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Elmo walks the tightrope.
Harvey Korman trains Thog.
The Great Fentini.
Back from a day at the circus.
Big Bird walks the tightrope.
Elmo as a circus dog.
Muppet Babies Circus Plush.
Reporter Wolle at the circus.
Elmo as a juggler
A circus poster in the Subway.

The Circus is a group of performers, including but not limited to acrobats, clowns, animal acts, jugglers, and daredevils who perform in a troop, often in multiple rings or arenas, and led by a Ringmaster. The Circus dates back to ancient Rome, where it consisted of horse and chariot races, and China where they consisted of primarily acrobatic acts.

The first western circus opened in Philadelphia in 1793, but it was P.T. Barnum who was the pioneer of what audiences are familiar with today. Upon his death and subsequent merger of his circus with that of James Anthony Bailey, a more familiar circus was born, with a large canvas tent, human oddities for a sideshow, and multiple rings housing continuous acts. In 1919, the Barnum and Bailey show merged with the Ringling Brothers show, to form the quintessential American circus, the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus.

The modern circus is an amalgam other influences as well. Bands of Gypsies often brought with them circus skills and trained animals while traveling Britan, and Antonio Franconi, the founder of the French circus, is often credited as a co-creator of the modern circus. Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show was also an precurser to the circus we are now familar with.

While often touted as an evening of excitement and fun, not all is always happy with the circus. Clowns were often used as a distraction to the audience when an accident occurred (or an act flopped). Stephen Sondheim's song "Send in the Clowns" is a metaphorical looks at this stage practice. With the advent of more theatrical stages, clowns became pure comic relief, and have even provided a launching pad to a successful career outside the circus, as was the case for Bill Irwin.

Animal cruelity has shrowded the circus for years. With animal acts involving Lions, Tigers, Elephants and more, animal activists have been concerned over their housing and training. This concern became the focus of a Dinosaurs episode titled "Charlene and Her Amazing Humans", where Cavelings are mistreated to perform on cue.

The sideshow also became an intrigal part of the circus, with "freaks" (such as Tattooed Ladies or gimmicky acts (such as the Flea circus) luring people into spending additional money for the secondary show.

Aside from the Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey Circus, other famous circuses include Cirque du Soleil and The Big Apple Circus, and famous acts have included Emmett Kelly and Gunther Gebel-Williams.

The Muppets have visited the circus on numerous occasions.


The Muppet Show

  • Harvey Korman plays "Maurice the Magnificent", an animal tamer who tries to tame the dangerous (and extremely docile) Thog in episode 110.
Mildred: George, do you like circuses?
George: Oh, I love 'em!
Mildred: Then, you must love Ringling.
George: I don't know. I never ringled!

Sesame Street

  • Guntag Gelman Jones, a flea trainer, brings his world-famous flea circus to Sesame Street to perform in episode 3275. The acts include Olaf the Weight-Lifting Flea and Tatanya Flea on the tightrope.
  • Elmo visits the Number 6 Circus in episode 3912. And he gets shot out of a cannon under the big top in "Elmo's World: Hats", and becomes a circus dog in "Elmo's World: Dogs".
  • Ernie has explained to Bert that he enjoys the circus better then bottle caps.
  • Gordon appears as the strongman in the circus, and bends a solid metal bar into the number seven. (EKA: Episode 0314)
  • Mr. Hooper, wearing a circus ringmaster's top hat and cape, tries to balance four cans at a time in episode 0333.
  • Marvin the agent receives a call from the circus requesting something yellow with fur and black stripes, so instead of sending his Tiger client on the call, he dresses a Banana to match the requires and sends him out.
  • In "Journey to Ernie" segments, Big Bird walks a tightrope at the circus, and Ernie searches for Big Bird at the circus.
  • In episode 2849, Maria reads Elmo and Snuffy the book "The Snuffleupagus and the Rope," which is about a rope who works as a tightrope in the circus.
  • episode 0670 features Luis the ringmaster demonstrating "before" and "after" in a circus routine.
  • The song "Women Can Be" features Margaret, who has had a successful career at the circus as a Lion Tamer.
  • episode 0316 features Bob showing the Kids a picture of elephants in a circus parade.
  • Video segments involving the circus include a boy named Anthony and his trapeze artist parents ((EKA: Episode 3663)), a girl named Shirley performing in the circus with her clown father and an elephant act ((EKA: Episode 3697)), counting circus clowns ((EKA: Episode 1836)), and a gymnastics team practicing for their act ((EKA: Episode 3006)).
  • In a Thelma Thumb animated sketch, Thelma rescues an acrobat when his trapeze breaks.

Muppet Babies

Bear in the Big Blue House

  • In the Bear in the Big Blue House episode "If at First You Don't Succeed...", Shadow tells the story of a woman and her dog who leave laundry to go perform in the circus.

International Muppet Productions

  • In an episode of The Hoobs, the Hoobs help Iver decide which circus job would suit him best.
  • For Sesamstrasse's 1000th episode, the show was taped at a Zirkus Althoff.
  • In Sesamgade Episode 6, Elmo practice a balance act for his very own circus.

Creature Shop Productions

  • The film MirrorMask features the Campbell Family Circus.


  • In The Muppet Show Comic Book: The Treasure of Peg-Leg Wilson, the Julius Prunes Amazing Flea Circus perform on Animal's drum set.
  • Muppets Ahoy!, the shipboard stage show, featured "Pavarotti", an Italian circus performer dressed in a fat suit.
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This article is about the Big Top Bonanza circus in general. For more information on current happenings in the circus, see Distractions and Diversions Locations.
"Circus" redirects here. For the Circus music track, see Circus (music track).

The Balthazar Beauregard's Big Top Bonanza is a part of Distractions and Diversions, which was released on 2 September 2008. The circus is run by Balthazar Beauregard and allows players to participate in the circus by performing various activities, once a week, similar to the Tears of Guthix minigame. To enter the circus, players have to get a Circus ticket from a Ticket vendor. To exit, they just have to tear the ticket or log out.

A player tearing the circus ticket.

Unlike other reward systems, players do not buy items. Balthazar will reward players with a piece of a circus costume based on their performance score. Further, players must decide whether their performance is to maximise experience Points earned in the performance skill or to maximise their score for rewards. Experience points are only earned once per performance level station or action. Repeating a high level action maximises the reward score but no experience is earned after the initial performance.

Logging out after starting a performance counts as ending that performance for the week, even if the player did not perform all 10 parts of the performance. Example: The player talks to the Magic assistant fairy to start the magic performance and then logs out without performing any magic. Upon logging in and returning to the circus, the player cannot resume the magic performance and will be told the performance has been completed for the week.



A Ticket vendor.

The Big Top Bonanza circus can be found in one of twelve cities, and this changes every week. Every Wednesday, the circus will move to another city. The circus is currently in: Edgeville. Using the World map, the location of the circus can easily be spotted. It is marked with the "Distractions/Diversions" icon (File:D&D icon.png).

Entering the circus

Map of the circus

Upon finding the location of the circus through the Circus barker, found in any bank in major towns, players have to find the Ticket vendor, and obtain a Circus ticket. Once the ticket is obtained, players are magically transported into the circus. Tear this ticket to exit the circus at any time.


To start a performance, speak to or right click the assistant fairy for that performance. For magic and ranged performances, first start the performance and then obtain the items needed for the performance from the chest. The agility performance, however, works the other way. First obtain any juggling items from the agility chest and then talk to the Agility assistant fairy to start the performance.

Note: Using emotes, according to the assistants, affects the performance score. However, emotes have very little affect on the performance compared to other things, because they only give 3 points each. In the grand scheme of things however, this could be the difference between your ringmaster set or clown set. Therefore it is still recommended that you do emotes. doing the same emotes on and on will decrease your score however! NOTE: a curtsy emote is the same as a bow emote, so don't think the audience will dislike your performance if you do a curtsy and a bow!

The level numbers associated with each Magic, Ranged and Agility trick are not requirements, only suggestions. The level 99 tricks can still occasionally be performed by someone with a much lower level (though a message will tell them that they barely succeeded) and someone with a skill far in excess of what is suggested can still occasionally fail. The numbers only indicate the likelihood of success.

Occasionally, the audience may shout for the player to do a certain trick.

Magic performance: spell casting

The Magic assistant fairy will give a quick guide on what players should do for the Magic performance. The Magic chest contains a selection of spell tablets, which can be used to cast spells such as levitate, alchemy, teleport, and elemental on each of the creatures, whilst doing different emotes to entertain the crowd. The crowd also shouts suggestions for which spells to go for, although following these suggestions may not necessarily lead you to more points.

Magic equipment

A stool getting alchemised.
The location for performing the Levitation spells.
The location for performing the Alchemy and Teleport spells.
The location for performing the Elemental spells.
The "Elemental spell".

Some of the Magical tablets used to cast spells:

Image Type
File:Teleport tab.png Teleport spell
File:Lev tab.png Levitation spell
File:Alch tab.png Alchemy spell
File:Ele tab.png Elemental spell


Item Level Experience
Rat 10 970
Cat 20 2055
Bowl 30 2059
Penguin 40 2133
Orc 50 2206


Item Level Experience Barely succeed XP
Armour 60 2647
Stool 70 2794
Dumb-bells 80 3088
Assistant 90 3525
Anvil 99 3529 2206


Item Level Experience
Book 10 970
Tree stump 20 2055
Helm 30 2059
Shield 40 2133
Armour 50 2206

Ranged performance

Try not to hit the Fairy!
A player throwing knives at a target.

The Ranged assistant fairy will explain the details of the Ranged performance. She will elaborate on the Ranged equipment used, and how to perform the tricks. Using equipment such as knives, throwing axes, and a bow and arrows from the Ranged chest, players can fire at the targets.

There are 2 targets: a fixed booth with 5 targets, and a rotating target. The player takes 10 shots in total, 5 at each target. The booth may be shot at with any of the three ammunition types at any time, while the rotating target becomes limited to the first ammunition type that is used on it. For each target, players stand on one of the 10 spots, depending on the level of difficulty, with the highest level being the furthest from the target. Higher levels and using emotes contribute to a higher score. The crowd also shouts suggestions for which target to go for.

Level Experience XP for barely succeed
99 2500 1510
90 2495 1510/ 1458 bullseye
80 2187.5 687.5
70 1979 687.5
60 1875 687.5
50 1562.5
40 1510.5
30 1458.5
20 1455
10 687.5

Ranged equipment

Agility performance

Can you couple it?
The Tightrope interface.

For the tricks, players have to enter the Agility area changing booth to change into the Acrobat costume. After the costume change, players appear by the high wire. Here, they can talk to the Agility assistant fairy to learn more about the tricks to perform. The assistant will provide a book called Tightrope 101, which basically shows all the tightrope tricks that can be performed.

There is also an Agility chest containing optional juggling equipment which can be used during the performance. The juggling equipment are based on Agility levels, with the higher levels most difficult to juggle but earn the most points. Lower level players may choose to juggle items with higher "requirements", but the chances of succeeding are slim.

In addition to the juggling act, players may opt to perform 10 tightrope tricks (such as "Backflips", "Handstand", etc.) The tightrope tricks also have difficulty levels ranging from level 10 up to level 99. In all, players need to perform 10 tricks, and will be rewarded depending on how entertaining they were. The crowd also shouts suggestions about what to juggle.

Tightrope tricks

File:Tightrope icon.png These are the tricks players may perform:

Image Name Level Experience Barely succeed XP
File:Small-hop.png Small hop 10 310 155
File:One-leg-balance.png One-leg balance 20 419 209.5
File:Twirl.png Twirl 30 830 415
File:Handstand.png Handstand 40 833 416.5
File:Cartwheel.png Cartwheel 50 1042 521
File:Small-leap.png Small leap 60 1354 677
File:No-hand-cartwheel.png No-hand cartwheel 70 1354 677
File:Forward-roll.png Forward roll 80 1354 415
File:Large-leap.png Large leap 90 1354 415
File:Backflip.png Backflip 99 1354 415
File:Juggle.png Juggle - Same XP as for the acrobatic stunt

Juggling equipment

A player juggling balls.
If a player has a Barrelchest Anchor Equipped before going up the steps to the tightrope, their character would be still in the position the player would be in if he were wielding the anchor.
There is no Target Fairy and no Penguin during your performance.

Some of the items used to juggle are as follows:

Image Type Level Exp Barely Succeed Exp
File:Juggling_balls.png Balls 10 312 151
File:Juggling_plates.png Plates 20 417 211
File:Juggling_eggs.png Eggs 30 830 415
File:Juggling_knives.png Knives 40 833 416
File:Juggling_spades.png Spades 50 1042 521
File:Juggling_tuna.png Tuna 60 1354 577
File:Juggling_soap.png Soap 70 1354 457
File:Juggling_cannonballs.png Cannon balls 80 1354 700
File:Juggling_torches.png Torches 90 1354 780
File:Juggling_chinchompas.png Chinchompas 99 1354 830

Maximising points

Which act

To maximise your points, you should perform the act that recommends level 99 in the corresponding skill every time (this is only recommended for players with the corresponding level at or above 70) (this is the method found best, though different audiences may prefer different acts, see locations below).


With regards to costumes, the Game Guide says: wearing a costume ... may increase the audience appreciation (and your rewards, of course), and the Ringmaster says: Wear crazy costumes - the crazier the better. However, the definition of 'crazy' is undefined, and there is no way to tell exactly what qualifies as a costume.

Stat-boosting items

Using stat boosting items such as Magic and Ranging potions do not help to bolster your performance. This was confirmed by Jagex in mid-December, 2009.


The Game Guide also states: some locations have a specific audience with specific things that entertain them, so it's a good idea to experiment and find out what sorts of things will amuse the audience you're performing for. This means that each area will respond better to certain moves, emotes, and possibly costumes.


Most players believe that using Emotes during the performance increases the points given, although this is yet to be confirmed by Jagex.


A player wearing the Acrobat costume.

In addition to experience received during the performance, at the end of each performance, Balthazar Beauregard will tell players how well they have done and give them a reward.

The reward depends on the score obtained, and the players with a score of 1,201 or higher will have the chance of obtaining the coveted Ringmaster costume. The last 50 scores obtained by players (which is different for each world) is displayed at the Circus Performance Scoreboard accessed through the Ticket vendor.


Each unique activity during the performance (not including emotes), rewards the player with experience. Repeating any activity will result in no experience being given, so players wishing to use the highest level actions to maximise their points and gain the top-prize costumes do so at the expense of experience gain.

Each performance has some groups of seemingly different actions that are all considered to be the same, and will not give experience on attempting another action in that set:

  • Magic - Each level of difficulty counts as one unique action, therefore performing a Teleport and an Alchemy spell on any one target will only give experience for the first attempt, and attempting to levitate and blast two different targets with the same suggested level will also result in no experience gain for the second one.
  • Ranged - Each level of difficulty counts as one unique action, therefore taking the same level difficulty shot at both targets will only give experience for the first.
  • Agility - All juggling tricks count as one unique action, therefore juggling any number of items with different levels of difficulty will only give experience for the first one. In addition, each level of difficulty counts as one unique action, so performing a juggling trick and agility trick with the same recommended level will result in gaining experience for only one.

Successful actions can be worth over 2,000 experience, and vary depending on the type of skill used. A total of around 17,710 Ranged, 25,006 Magic and 10,531 Agility experience may be gained from the performances if all tricks are unique and successful.

Circus costumes

The items received are as follows:

Costume Items Score
Audience File:Audience_costumet.PNG 1-500
Acrobat File:Acrobat_costumes.PNG 501-1,000
Clown File:Clown_costumes.PNG 1,001-1,200
Ringmaster File:Ringmaster_hat.gif File:Ringmaster_coat.gif File:Ringmaster_trousers.gif File:Ringmaster_boots.gif File:Ringmaster_megaphone.gif 1,201+

When destroyed, the circus costumes can be retrieved from Balthazar. In effect, the costume(s) can be stored in the circus to save bank space. Players can perform in each area once a week, and therefore earn 3 pieces of costumes each week.



Music track unlocked:


The set of rocks that mark nearly all Circus locations.
  • Almost all possible locations for the circus are marked by a unique set of rocks, sometimes with or without examine options. Jagex used similar markers with Fairy Rings before their release.
  • Every Wednesday, the circus moves to another town. However, on the week of release, the town started at Seers' Village and then moved a day later to Catherby. This allowed many people to get complete sets of any uniform based on their performance.
  • If a player logs out in the middle of any performance, upon logging back in the event, the player will automatically finish the performance and will be given a reward, preventing the player from starting where he/she left off.
  • Players are unable to see other players in the circus.
  • If players change gender after receiving a part of the Audience and Acrobat costume by going to the Make-over mage, when they wear the costume again, it magically switches into the appropriate gender. This is similar to what happens with the Prince and Princess outfits from the Frogs random event.
  • Originally, some players were unable to begin the next week's performance even after waiting a week. Players would complete a week's performance and wait, only to be told that they had already done their performances the following week (even if they hadn't). It is unknown what caused this, but it appears to be fixed now.
  • There was a glitch where if people wore circus clothes and got their gender changed by the Makeover Mage, any area they had circus clothes on would become invisible until the clothes were taken off. This has since been fixed.
  • If you examine the rotating target, it says "Stay on target!" which is a reference to Star Wars.
  • On the first day of release of the 2008 Thanksgiving event, performing the new Give Thanks emote on the tightrope would make the player return to their regular clothes instead of the tightrope uniform. The emote was disabled for that area the next day.
  • If the circus is in Seers' Village the people in the crowd are all druids.
  • When on the Agility Performance platform, if a weapon is equipped, then the player acts like they are holding an invisible weapon.
  • When on the Agility Performance platform, male characters will always appear clean shaven regardless of the facial hair they have when elsewhere.
  • The Circus barkers around Runescape call the circus "The greatest show on RuneScape", another reference to Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, also known as "The greatest show on earth".
  • Several players experienced problems with the ranged performance regarding where to stand when the circus first came out.
  • There used to be a glitch, where the "Tightrope" walk could be taken out of the circus. This was done by using another glitch before-hand, and using a "Penguin" emote on the tightrope. This would allow you to tear the circus ticket, and exit the circus. The player would appear outside, and be able to freewalk as if they were on a tightrope. This glitch was fixed on 26th October, along with the Halloween 2009 Update.
  • Many players are enraged that you cannot choose your reward, as many high leveled players get a good score but want the Giant hand but they get the acrobat costume or above.
  • An easy way to get an audience member outfit, while being a high leveled player, is to simply start the performance, do an emote, then end the performance.

This article uses material from the "Balthazar Beauregard's Big Top Bonanza" article on the Runescape wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.

A circus performance

A circus was a travelling entertainment show that displayed exotic animal species from around the galaxy, sometimes pitting them against each other in gladiatorial matches. Other creatures and beings performed tricks and acrobatic feats, all for the entertainment of the audience.


Circus Horrificus was a well-known show in operation before, during and after the Clone Wars. They were famous for pitting fierce creatures against each other in matches to the death. Prior to the Clone Wars, around 31 BBY, the circus was involved in the illegal smuggling of akk dogs. Later, when an arqet escaped and killed a dozen members of the audience, the scandal caused the operation to fade into relative obscurity and all but shut down completely. It was during this time that the circus owner sold his wrangler to Jabba the Hutt.

The Corusca Circus was a stationary circus located in the Old District of Coruscant. All streets in that district lead to the Corusca Circus which was distinguished from other parts of the ecumenopolis by its old-style yellowish lighting.

Starhunter's Intergalactic Menagerie was another traveling circus and rarity show, that specialized in capturing rare specimens of creatures, including intelligent lifeforms, such as the humanoid Greej, and transporting them aboard a Starhunter menagerie ark. Owned by Captain Stroon and his assistant Mr. Slarm, the Menagerie was put out of business by Jann Tosh after they had captured Ingey, the pet of Coby.

The Thranta Riders, who were sentient beings of an unknown species from an unknown world, tamed the thrantas of Bespin and rode them, performing aerial shows across the galaxy. In lieu of costumes, the Riders preferred to paint themselves with complex patterns.



This article uses material from the "Circus" article on the Starwars wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

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