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Cidolfus Orlandeau
Sprite(s) Cidolfus's portrait Cidolfus' in-game sprite
Japanese シドルファス・オルランドゥ
Romaji Shidorufasu Orurandu
Age 58
Gender Male
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Voice actor(s)
Job Class Sword Saint
Affiliation Order of the Southern Sky
Final Fantasy Tactics Character
"Long ago, I was taught to strike from behind and keep my back to the wall."
—Cidolfus Orlandeau

Count Cidolfus Orlandeau, also known as Cidolfas Orlandu, is the most powerful playable character in Final Fantasy Tactics. He is a Holy Swordsman, giving him access to the combined powers of Agrias Oaks, Goffard Gaffgarion, and Meliadoul Tengille, making him a phenomenally strong character. He is given the moniker Thunder God Cid, abbreviated to T.G. Cid.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)

Cidolfus is initially a general in the Order of the Southern Sky, serving valiantly in the Fifty Years' War. But as the War of the Lions begins, he begins to fall out of favor with Duke Goltanna. At about the same time, Ramza Beoulve saves his stepson Orran Durai from a gang of thieves, and later helps Orran destroy a group of defectors. After defeating Belias at Riovanes Castle, Ramza decides to search for Orlandeau. He learns that the Order of the Northern Sky are marching on the Southern Sky's stronghold of Fort Besselat, and sets out to stop the battle. Meanwhile, agents of the Church of Glabados falsely inform Goltanna that Orlandeau is a traitor, and Orlandeau is arrested. However, Ramza manages to fight his way inside Besselat, and springs Orlandeau from prison.

Meanwhile, Goltanna is killed by Delita Heiral, who allows Orlandeau to escape so that he can help Ramza in his quest to destroy the Lucavi. Delita then kills a decoy Orlandeau. Orlandeau joins forces with Ramza to battle the Lucavi. His ultimate fate is unknown; Orran presumes his death prior to witnessing the apparent survival of Ramza and Alma.

While the real T.G. Cid is still a hero for battling the Lucavi, Delita's plot framed him as Goltana's killer. To turn himself into Goltana's avenger, Delita kills a decoy of Cid, a devout of the Glabados Church, destroying Orlandeau's name and reputation. Orran however knew of the truth, but was imprisoned by Delita until Ramza and Alma's funeral. It can be assumed that Orlandeau's name is cleared because of the Durai Papers made public many years later by Arazlam Durai.

Ramza actually first met Count Orlandeau as a toddler, accompanied by his late father Lord Barbaneth. During that time, little Ramza accidentally picked up and handled the Count's sword, scaring everyone and causing Barbaneth to harshly scold Ramza, who burst into tears. The Count recounts this to Ramza when the Beoulve rescues him from Fort Besselat, which Cid finds ironic.

In an additional event in the War of the Lions remake, Cid will comment during a confrontation with a former knight of the Order of the Northern Sky turned bandit at the Brigands' Den, but only if the player places him in the party. He does not approve of their actions.


  • In Vagrant Story, fragments of his skeleton, at least, were said to be contained in the Orlandu gem held in the city of Leá Monde.

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