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Cilla Battersby-Brown
Occupation Barmaid
Residence South Africa
Spouse(s) Les Battersby (2005)
Children Billy Brown
Fiz Brown (1985)
Chesney Battersby-Brown (1994)
First appearance 20th October 2003
Last appearance 12th October 2007
Duration 2003-2007
Played by Wendi Peters

Priscilla Petunia Aurelia 'Cilla' Battersby-Brown (née Brown) is a fictional character in the ITV soap opera Coronation Street, she is portrayed by Wendi Peters. She was the tarty, common, redhead wife of Les Battersby-Brown, and mother of Chesney, Fiz and non-regular character Billy, who is in the army. She left the soap on 12th October, 2007 after four years.

Cilla can be a devious woman but her young son, Chesney, still loves and believes in his mother, who has often used him as a weapon to make people feel sorry for her. She is very busty and likes to wear clothes that are a size smaller which being tight on her, accentuates her large breasts.

Relationship with Les Battersby

Cilla first appeared as a barmaid in the Weatherfield Arms where she met Les. When Les and Cilla first met, she told him her name was "Lulu" (after the singer). It was when she came face-to-face with resident Fiz, it was revealed that they were mother and daughter. It also came to light that she'd left her son at home alone for days while she was having fun with her new man.

Mother and son moved in, but due to Cilla's attempts to force herself on other men, she dumped Chesney on Les and stayed with a friend for six weeks. When she returned, Les was on the verge of rekindling the passion with his estranged wife, Janice, but this ended after Les gave in to passion with the rounder Cilla.

In 2005, Les and Cilla dumped Chesney on the Croppers and jetted off to Spain for six weeks, where she had got a tan and came back bustier as she tried some of her clothes on when she returned which had taken her a while to get into.

On Christmas Day 2005, she tried to deep-fry her turkey (her oven had broken down) at the local chip shop where she works. When they returned hours later, they discovered the chip shop was on fire.

Marriage Mayhem

They later planned to marry for the sake of the wedding presents they would be given. On her hen night, Cilla tried to sleep with a younger man but Les interrupted and she passed off the man as her eldest son, Billy, who was arriving for the special day.

Les and Cilla finally arranged their wedding day, despite the fact that the priest was a de-frocked clergyman, and they had to distract the real vicar while they 'married'. Cilla smashed Tracy Barlow's window (she wouldn't give Cilla the bouquet she had made because Cilla wouldn't pay her) but couldn't reach the flowers so she ran to Dev Alahan's shop and stole some flowers before jumping into the wedding car towards the church.

Les was driving when he spotted a member of Status Quo, took his eyes of the road to stare in amazement, and crashed into their van (with the other band member inside). Status Quo decided to play at the wedding to avoid a lawsuit against Les who had been punched by a member of the band.

Billy Brown was also at the wedding. Les put on a neck brace before 'tying the knot' (despite the marriage not being legal) with Cilla, and they became known as the Battersby-Brown family.

The Quo turned up at a back room in the reception (where the presents were being kept) to rest. Les walked in, and told his idols that his dream was to trash a room with expensive things in. He duly wrecked everything and threw a TV out of the window, only for Cilla to walk in to inform him that he had just trashed the presents! She went crazy and started attacking him as the Quo watched in bursts of laughter, and the reception ended with the band agreeing to put past differences with Les behind them. They performed Rockin' All Over the World with Les on stage with them.

Cilla went on honeymoon with her friend, Yana Lumb, instead of Les. Upon returning, Les and Cilla were legally married (off-screen) in a Register Office.

In a story of early March 2006, Cilla threw out Les after he slept with his ex-wife Janice. She was hurt at what Les had done, appearing in no make-up and basic clothes. When Les said he would crawl across the cobbles in order to win Cilla over, Cilla couldn't let Les go through with it, and so they reunited. Cilla and Janice then had an ongoing feud which ending in the two fighting. Janice won by hitting Cilla in her big beer belly and knocking the wind out of her, then had pulled her skirt down in front of everyone in the Street, Cilla then ran home in her thong.

Skin Cancer

November 2006 saw Cilla diagnosed with skin cancer, most likely because of the amount of time she spent on her sunbed in a skimpy bikini where neighbours could see her bum, but she kept it from her family. Suspecting Cilla was having another affair, Les kicked her out of their home. It was then that Cilla came clean to daughter Fiz about her illness, who later told Chesney and Les. The whole family were reunited by Cilla's hospital bed, and Cilla then returned home.

Les's Affair

On finding out that husband Les and best mate Yana had slept together, Cilla hatched a plan to get her own back. She told everyone that her cancer was terminal, leading to the Street's residents making a collection to send Cilla to Florida to "swim with the dolphins", making Les and Yana sit in a bath full of mushy peas on the pavement in the process. She revealed the truth just after Christmas 2006, leaving the family devastated that she had lied to them. Cilla flew to Florida alone, leaving Les apologising to the residents for her lies.

Fighting For "Wong's Chips"

Cilla began a battle for business, going head to head with Jerry's Takeaway. Cilla and Yana first tried to get more customers by wearing special Wong's Chips T-shirts, and handing out leaflets, this failed to attract any customers as the only people who walk past were going to the medical centre. Cilla came up with a cunning plan - she called pest control for Jerry's Takeaway.

On July 29, 2007, Cilla received a call from Mr. Wong to say she had been fired. Cilla later blamed Jodie Morton, claiming that she had the body of her father, Jerry Morton, and the face of 'Jabba The Hut'.

[edit] Arrival of Frank Nichols and Departure

Cilla then found herself struggling financially as hubby Les had gone away. She took a job at a nursing home and met a wealthy man, Frank Nichols. He was a perfect match for Cilla as he seemed to have the same cunning ruthless streak. Cilla was always a material loving, money hungry woman so she struck up a friendship with him. He needed a full time carer and when he invited Cilla to go with him to Las Vegas, she was ecstatic and jumped at the chance. Cilla had flirted with him a lot by wearing revealing or really tight clothes.

Frank offered Cilla everything if she would be his full-time carer but he died shortly afterward. Cilla thought that she would inherit everything as he had told her she would and was disappointed when he only left her £500 in his will. She decided to sell a necklace that he gave her which was a family heirloom. The jeweller told her that it was worth £50,000 but got £45,000 for it. Having all this money made her decide to leave Weatherfield for Las Vegas. She was going to take Chesney with her but they decided Chesney should stay in England and join her at a later date. Cilla decided she needed some 'me time' but told Chesney that she will eventually send for him and left £1,000 for him in Kirk's care. Fiz was going to get £1000 too but after her reaction in the Rovers about her mother's departure, Cilla took it back.

Chesney has already spent £300 on an Xbox 360 which Fiz didn't approve of but told Kirk to make sure that Chesney uses the rest of the money more carefully. Chesney is currently living with Fiz, Kirk and Kirk's girlfriend, Julie.

[edit] South Africa's Sunshine family

It was Chesney's birthday and, in the mail, he had picked up a post card from Cilla and Les Battersby. Les had reverted to just Battersby and dropped the Brown at this point. They sent Chesney and Kirk invitations to join them in Sun City, North West. Kirk and Chesney agreed to go, however Fiz was dismayed at the decision.

When they arrived at the airport, they found out that Les was not their Les, but a South African fraudster. Cilla revealed that she had placed their names in a competition to win the "South African sunshine family" award and had got to the final and had a chance to win half a million South African dollars.

Cilla told them that her story involved Chesney being tragically disabled after a freak earthquake in England which nobody questioned, and that his brother Kirk had the disability of having the mental age of a nine-year old - but Cilla just said that he should act like himself. After Chesney announced that he was having a terrible time in South Africa, Cilla made a personal plea to her daughter to join them in South Africa. Fiz was forced to dress as a nun.

Cilla, South African Les and Kirk then went on a safari. However Fiz refused, saying it fitted in with her persona better if she did not go with them and cited hating creepy-crawlies as another reason not to go. When they got stuck in the bush and the normally unreliable Kirk led them to safety, Cilla told him that Les should be the one who leads them in as that would give the impression that he saved the family.

Later at the awards ceremony, Chesney - thinking it was a disgusting thing to do - announced that he had was not really disabled and the Battersbys were disqualified.

Cilla's South African boyfriend dumped her and she was left to walk back to the airport. However, the host of the competition, Alfie Vok, picked her up and brought her on his new chat show as South Africa's worst mother.


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