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A Lufenian mentioning Cid in Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls.

Cid of the Lufaine is a minor character in the Dawn of Souls and 20th Anniversary remakes of the original Final Fantasy. Though he does not appear in the game itself, he is mentioned by several townspeople in Lufenia as the ancient creator of the Airship.

Dissidia Final Fantasy expands his role in the original game considerably. Cid and his unnamed wife serve as foster parents for a young child named Garland who was born to be used as a tool of war for Lufenia. Cid is also stated to have been the researcher who created the systems for preserving Lufenian memories using the power of the discord. Cid is also the narrator of the Game, and is voiced by Bunta Sugawara and Rodger Parsons in the Japanese and English versions of the game, respectively.


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Dissidia Final Fantasy

"We shall journey on the road that continues to the final fantasy."
—Cid of the Lufaine to Cosmos
Cosmos talking to Cid in the secret ending of Dissidia Final Fantasy.

Some time before his son, Garland, is taken by the army, he begins working to create an ultimate weapon to protect their homeland from the summoned beasts and Omega of a neighboring country. However, total war breaks out and Garland is taken by the military to fight. However, Garland refuses to participate, and his wife is coerced by the army to "aid" Garland. Despite doing so to save her son, she refuses to go on further missions after slaughtering innocent civilians on their first assignment. She and Cid are both imprisoned as a result.

Cid's wife is shot in the ensuing jailbreak, and Garland disappears into a space/time rift he created using the power of discord. Cid disappears into it as well. When his wife returns to Lufenia to tell her story before dying, Cid's Levistone is used to lift the town into the air, creating the Flying Fortress seen in Final Fantasy. She saves her memories and passes away.

What happens to Cid after this is largely unexplained. While in the discord, he finds Shinryu within the Interdimensional Rift, and makes a deal with it: in return for losing his body, Shinryu would recreate the world and revive its combatants after the war's true end. The two gods are placed in charge of the opposing armies, and at the end of each battle, the losing god, with new pawns, is revived by Shinryu .

Cid continues his research, believing this endless cycle of war to be the perfect opportunity to understand the ultimate truth of harmony and discord. Cid and Shinryu work to prolong the cycle for this purpose, but after finally witnessing success in his experiment he works to correct the mistakes caused by the war in the world and seal the rifts in the dimensions.

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