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Ghoul Cie'th

Cie'th, also known as Cie Corpses in Japanese, are crystallized monsters formed when a l'Cie fails in his or her Focus, a mission given by the divine fal'Cie. This also happens if time runs out for completing the Focus. The l'Cie loses all the humanity within them and crystals cover and twist their body. Their heart is sealed in endless despair, a fate far more torturous than death. This fate is also the reason why becoming a l'Cie is considered a curse.

It is said that the rate at which a l'Cie becomes a Cie'th depends on their psychological state. The more panicked and distressed a l'Cie is while completing their Focus, the faster they will turn into a Cie'th. Over the course of the game, Oerba Yun Fang reveals that as time runs out, their l'Cie mark sprouts more and more arrows and eventually an eye, and when the eye is fully opened, they are transformed.

The Cie'th have no emotions, intelligence, or goals, they just live trapped inside their crystallized bodies. They have long claws instead of hands, but they retain the facial features of their past selves. A pulsating red light in their chest keeps them alive.

There are a few types of Cie'th: The Ghouls and the larger Ghasts are two of these types. There are also larger, white Cie'th called Sacrifices late in the game. In Orphan's Cradle, there is also a boss fight with an aerial Corpse called Wladislaus. Also, many of the missions on Pulse have monstrous Cie'th bosses.

Though the transformation into a Cie'th is normally permanent, the former l'Cie can will him/herself back to normal. Lightning, Snow Villiers, Sazh Katzroy, and Hope Estheim manage to do just that at one point. This feat, however, is extremely rare and takes willpower that most people do not have.

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