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A member of Arns Grimraker's scavengers smokes a Cigarra.

A cigarra was a mild narcotic that could be ignited and smoked for the purposes of relaxation.

Cigarras contained chemically treated portions of dried vegetation rolled inside of a slender paper shaft. A smoker would place one end of the cigarra at the tip of his or her mouth and ignite the opposing end. From there, they would inhale the burning substance directly into their lungs and exhale a cloud of smoke. Cigarras were extremely popular in gambling districts and drinking establishments.

Lando Calrissian and Niles Ferrier were known to be avid cigarra smokers.



One type of cigarra used carababba tabac. On Haruun Kal, cigarras were made from rashallo leaves. Shento cigars were another brand.

Behind the scenes

The term cigarra is an obvious play on the word cigar. The form and function of each variant, including cigarras, is identical. When smoking a cigar, the smoker never inhales the smoke directly into their lungs. Whether this practice is common to cigarra smokers or not is unknown.




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