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  • Cindy was unimportant and abducted only because The Others were tracking the group and took the opportunity to capture her.
    • The Others witnessed her being kind to Sawyer, this made them decide that she was good and thus should be taken.
    • In The Other Woman, Juliet mentions to Ben they 'have everybody from the list'. Cindy was still with the tailies then.
  • The whispers were present after she was taken. Of course she didn't initiate them any more than anyone else did, as they have been present to many of the survivors without her being around.
  • She was brainwashed in Room 23 after being taken by the Others. This would explain her disconcerting behavior outside the cage.
  • She may well be pregnant, as she seems to be clutching her stomach after the crash. It would make sense that the Others captured her, if this is true.
    • I agree. She clutched her stomach right after the crash and had a hard time getting ashore. It would also explain her 'silent abduction' and the reason The Others wanted her.
      • This could also explain who the pregnancy test Sun uses came from, its Cindy's.
  • Cindy has been hiding in the Temple ever since Richard brought several of the Others there, as Ben instructed him to do in Through the Looking Glass. Both Zach and Emma are also with her, as she has been their unofficial caretaker. The Temple has special properties enabling it to shield its occupants from the erratic time jumps of the island, so the next time we see Cindy, Zach, and Emma the two children will have visibly aged three years since the end of Season 3 (as a way of explaining the young actors' real-life aging). We will see them again in Season 6, and Cindy will explain to the Losties WHY she was "abducted" by the Others in the first place.
  • Cindy was not abducted by the others but by the Smoke Monster, her disappearence seemed highly similiar to how Nadine was taken stealthily from the Science Expedition. It dragged Cindy all the way to a Cerberus Vent where it did whatever it does to it's captives.
  • Cindy disappeared so fast because she was actually from the future and at the time was experiencing the time flashes, she was somehow disconnected from both the Others and the survivors and when she ran into her fellow taillies decided to pretend to be her past self.
  • Cindy is the daughter of Pierre Chang and already had ties to the Others like fellow DHARMA offspring Ethan. She was originally a plant from the Others in the real world (like Jill in the meat market). She was not on the list because they already knew her which is why she was so quickly accepted into the group.
    • The fact that she never mentioned tha Goodwin wasn't on the plane seems to support this theory
    • Which is why she gave Jack more Vodka on the plane, knowing he would need it for medical reasons when they crashed.
  • Cindy was never in league with The Others. Some of The Others abducted her in Abandoned because Goodwin had told them of Cindy's close relationship with Zach and Emma. The Others viewed Cindy's presence as a way of helping to make Zach and Emma more comfortable with their transition into "Otherdom"; in turn, The Others used Zach and Emma to coerce Cindy into cooperating with them. This is why Cindy feels she can't be candid with Jack in Stranger in a Strange Land when Jack asks her how she came to join The Others; Cindy knows the cameras are on her, The Others are watching/listening, and The Others have threatened to cause harm to Zach and Emma if Cindy fails to cooperate.
  • While she claims to be pretty good with faces, she is in fact very bad with them: she does not recall Nathan was on the plane but never realized that Goodwin wasn't.
    • If she was in league with the others from the beginning, then she would, in fact, lie to cover Goodwin
  • Cindy died on impact and was a manifestation of the smoke monster/nemesis, having been chosen due to her authority as stewardess, everyone on the plane would have recognised her.
  • She, Zack and Emma will ultimately survive and be rescued, and this will be explained to the outside world as that she was showing them the cockpit when the crash occurred, and thus they were in the front section.
  • She was only posing as a flight attendant to the outside world; she is and has always been one of the Original Recipe Others. Her role in their hierarchy will be similar to the Pilot character in James Hilton's "Lost Horizon."

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