobots are reunited with Bud and the Mini-Cons, but the ship begins to rumble. Optimus notes it's too damaged to fly, but Scattorshot, who's been taking readings, notes that that's not the problem: Starscream is powering up the main guns using the engines' power. Quickmix arrives, snarling that he's not about to let some "ratchet-headed offworlder" destroy any city. He converts to cement mixer mode, and his Mini-Con partner Stripmine mans his station on Quickmix's back. The other Autobots pull away, and Quickmix begins pumping untold amounts of quick-drying cement that covers the entire ship and starts filling the crevice. His plans foiled, trapped and out of power, Starscream can do little more than profane.

Back on the Ogygia, thanks are exchanged, and both Bud and Lori ask Coby when he's going to build each of them a giant robot. Coby apologizes for only having parts enough for one. Optimus asks Scattorshot if he had anything to do with it, and Scattorshot replies he only offered a little help. Coby shows everyone what else the machine can do, transforming it into the Cobybot! Scattorshot notes that the 'bot hasn't got any onboard weapons systems for safety. Optimus approves, but says there's just one more thing...

"You might want to try shouting 'Transform!!' when you do that! It'll really get you psyched up!"

Optimus then places a special Autobot sigil on the Cobybot's shoulder-armor. There is laughter and merriment all around.

Using the data drive Coby found (last episode), Scattorshot discovers there are four main routes to the central layer, with no way to tell which one is the quickest. The Autobots then split up into teams to cover them all, with a backup team remaining on the Ogygia just in case.

Back in the normal universe, Primus carefully rations his energy, firing periodic blasts to keep the black hole from expanding too much, even though it is starting to create holes visible from Velocitron, Jungle Planet and Earth.

Somewhere on Gigantion, Sideways thanks Soundwave for saving his bacon. Soundwave reminds him that they have a purpose for being here...

Jetfire has split the Autobot forces into four teams to explore each route, plus the backup team for five.

Elsewhere, the Decepticons are buffing up Galvatron after his duel with Optimus. Galvatron simply barks the order "Find the Key", and the Decepticons scramble.

Optimus Prime's team, consisting of Vector, Metroplex, Bud and the Mini-Cons, come across a giant pile of scrap blocking the way. Bud and Jolt crawl through a small hole, and set off charges to let the larger bots in. Jolt checks the map-box strapped to his back, and they carry on... unawares that they're being followed by Ransack and Crumplezone. The Autobots come across a big door, and Metroplex forces it open... revealing an entire city under a bright daylight sky. Optimus is befuddled, as they're supposed to be underground, but Metroplex and Jolt inform him it's all an illusion set up by the ceiling above.


Jolt is about to check the map when he's snatched! Ransack and Crumplezone give themselves an overly-extended intro (Very Team Rocket-esque, no?), and Metroplex takes a swing at them. The two start leaping from rooftop to rooftop, playing hot potato with the Mini-Con, who can't fly with the map strapped to his back. Optimus and Vector give chase, but can't shoot out of fear of hitting Jolt. Bud calls Coby in for help...

Coby preps his Cobybot, and Quickmix gives him... something. The bot hovers off to catch up with Prime, Coby assuring the Autobots he can handle those two "sprocket-heads" by himself. The Decepticons are having a blast, even shooting down chunks of the false sky. Suddenly a voice cuts in, and the Cobybot appears! He transforms the mech (with the appropriate "Cobybot, TRANSFORM!!!" and stock-footage sequence, earning a thumbs-up from the Primes and Metroplex), and hurls a steel ball at the two Decepticons, which breaks open and sprays some stuff at their feet. The two 'Cons laugh it off, until they realize they're stuck, thanks to Quickmix's super-fast-drying cement.

Optimus stands in front of the two, demanding Jolt back, and Crumplezone tosses the Mini-Con over his shoulder.... but he's caught by Evac. Metroplex then tosses Optimus the Sparkdrinker, who stock-footages the two Decepticons far, far away.

Optimus thanks the backup team for coming along, and tells Coby "I need more 'bots like you." Bud takes this as his cue to pester Coby to build him a robot suit.


Original airdate: ???

Written by: ???

Featured characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons Humans Others


Notable quotes

"Awww, man, never mix energon an... huh?!"

Sideways, returning from unconsciousness

"Aw, man, I always knew you'd rescue me! I just never dreamed you'd do it in such a cool way!"
"Huh? You don't think I'm cool?"
"Not that cool."

Bud and Coby

"That's how we roll, or have you forgotten the ways of our people?"
"Fo' real, Sideways. Don't forget why we are here."
"... no, I won't forget..."

Soundwave and Sideways

"Och, it's just a door. Do ye not have doors where ye come from?"

Metroplex pooh-poohs the grandeur

"As far as you two are concerned, I'm your worst nightmare!"
(gulp) "Galvatron?"

Coby and Ransack & Crumplezone

"I hate those things."

Crumplezone, on Scrapmetals

"Why us, Ransack?"
"It's the Wheel of Fate, my friend."
"It ran right over us!"

Ransack, Crumplezone, then the two of them together

Other Notes

Animation and/or technical glitches

  • When Bud and the Mini-Cons come to, Reverb's arm is in the shot, but he's missing the entire truck-bed/wheel portion of it.
  • Jolt's propeller spins when he bows in thanks to Optimus. In order to do this, it clips through the tail-rudder sticking out of his butt. This is not by any means the only time this occurs in the series.
  • When Override transforms when the teams roll out, it honestly looks like she lands right on top of Lori.
  • For being unable to move thanks to having his foot cemented to the floor, Ransack's supposedly-cemented foot sure does move a lot.

Continuity errors

  • When discussing the Cobybot, Scattorshot is carrying his long blue rifle in one shot, but it vanishes for the others.

Transformers references

  • When the Cobybot first transforms to robot mode, it does so with the classic Generation One transformation noise. (And no stock footage, either!)

Real-world references

  • Sideways' squeak of "mother!" when Optimus fires his Key-enhanced blast recalls cartoon legend Daffy Duck, who would frequently squeak out "mother!" right before something horrible happened to him.
  • Part of the Velocitron duo's extended intro involves the line "My name's Crumplezone, and this is my partner Ransack!". This is word-for-word the introduction comedian-magicians Penn & Teller use, with the big guy (Penn/Crumplezone) introducing the little guy (Teller/Ransack), accounting for the different names, of course. The only difference is that Ransack joins in to say his name, while Teller remains silent for the entire show (well, we never see him talk. Offstage voiceovers are another matter).

Miscellaneous trivia

  • This is the first time we see any connection between Sideways and Soundwave, though right now there's still little explaining Sideways' ultimate motive...
  • Bud gets new duds this episode.


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